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RotorDrone Pro October - November 2020

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RotorDrone Pro is the world’s number one drone media brand. We’re dedicated to today’s drone enthusiast and prosumer, serving up essential information for every audience—from beginners to sport racers to professional aerial cinematographers to commerical users.

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DARK OPS Safely operating a drone in a low light environment adds unique hazards to your flight operations, and in the United States, commercial drone pilots must apply for an FAA waiver to legally fly at night. In this month’s special 14-page feature, “Night Flights,” contributor Patrick Sherman details the specialized training you and your visual observer will need to fly at night as well as how to successfully apply for an FAA night-flying waiver. Patrick also shares insights about how the human eye adjusts to see better in the dark (did you know that looking to the side of an object helps you to see it more clearly in low-light conditions?). And aspiring night-time photographers will appreciate his advice for shooting spectacular aerial images. We hope this guide to nocturnal…

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RotorDronePro.com › Humpbacks Herd Salmon We shared a drone video of humpback whales off the Pacific Northwest coast that documented never-before-filmed behavior: herding salmon directly into their gaping mouths with their fins. This extraordinary feeding strategy, captured by Master Fisheries student Madison Kosma, works in tandem with another advanced hunting strategy that involves encircling schools of fish in a morass or screen of bubbles – blocking the sight and sense of the fish within the circle. Sebastian Vanthomme: It’s amazing what a bird’s-eye-view can uncover! Wonder what the whales think about the drone flying overhead. Bill Rogers: That’s some impressive fishing! I hope they leave some salmon for the rest of us! Paul Thompson: UAVs are ideally suited to animal observation and conservation efforts. Kudos to the student team that captured this! Kayla Reich: Great…

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parrot anafi usa

With an industry-first 32x zoom, 4K HDR video, and FLIR thermal imaging capabilities, the Anafi USA is an ultraportable, secure, and durable aerial camera platform that’s built to meet the demands of first responders, firefighters, search-and-rescue teams, security agencies, and survey and inspection professionals. Its 32x zoom is designed around two 21-megapixel cameras, allowing operators to see details clearly from up to 5 km (3.1 miles) away. The zoom image is coupled (blended) with images from Anafi USA’s FLIR camera, allowing operators to detect hot spots as well as people and other important details. Fully operational in less than a minute, Anafi USA can be launched from the palm of your hand and will fly indoors without GPS. It costs $7,000. For more details, visit parrot.com.…

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drone rescue systems smart parachute

Insure your investment with a lightweight, autonomous parachute! Designed for drones such as the DJI M210 and others, this system is easy to attach and detach and uses an LED and acoustic status signal before takeoff and before it ejects. The parachute safety solution works autonomously and independently from the drone and ejects the parachute in a fraction of a second, enabling safe commercial and private drone usage even over crowed places. Drone Rescue Systems does not use a spring or pyrotechnics as a release system; sturdy elastic catapults the parachute out of a carbon tube. After release, it takes just a few minutes to repack the system and get your UAV ready to fly again. For more information, visit dronerescue.com.…

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quaternium hybrix

The Quaternium HYBRiX 2.0 UAV has a hybrid electric and two-stroke gas power system, allowing it to spray for more than an hour carrying 10 liters of liquid. HYBRiX is mainly flown 2 to 10 meters above the crop, with its four rotors creating a turbulence that helps to uniformly distribute. The drone’s four nozzles can spray up to 4 meters and are positioned to provide excellent coverage while reaching hidden layers of the crop. The application rate is adaptable to the type of crop. The airframe resists rain and dust, and incorporates a high-precision positioning system to increase effectiveness. For more details, visit quaternium.com.…

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emesent’s hovermap scanner supercharges dji matrice 300

Emesent’s Hovermap LiDAR scanner is being used to supercharge the Matrice 300 RTK (M300) next generation industrial drone. Emesent’s engineering team took advantage of the head start to determine how best to mount Hovermap on the M300 and integrate its autonomous functionality with the operating system used to drive the drone. Pairing Hovermap with the M300 enables users to safely fly the drone into locations where GPS data is not available, including underground mine sites, densely packed warehouses, and under bridges. The technology can also be used to create a current 3D representation of a structure or piece of infrastructure that may have been modified or extended over time. Emesent CEO Dr. Stefan Hrabar said, “Hovermap allows M300 users to extend the capabilities of the drone significantly. That’s appealing to organisations working…