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RotorDrone Pro is the world’s number one drone media brand. We’re dedicated to today’s drone enthusiast and prosumer, serving up essential information for every audience—from beginners to sport racers to professional aerial cinematographers to commerical users.

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CORPORATE DRONES Whether your company is considering adding a single drone or an entire fleet to help increase efficiency and productivity, you don’t want to miss our feature, “Ready, Set, Launch!” In it, Mike Morris of Skyward details 30 important items you need to know to help ensure your drone program is primed for success. From getting buy-in from executives to training and risk mitigation, this informative piece will ensure that your drone integration plan will be off to a successful start. A FARMER’S BEST FRIEND Drones and agriculture are a natural fit. How better to monitor the health and growth of acres of crops without having to do walk every row? But did you know that drones can also be used to spray fertilizer and pesticides, plant seeds, and even fill in…

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RotorDroneMag.com › Making Money with Ag Drones Who doesn’t want to earn spare scratch? We recently posted some videos showing how some are cashing in with drones in agriculture. In these terrific videos, the Roswell Flight Test Crew explores the use of agriculture drones with Dr. Gregory Crutsinger of Scholar Farms. An ecologist by training, Greg worked previously as a professor at the University of British Columbia before moving to Silicon Valley to advance the use of drones in agriculture. He was employed by 3D Robotics and Parrot before creating his own company: Scholar Farms. Th rough his company, he offers an online masterclass for drones in agriculture. Beyond simply capturing aerial photographs of fields, Greg stresses the importance of using data analytics to create actionable intelligence for farmers. Michael Gregory: We…

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firefighting drones

Emergency scenarios will be able to be dealt with more quickly, more safely and more efficiently thanks to a new strategic partnership between DJI and Rosenbauer International AG, a manufacturer of fire service vehicles and firefighting equipment. Whether used by a local fire department or a private company at an industrial facility, an aerial perspective combined with Rosenbauer's operation management system enables the situation to be quickly assessed and informed decisions made regarding the safest and most efficient deployment of personnel. "Speed and a truly complete overall picture are key criteria for success when emergency service teams have to make purposeful decisions under time pressure,” said Dieter Siegel, CEO of Rosenbauer International. "This cooperation with DJI enables us to consolidate our role as a digital pioneer while we work together to…

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ups flight forward

UPS drone delivery subsidiary UPS Flight Forward (UPSFF) announced it would collaborate with German drone-maker Wingcopter to develop the next generation of package delivery drones for a variety of use cases in the United States and internationally. UPS chose Wingcopter, a transport drone pioneer, for its unmanned aircraft technology and its track record in delivering a variety of goods over long distances in multiple international settings. “Drone delivery is not a one-size-fits-all operation,” said Bala Ganesh, vice president of the UPS Advanced Technology Group. “Our collaboration with Wingcopter helps pave the way for us to start drone delivery service in new use-cases. UPS Flight Forward is building a network of technology partners to broaden our unique capability to serve customers and extend our leadership in drone delivery.” As part of this collaboration–UPSFF’s…

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pandemic drone

A “pandemic drone” to remotely monitor and detect people with infectious respiratory conditions is being developed by the University of South Australia (UniSA) in partnership with a Canadian company. The drone will be fitted with a specialized sensor and computer vision system that can monitor temperature, heart and respiratory rates, as well as detect people sneezing and coughing in crowds, offices, airports, cruise ships, aged care homes and other places where groups of people may work or congregate. The UniSA team led by Defense Chair of Sensor Systems Professor Javaan Chahl, who holds a joint appointment DST, will work with Draganfly Inc., a North American drone technology company, to immediately start integrating commercial, medical, and government customers. Professor Chahl, working alongside Drs. Ali Al-Naji and Asanka Perera, achieved global recognition in 2017 when…

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faa recreational flyer registration: extended to december 12, 2020

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants drone recreational fliers who registered in the FAADroneZone.gov before December 12, 2017 to know that their registrations have been automatically extended until December 12, 2020. This happened because the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018 restored the FAA’s registration rule with respect to model aircraft and recreational flying. If you registered prior to December 12, 2017, and did not request to have your registration information deleted, the FAA extended the expiration date until December 12, 2020, which is three years from the rule restoration date. If you requested a refund of registration fees, you would have had to reregister again after December 12, 2017. Therefore, your expiration date would now also be December 12, 2020, or later. At this time you can retain your registration…