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high times at ‘rolling stone’

“You see something, you have to say something. You have to do something. I tell young people all the time, ‘Be bold. Be brave. Be courageous. Go for it.’”—JOHN LEWIS, Congressman NEAR THE BACK of ROLLING STONE’s fifth issue, in February 1968, next to a news story about the critical response to the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour film (“Chaotic, appalling, naive, tasteless nonsense”), readers turned to a ROLLING STONE house ad featuring a full-page photo of a roach clip and a promise that all new subscribers would get one in the mail for free. (For the unfamiliar, roach clips allowed you to smoke the remains of a joint without burning your fingers.) “Act now,” read the ad, “before this offer is made illegal.” This was the height of the psychedelic era, a…

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+ love letters & advice

“After the ‘Rolling Stone’ interview with Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, it is safe to say that I think they truly are soulmates. I need a friendship like that in my life.”—Brie, via the internet Stark Sisters All Grown Up To celebrate Game of Thrones’ final season, stars Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner graced our April cover. The onscreen sisters and real-life best friends discussed their unbreakable bond, coming of age on set (which included uncomfortable bras for Williams and a crush on Justin Bieber for Turner), how they are “a nightmare to work with,” and how their decade-long series run came to an emotional end [“Growing Up Game of Thrones,” RS 1326]. When Williams posted their cover on Instagram, she joked, “get u someone who holds you like dis,” scoring more…

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kacey and the queens

IN ADDITION TO BEING A breakout country star and winner of this year’s Album of the Year Grammy, Kacey Musgraves is also a massive fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. “It’s a world where anything is possible,” she says of the show. At the Ace theater in L.A., Musgraves invited newly crowned winners Monét X Change (far left) and Trinity the Tuck to join her for “High Horse.” “The crowd lost their minds when they came out,” she says. The trio prepared with a glam session backstage, where Monét and Trinity shared their secret to success: “Wax before you tuck.”…

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black keys get back to basics

ON THE MORNING of September 5th, Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach walked into Auerbach’s Nashville studio, picked up their instruments and became the Black Keys again. By season’s end, they had finished their ninth album, the self-produced “Let’s Rock” (yes, that’s really the title). As usual, they created the entire album’s worth of songs from scratch in the studio, with nothing written in advance and very little discussion. It had been five years since they recorded together, but that didn’t seem to matter at all. “We fell right back into it, really, day one,” says Carney. “We wrote two songs the first day. We’re just fucking around, and that’s what comes out.” “It’s this magic that happens with Pat and I,” says Auerbach, who started a new band, recorded a solo…

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hip-hop icons in a new light

AS THE DIRECTOR of publicity and marketing at PayDay Records in the early 1990s, Vikki Tobak worked with acts like Jay-Z and Gang Starr as they were beginning their careers. “There was this inflection point where hip-hop started to realize its power,” Tobak says. “[Artists] realized that images — what they wore, how they looked — worked together with the music.” Her 2018 book, Contact High, documents that era through contact sheets with never-before-seen outtakes from some of hip-hop’s most iconic photo shoots. “They’re like a diary,” she says of the images, which are also on display through August 18th at the Annenberg Space for Photography in L.A. “A lot of photographers never intended for these to be for public consumption.” CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: BARRON CLAIBORNE; JANETTE BECKMAN; RICKY POWELL. CLOCKWISE…

2 min.

1. Tame Impala “Patience” It’s been four years since we’ve heard from Australian psych-pop wizard Kevin Parker (a.k.a. Tame Impala). Since then, Parker has worked with artists ranging from Lady Gaga to Travis Scott, and the sweet, woozy “Patience” reminds us why he’s a master of spacey escapism mixed with tender ambiguity. 2. Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét “Monopoly” No one in pop is having more fun right now than Grande. Here she teams with frequent songwriting collaborator Monét to break some news (“I like women and men”) and take an effervescent dance-pop victory lap. 3. Sky Ferreira “Downhill Lullaby” “You ripped me open, then you kiss me,” the goth-pop diva sings on her first song since 2013; it’s a bruising baroque stunner that suggests Joy Division on a Sgt. Pepper kick. 4. Black Keys “Lo/Hi” Our century’s pre-eminent retro-rock arena…