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REVOLUTION is a magazine that lives and breathes horology. Published in 7 countries in a wide range of languages, REVOLUTION is an integrated lifestyle title that celebrates the mechanical watch as the primary tool for self expression. REVOLUTION covers all aspects of watchmaking and the watch industry, from the vibrant personalities who inhabit this rarefied sphere to exquisite timepieces that exemplify the pinnacles of craftsmanship, technology and hallowed tradition. For the individual who appreciates the finer things in life, REVOLUTION is a paean to the one true luxury in this world — time. In addition to our quarterly magazine - The new In Time: Special Annual Edition is the ultimate resource for the latest watches filtered through the editorial lens of Revolution. A must-have for any collector, our In Time: Special Annual Edition guide provides an alphabetical listing and highlighting the latest current releases that push the boundaries of technology, artistry, and style. Inside Revolution's global editors make their predictions for the most exceptional, most important, most trend-worthy, while top retailers provide the latest market perspective.

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the rake x ralph lauren ‘negroni bear’ polo bear watch

His countenance is known the world over. His visage has become an obsession for men and women alike. There are legions devoted to his ineffable style, his ability to move effortlessly between sublime sports chic, pitch-perfect preppy-dom, and transcendent black tie. He is the celebrity’s cause célèbre, with many, from Kanye West to Drake to John Mayer, smitten by him. And the mere rumour of his appearance on a skateboard literally broke the internet, with millions of fans vying for the chance to meet him. He says little, but his warm, fathomless brown eyes speak volumes of his extraordinary depth. And while he may be small in stature, he exudes a heroism and strength of character that is singular and inspirational. Amid the turmoil of 2020, for many of us…

1 min
ultimate value

Look at it from this perspective. 2020 has been a year of unremitting bleakness, with the only bright spots for me being, after several Negronis, binge-watching Rage Against the Machine reaction videos. So when Rolex decided to launch its new watches on September 1st, I welcomed the distraction, only to discover that they were absolutely fantastic. The new 40.53mm Submariner (vs the 40.2mm “Maxi” case) is the perfect evolution to the iconic family, enhancing sleekness and wearability with an all-new case profile complemented by a wider 21mm bracelet. Then I set eyes on the Oyster Perpetual “Vibrant Dials” collection and I felt instantly uplifted. Because here were modern interpretations of Rolex’s famous layered enamel “Stella” dials, characterised by stunning uplifting colours but placed inside one of Rolex’s most accessibly priced…

1 min
best sports watch

I love Richard Mille. When you think of the testicular fortitude it takes to bid adieu to his best-selling, wait-list-creating 11-03 in its current form, when he could have made that exact same watch for another decade, you have to bow with respect to the man. But at the same time, he demonstrated what the future has in store for his eponymous brand with the absolutely stunning RM 72-01 Lifestyle Chronograph. Which is a watch with all the incredible technical value he’s established over the past 19 years but that is slim and elegant on the wrist, thanks to his first in-house chronograph movement that measures 29mm × 6.4mm. And moreover, the CRMC1 integrated automatic column-wheel-activated movement is a masterpiece of intelligent design combined with drop-dead gorgeous aesthetics. In a…

9 min
the history and romance of the french military issue type 20

As restrictions lifted after many listless months in New York, I met with a collector of unusual Breguet watches in Harlem. We sat outside, on Malcolm X Boulevard, enjoying iced coffees at a distance. It was a welcome reprieve, made all the better by my guest, Christophe, known as @Toiche on Instagram. Our topic? The alluring Breguet Type 20, a solid, utilitarian chronograph created for the French Army during the ’50s. This prestigious piece certainly stands apart when considering the historic watchmaker’s opulent oeuvre. The Type 20 feels about as far from Marie Antoinette, tourbillons, and guilloché as possible. That incongruity always lent mystery to the watch’s design, yet the piece plays an essential part in Breguet lore. Naturally, I wanted to know more. Christophe was more than happy to oblige,…

20 min
rebellious design with horological substance

On Roger Dubuis’s Instagram page, there is a man clad in a dark, elegant suit standing on a tower hundreds of feet above the urban landscape of a metropolis, unencumbered by any form of safety equipment. The message couldn’t be clearer: Roger Dubuis watches are for the individualists and daredevils — a breed of hyper-sybarites who can be found riding their motorcycles across the Moroccan desert en route to dinner at Al Mounia, BASE jumping off the Italian Alps, or even attending ayahuasca ceremonies in Mykonos surrounded by perfectly suntanned supermodels. Accordingly, when you look at a Roger Dubuis watch today, an example of a vision that they call “Hyper Horology”, it would be easy to consider it purely the type of ultra-extroverted, larger-than-life, neon-lit — literally, for the Excalibur…

1 min
person of the year

Cartier is the perfect example of a brand that is making exactly the watch that customers want. Now you might think that this is a simple thing to achieve, but it’s not, and it is actually remarkably rare. It is as if the creative team from Cartier is able to reach into our collective subconsciousness and extract from it exactly the timepieces we dream about when we sleep. Want proof? When I asked Eric Ku — the Singer Porsche-driving, Coche-Dury-drinking legendary watch collector, owner of the Vintage Rolex Forum and one of the world’s greatest vintage watch experts — which modern watches he buys most consistently, the answer is, “Cartier, without fail, they just get it right over and over again.” Case In point: the Tank Asymétrique and the Tank…