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REVOLUTION is a quarterly magazine that lives and breathes horology. Published in 12 countries in a wide range of languages, REVOLUTION is an integrated lifestyle title that celebrates the mechanical watch as the primary tool for self expression. REVOLUTION covers all aspects of watchmaking and the watch industry, from the vibrant personalities who inhabit this rarefied sphere to exquisite timepieces that exemplify the pinnacles of craftsmanship, technology and hallowed tradition. For the individual who appreciates the finer things in life, REVOLUTION is a paean to the one true luxury in this world — time.

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bottom time bell & ross br03-92 diver

The wind woke me up. As I lay in the lumpy bed of the cheap motel cottage, I could hear the palm fronds slapping the window and the persistent whistle of a steady 18-knot wind. Through the slats of the jalousie blinds, I could see whitecaps marching shoreward on the Atlantic. It promised to be a rough day of diving. Welcome to the Florida Keys, a place I’d dived often over the years, and where windy conditions were familiar but never welcome. The Keys dangle like a necklace of small islands off the southern tip of continental USA, with the Gulf of Mexico on its protected northern side and the Atlantic to the south and east. The name “Keys” is an Anglicization of cayo, a Spanish word for “small island”. This…

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above board


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richard mille introduces margot robbie as latest ambassador

The latest partnership between Richard Mille and Margot Robbie is doubtlessly one of powerful relevance in light of the marquee name that the Australian actress has become after two summer blockbusters and the captivating innovations in advanced mechanical-engineering solutions that have made Richard Mille a brand for the bold. But more crucially, this partnership reminds us of Richard Mille’s unprecedented dedication to producing sophisticated, highly technical and compelling women’s watches in a time when they were nothing more than an afterthought. Margot Robbie joins the Richard Mille family of female ambassadors who represent an unparalleled track record in their field, including fellow actress Natalie Portman, pro golfer Diana Luna and veteran of martial-arts filmmaking, Michelle Yeoh. Robbie is perhaps best known for her breakout performance in Martin Scorsese’s 2013 hit, The…

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drive carefully: paul newman’s rolex daytona up for auction

Not even today’s glitz and glamor compares to the days of old Hollywood, from the class of Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the grit of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Rarely do you get a chance to own a piece of early Hollywood, and yet, Phillips is making that possible. In association with Bacs & Russo, the leading watch auction house will launch its inaugural New York auction this October with Winning Icons–Legendary Watches of the 20th Century, a thematic auction dedicated to the iconic collectors watches of the last century. Among the incredible pieces will be Paul Newman’s Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, owned and worn by the famed American actor, racecar driver and political activist. The Academy Award winning actor became known in the ‘60s and ‘70s for his work in…

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it’s classic 13 years of classic yacht racing

This year, Panerai is celebrating its sponsorship of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge with a three-watch collection. This collection includes two automatic flyback chronographs (Luminor 1950 PCYC 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic), complete with a relief engraving of an elegant vintage yacht on the caseback, and an automatic flyback chronograph with a regatta countdown function (Luminor 1950 Regatta PCYC 3 Days Chrono), featuring the iconic Panerai winding crown-protecting lever. This timepiece also has a classic yacht engraved on the caseback. In the world of classic sailing, beauty prevails over performance, elegance trumps speed and passion counts more than investment. “I can say with great pride that our commitment to safeguarding and fostering classic sailing is both unparalleled and unprecedented on an international level,” declares Officine Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati. “This is…

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blancpain celebrates world oceans day 2017

As part of its commitment to ocean conservation, Blancpain continues its association with the Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea (DOALOS). For the fourth time this summer, the Swiss watchmaker helped host the annual United Nations World Oceans Day reception in New York City. On June 8th every year, World Oceans Day (recognized officially by the United Nations in 2008), celebrates the bodies of water that cover over 70% of our planet’s surface, and most importantly, highlights and encourages ways to protect these oceans. Since 2014, Blancpain has dedicated many of its resources to ocean protection under the Blancpain Ocean Commitment program. Part of its efforts have included co-financing 10 major scientific expeditions, helping double the surface of marine protected areas around the world, and encouraging and…