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 / Hunting & Fishing
Salt Water SportsmanSalt Water Sportsman

Salt Water Sportsman November/December 2019

Salt Water Sportsman covers the world of saltwater fishing. Featuring local authorities from around the country, Salt Water Sportsman provides the regional insight and expertise to help anglers catch more and bigger fish, right in their own back yard. The magazine offers loads of how-to information, advice for those who travel within the greater U.S. and surrounding waters, and reviews of new boats, tackle and electronics.

United States
Bonnier Corporation
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2 min.
long road back

It’s no news to anyone that the northern Bahamas took a beating from Hurricane Dorian on Labor Day weekend. The impact on 70,000 Bahamas residents ranged from inconvenient to catastrophic. Old Bahama Bay at West End, Grand Bahama Island, suffered water and power outages, but fared well in comparison to the islands farther east. The worst damage covered a swath from Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco across the east end of Grand Bahama. Scarcely had the storm moved on when Bahamians on unaffected islands were loading planes with supplies and waiting for the Freeport runways to be cleared. Other nations showed up to help: Canada, the Netherlands, Jamaica and Great Britain among them. World Central Kitchen started cooking, and has delivered hundreds of thousands of meals as of the middle of September. The City…

2 min.
salt water sportsman

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Glenn Law SENIOR EDITOR Alex Suescun MANAGING EDITOR Megan Williams CREATIVE DIRECTOR Dave Weaver WEST COAST EDITOR Jim Hendricks CONSERVATION EDITOR Rip Cunningham SENIOR COPY EDITOR Nicole Paskowsky CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Dave Lear, George Poveromo FIELD EDITORS Karl Anderson, Gary Caputi, Nick Honachefsky, John McMurray, Mark Sosin REGIONAL EDITORS Ron Ballanti (California), Ric Burnley (DelMarVa), Angelo Cuanang (California), Rick Gaffney (Hawaii), Al Ristori (New York/New Jersey), Robert Sloan (Texas), Dave Vedder (Pacific Northwest) CONTRIBUTORS Carter Andrews, Tim Barker, Richard Gibson, Steve Haefele, James Petrakis, Doug Pike, Steve Sanford GROUP PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Rina Murray ASSOCIATE PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Kelly Kramer Weekley PRODUCTION MANAGER Keith Coville PRODUCTION ARTIST Peter Coffin SALES AND MARKETING VICE PRESIDENT, MANAGING DIRECTOR Glenn Sandridge, 407-571-4747 / glenn.sandridge@bonniercorp.com GROUP PUBLISHER Scott Salyers, 305-253-0555 / scott.salyers@bonniercorp.com PUBLISHER Dave Morel, 407-637-3658 / dave.morel@bonniercorp.com PUBLISHER MARLIN Natasha Lloyd, 954-830-4460 / natasha.lloyd@bonniercorp.com DETROIT ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Jeff Roberge, 248-213-6154 / jeff.roberge@bonniercorp.com MIDWEST/TELEVISION/EVENTS Andrew W. Townes III, 407-571-4730 / drew.townes@bonniercorp.com CHARTER BOATS/MARKETPLACE/TOURNAMENTS Bill Simkins, 407-571-4865 / bill.simkins@bonniercorp.com TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR AND EVENT PRODUCTION Dan Jacobs,…

2 min.
feds reaffirm the economic importance of outdoor recreation

For the second consecutive year, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, has released formal, national-level data for the outdoor recreation industry, now identified as a unique sector of the U.S. economy. And for the very first time, the BEA also released preliminary data on outdoor recreation’s economic impact at the state level for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The facts that outdoor recreation makes up 2.2 percent of U.S. GDP, generates $778 billion in gross output, supports 5.2 million jobs, and is growing faster than the nation’s economy as a whole are among the highlights of the new report. In terms of economic output, boating/fishing, RVing, motorcycling/ATVing, hunting/shooting/trapping and equestrian sports are the five largest conventional outdoor recreation activities, and…

1 min.
could a giant floating rock heal the great barrier reef?

A FLOATING SHEET OF PUMICE THE SIZE OF MANHATTAN IS DRIFTING TOWARD AUSTRALIA, and could bring with it the key to the recovery of Great Barrier Reef corals, half of which have died as a result of climate change. First spotted by sailors on August 9, days after an underwater volcano near the Pacific Island of Tonga is thought to have erupted, according to a CNN report, the giant raft of volcanic rock is filled with holes and cavities that make it float like an iceberg, and it’s expected to drift with the current to the Australian coast over the next seven to 10 months. If it makes its way to the Great Barrier Reef, scientists believe the countless organisms the pumice is likely to be carrying could help replenish some…

1 min.
news lines

Buoy Gear Approved for California Swords In a move considered a big win for recreational fishing and conservation, the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) voted unanimously to authorize deep-set buoy gear for the California Swordfish Fishery as the alternative to drift gill nets. This type of gear targets swordfish at depth, producing low bycatch and enabling live releases. By contrast, drift gill nets—which are invisible, up to a mile long, and 50 yards deep—ensnare sea turtles and lots of other sea life in addition to swordfish. Permit issuance for the use of deep-set buoy gear would be cumulative, adding 25 permits each year until a maximum of 300 is reached. The National Fisheries Marine Service (NMFS) will also provide updates on permit issuance, although the number of additional permits issued each year need…

1 min.
big fish in small water

Braving the summer heat, John Trahan took full advantage of his local knowledge. While fishing his home waters near Maurice, Louisiana, he caught this 48-inch bull redfish while working the shallows with a spinning rod. He baited with a dead shrimp, suspended under a popping cork, to draw the attention of his trophy catch. YOUR CATCH To send in your catch photo, email us at catches@saltwatersportsman.com. Got a piece of good news to share? Want to gripe? Like to see your thoughts on the pages of Salt Water Sportsman? Send your letters, manuscripts and any relevant comments to editor@saltwatersportsman.com or via U.S. mail: SWS Editor, 460 N. Orlando Ave., Suite 200, Winter Park, FL 32789. Unsolicited manuscripts are welcomed but will not be acknowledged or returned unless accompanied by an SASE. We are…