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Robb Report June/July 2020

Luxury Without Compromise. Every issue of Robb Report transports you into the world of luxury as never before! Delve beneath the surface to explore the thoughts and inspirations of the engineers, artisans and entrepreneurs behind the most sought after products, luxury escapes and services the world over. With in-depth looks at the next generation luxury automobiles…to world-class travel adventures..wines, spirits, collectibles and some much more.

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Penske Media Corporation
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Mathilde Crétier Crétier is a French illustrator who started out as a fashion stylist and trend forecaster—which explains her familiarity with style and design. She created the illustrations that open each section of Best of the Best. Of her work for the yacht section (p. 210), she says, “I like it because the cropping is so tight you don’t necessarily know what it is. It allows us to appreciate the textures, shapes and materials, and to see things differently.” Crétier’s work has also appeared in Elle, Grazia and WWD. Richard Carleton Hacker Hacker has been writing about spirits and cigars since 1989; he has contributed to Robb Report on those subjects since 1995. “Being good enough to be featured in Robb Report is equal to the highest possible rating, as evidenced by this…

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editor’s letter

Welcome to the 32nd annual Best of the Best issue, your yearly guide to the finest new products and experiences in the world. The team started compiling their lists of potential winners as soon as last year’s issue went to press, back in May 2019. But nobody could have predicted where we’d be by the time the 2020 BoB (as Best of the Best is abbreviated in the office) came around, or what we would have been through together. Nearly half of the last 12 months have been traumatic and uncertain, yet, predictably, where there have been huge sacrifices and hardship, there have also shone great examples of human generosity and spirit. So in this issue, alongside awards for elegance and imagination in categories such as cars, boats, art, design, food…

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Full Transparency Peer through the good-looking glass of Bovet’s new Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two and prepare to fall down the horological rabbit hole. A follow-up to Chapter One (a Robb Report Best of the Best 2019 winner), the latest edition is packed with three new patents, including one for the double-face flying tourbillon, now operating at 21,600 VPH, which significantly improves accuracy. Its slanted 47.8 by 18.3 mm sapphire-crystal case offers a 360-degree view of the complex, hand-engraved movement, which displays a moon phase and second time zone with a rotating hemispherical city indicator. $383,500, limited to 30, bovet.com Brute Force The Alyen 988 is a beast of a motorcycle. Even manufacturer Vyrus refers to it as an animal or creature rather than a bike. It took nine years and 57 sketches…

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the duel

The Fender Stratocaster may be the defining guitar of the rock ’n’ roll era. Introduced in 1954, the Strat didn’t sell in droves until much later, when it was picked up by the likes of Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Eric Clapton and others. Today, those strummed by the greats can sell for millions. Among the priciest? A black Strat that belonged to Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour and a white model played by Jimi Hendrix. Both were originally purchased from Manny’s Music in New York City. Now, decades after aiding star-making solos, they’re collector catnip. Here’s how the two six-strings compare.…

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the answers with... matthew moneypenny

Matthew Moneypenny is a man concerned with both surface and depth, with gorgeous appearances and the knotty realities behind the façade. This is evident in the distinction he makes between fashion and style: “Fashion is a thing which chases trends and is constantly evolving. Style is forever. It’s how we roll through life, how we experience the world visually.” A former television agent for ICM in London and Hollywood, he moved to New York, where he licensed the work of top fashion photographers, before becoming CEO of Trunk Archive, “the top supplier of high-end imagery to Condé Nast, Hearst and Hachette.” Moneypenny’s next project was to boost the negotiating power of photographers and stylists by consolidating fashion agencies into a super-group modeled on Hollywood artists’ agencies. To this end, with a nine-figure…

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star bar

MORE THAN A century ago, Ecuador was the world’s largest exporter of cacao, with one native varietal in particular—Nacionalserving as its calling card. European chocolatiers prized Nacional for its floral aroma and complex flavor. It was in such demand that Ecuador nearly built its economy on what was dubbed the “golden bean.” Unfortunately, in 1916 an arboreal disease called witches’ broom swept the country, decimating the cacao trees. Pure, heirloom Nacionals appeared to be almost entirely lost, with only about six known to remain as the new millennium dawned. In 2013, To’ak’s cofounder Jerry Toth and two friends located the varietal again, stumbling across a whole valley of it. After confirming through genetic testing of some old-growth examples that Nacional was still around, the three started using the tree’s fruit to…