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Scoop Issue 25 - Celebration and Ritual

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Scoop is a magazine for 7 to 13 year olds that publishes all forms of story, told by world renowned authors and illustrators including Raymond Briggs, Catherine Johnson, Tom Whipple, Jacqueline Wilson, Chris Priestley, Nicholas Bowling, Laura Dockrill, Emerald Fennell, Celia Rees, Joan Aiken, Tom Stoppard, MG Leonard, Michael Foreman, Piers Torday, Cathy Brett, Neil Gaiman, AF Harrold and John Agard. Each issue includes short stories, non-fiction, poetry, comics, interviews, reviews, activities and quizzes. We explore everything from punk to painting, from science to poetry, from super-natural phenomena to playwriting!

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United Kingdom
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hi scoopsters!

I’m very excited and honoured to be guest editor of this very special festive edition of Scoop magazine. It’s hard to find magic in the modern world but there IS something magical about Christmas. It is the time of the winter solstice, the year’s turning from darkness to light. All over the world and for many thousands of years this has been a time of feasting, gift giving and celebration. When we wrap our presents, turn on the Christmas lights, sit down to Christmas dinner, we become part of traditions collected over centuries from different places. Father Christmas is the English Old Christmas and the German Santa Claus who, in turn, is the Russian Saint Nicholas, giver of gifts to children. Christmas trees are from Germany, the lights a safer version of…

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guest editor celia rees

What do you love about being an author? That’s a really hard question because writing is just what I do. I can’t imagine life without it, so it’s a bit like asking ‘What do you love about breathing?’ I know it has made my life far richer, not in a material way, but in the excitement I feel when I have what I know is a really great idea, the joy when that idea develops and grows and it all comes together, the satisfaction of writing a really good sentence that says exactly what I want it to say, the pride in seeing a book bearing my name and the happiness I experience when a reader tells me how much they have loved that book. Do you have any rituals when you…

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winter solstice

The Victorians invented many of our most cherished Christmas traditions, as you’ll find when you read Charles Dickens’ famous novel A Christmas Carol. Because all the elements of Christmas are in there: the feast ... the Yule log ... the singing ... the family gathering ... But these customs long predate Dickens. Most of them predate Christianity itself. The very term Yule, which most of us think simply means ‘Christmas’, goes back to the pagan god Odin, whose titles include the Old Norse Jolnar, which means ‘Yule Father’. A lot of what we think of as our Christmas customs go back to this time too. If you eat ham as part of your Christmas dinner, you are celebrating a distant memory of the Yule boar, sacrificed as part of Odin’s feast. But the…

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flying latkes

My twin sister Rachael definitely wasn’t human. She was a giant onion and potato-filled latke. That’s my favourite food, if you want to know. I could eat latkes morning, day and night. Latkes are one of the very best things about Hanukah. Well, that plus chocolate coins and presents. Twirling around the Hanukah party, Rachael was showing off her perfect costume to everyone at religious school. It was nothing more than a piece of cardboard, with a hole cut out for her head. She’d sprayed her hair to look like apple sauce, and smeared make-up so you couldn’t see her face. I think she looked much better that way. Leaping in front of Rachael, I held up my Star of David shield and jabbed my sword into the air. Rachael frowned. ‘Avi, I still…

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mindfulness rituals and celebration

Despite the long, dark nights, cold mornings, wind and rain, winter is often a time that brings us great joy. There are so many events that bring friends and family together, to keep our hearts warm, if not our toes! Whether your winter celebrations are spiritual, cultural or community based you probably have rituals that are unique to you and your family, your way of doing things to celebrate. Your ritual might be opening gifts before lunch every year without fail, fighting over matzo balls with your siblings or trying desperately to stay awake to hear Big Ben strike twelve on New Year’s Eve. Rituals are repeated year after year, often passed on from generation to generation, and they make us feel safe and part of something bigger than our selves. The…

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sugar overload

Looking at my right shoulder I sent peace and blessings to the invisible angel that keeps a record of all my good actions, and then did the same to the angel on my left that writes down my wrong ones. My eyes flicked up to check if Dad had finished his Eid prayer too. His hands were cupped in front of his face asking God for stuff … for our car to start … probably. ‘Dad, can I go now?’ I said, shuffling towards him on my knees, feeling tiny under the huge, white marquee roof. Dad took a moment to finish, then turned to me. ‘OK, but son, stay with Sulaiman and Sameera, and meet us back outside the prayer tent at half past ten.’ ‘OK,’ I said, now standing. The whole…