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Scoop Issue 21 - Wild

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Scoop is a magazine for 7 to 13 year olds that publishes all forms of story, told by world renowned authors and illustrators including Raymond Briggs, Catherine Johnson, Tom Whipple, Jacqueline Wilson, Chris Priestley, Nicholas Bowling, Laura Dockrill, Emerald Fennell, Celia Rees, Joan Aiken, Tom Stoppard, MG Leonard, Michael Foreman, Piers Torday, Cathy Brett, Neil Gaiman, AF Harrold and John Agard. Each issue includes short stories, non-fiction, poetry, comics, interviews, reviews, activities and quizzes. We explore everything from punk to painting, from science to poetry, from super-natural phenomena to playwriting!

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United Kingdom
Curious Publishing Ltd
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dear scoopsters

What an honour to guest edit this special ‘Wild’ edition of Scoop. I have spent my life travelling and exploring the wilderness. Crossing oceans, climbing mountains and paddling through rainforests. This issue of Scoop brings a little bit of the wilderness into all our lives. I think we all have a wild streak. Sometimes you just need the motivation to unleash it. Children across the world like Swedish activist Greta Thunberg are all finding theirs. I find my spirits and hopes lifted by the worldwide environmental movement to protect the wilderness. I hope that you will be inspired by some of the stories and articles inside this magazine. As the UN Patron of the Wilderness, I want to share the magnificence, and importance, of the planet’s last wild places before…

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ben fogle

Where is the wildest place you have been? I suppose it depends on the term ‘wildest’. I have been to Pitcairn Island, described as the remotest inhabited island in the world. It took me weeks to sail there from Tahiti. I have been to Antarctica, which is pretty wild, as is the Empty Quarter desert. I think I’d have to describe the summit of Everest as the wildest. Would you like to live in the wild with your family? I’d love to move to an island. It’s how I started my career, living on an island in the Outer Hebrides for a year as a ‘castaway’ on a television show. Next year will be the show’s twentieth anniversary. I’d like to give all my family a castaway experience. Have you ever come close to…

9 min.
stories from the middle of nowhere

We’d left the doors open all morning to let the breeze flow through the house. That’s how the snake got in. I saw it disappear under the lounger I was lazing on but I never felt the bite. I saw it, though, as soon as I looked down at my bare foot: two little strike marks. Next thing, I was stumbling into the kitchen yelling for Mum. She kept telling me to calm down. After all, the faster my heart was beating, the faster it’d pump the venom around my body. But how could I be calm? I knew how fast a snake bite could kill. I knew the clock was ticking. Mum knew what to do. She fixed me a compression bandage – out of garden bags – and a…

10 min.
the rain dance

Hafiz looks out of his window at a blanket of yellowish grey that is enveloping the city. If he stuck his head out, would he be able to see the sports fields down below through this fog? He can’t try as the glass windows need to stay shut. The haze isn’t just bad to look at, it is even worse to breathe in. Hafiz turns around and makes angry eyes at the air purifier with its annoying rattle. Above his bed with the Man U cover hangs last year’s team photo, his mates rallied around a smallish cup. Next week they play their big rivals in the finals. If they win, his team will take home the big cup! But if this haze persists, the football game will be cancelled.…

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personality quiz

1 Pick a colour. a. Neon pink b. Dark green c. Brown d. Orange 2 Pick an animal. a. Cat b. Tarantula c. Snake d. Elephant 3 Which of these would make you happiest? a. Being surrounded by people and fun b. Exploring nature c. Peace and quiet d. Seeing animals in the wild 4 Choose a film. a. Mary Poppins b. The Jungle Book c. Aladdin d. The Lion King 5 Pick a food. a. Burger and chips b. Roasted crickets c. Dates d. Ostrich steak 6 Where would you choose to sleep? a. An apartment on the fifth floor b. A hammock c. A canvas tent d. A safari lodge ANSWERS Mostly A The city streets of the urban jungle are where you prowl. Roaring cars and the screech of trains don’t disturb you as you stroll the streets between school, home, the cinema and shops, surrounded by people. Try reading Potkin and Stubbs by Sophie Green. Mostly B The dense tropical…

5 min.
why monkeys live in trees

One day, Leopard was looking at his reflection in a pool of water. Looking at himself was Leopard’s favourite thing in the world to do. Leopard gazed, wanting to be sure that every hair was straight and that every spot was where it was supposed to be. This took many hours of looking at his reflection, which Leopard did not mind at all. Finally he was satisfied that nothing was disturbing his handsomeness, and he turned away from the pool of water. At that exact moment one of Leopard’s children ran up to him. ‘Daddy! Daddy! Are you going to be in the contest?’ ‘What contest?’ Leopard wanted to know if it was a beauty contest – of course he was going to be in it. ‘I don’t know, Crow the messenger just…