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Scoop Issue 29 - Heroes

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Scoop is a magazine for 7 to 13 year olds that publishes all forms of story, told by world renowned authors and illustrators including Raymond Briggs, Catherine Johnson, Tom Whipple, Jacqueline Wilson, Chris Priestley, Nicholas Bowling, Laura Dockrill, Emerald Fennell, Celia Rees, Joan Aiken, Tom Stoppard, MG Leonard, Michael Foreman, Piers Torday, Cathy Brett, Neil Gaiman, AF Harrold and John Agard. Each issue includes short stories, non-fiction, poetry, comics, interviews, reviews, activities and quizzes. We explore everything from punk to painting, from science to poetry, from super-natural phenomena to playwriting!

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United Kingdom
Curious Publishing Ltd
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guest editor paul mcnamee

What do you think the definition of a hero is? Somebody who gives of their best. Never selfish but thinking of others first, and always looking out for others. That can be the hardest thing to do. Who inspired you when you were little? My parents. They were annoying as well, obviously, but they set my brothers and sisters and me on the right way. They were everything for us. They’re still around, thank God. Who inspires you now? Some of the stories of how The Big Issue vendors have overcome so much adversity is incredible. And during lockdown, when The Big Issue was in trouble, so many people came along and helped keep things going because they knew The Big Issue was important in helping homeless people and those at the bottom of society.…

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what is a hero ?

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and all kinds of people. People who look just like you and who do exceptional and wonderful things. People who help others, people who make a difference to the world, people who don’t accept the status quo and who question systems of authority to ensure that everyone is treated equally. Over the past few months, while we have been living with Covid-19, we have been very aware of the heroes who work for the NHS and who deliver our post, collect our rubbish and take care of children in school and old people in residential homes. In this issue we celebrate the wonderful heroes of comics and films and exciting books as well as real-life heroes such as those in our own homes and…

2 min.
scoop heroes

My hero is my great grannie, Patricia Michaelson-Yeates, who was a Nightingale Nurse during the war, and looked after all the soldiers who were injured, which is how she met my great grandfather. She trained at St. Thomas’s Hospital during the Blitz, and she found it so frightening – not because of the bombs but because she worried about getting something wrong. But she carried on, because she knew she had to help people, and she never stopped helping people all her life – just like the nurses who work for the NHS now. Esmeralda, age seven TO MY HERO My hero is a lovely soul and has the face of an angel, Never a moment where she isn’t grateful. Regardless of the time of day she is always energetic and empathetic. Probably not the…

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the world’s richest hero and the world’s bravest cat

They never knew each other. They never met each other. They never even heard of each other. But of these two nautical heroes only one received a medal … In 1915, New Yorker Alfred Vanderbilt was arguably the world’s richest man, having inherited a family fortune estimated at $300 billion in today’s money, then added to it substantially through investments. In 1949, Simon, a scrawny black-and-white tom cat, was arguably the world’s poorest animal, having spent the first year of his life surviving on scraps scrounged around the docks of Stonecutter’s Island in Hong Kong. Both took to sea in spring, changing their lives for ever. Alfred was booked as a first-class passenger on the Lusitania from New York to Southampton, on a business trip. Simon was smuggled aboard the Amethyst, a Royal…

3 min.
young stem heroes

NAHLA-ROSE BARTLETT-VANDERPUYE Demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as gloves, masks and visors, has been huge during the coronavirus pandemic. Eight-year-old Nahla-Rose was horrified when she heard that there wasn’t enough PPE for all healthcare workers. So, using her grandma’s 3D printer and materials bought with her pocket money, she began to make visors. Nahla-Rose and her family have now made hundreds of visors in every colour of the rainbow and sent them to hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and care homes. She has even delivered some to the London maternity unit where she was born! DEEPIKA KURUP While on holiday in India, fourteen-year-old Deepika saw children drinking from dirty streams – like more than two billion people across the world, they had no access to safe drinking water at home. Dirty water can spread…

9 min.
the real eden devine needs my help!

It was like watching music itself turn into a human being! That’s how amazing Eden Devine’s dancing was. The boy was only six songs into his concert and he’d already done most of his famous moves. The backward-slide. The side-slide. The spin. The high kick any footballer would envy. Nobody could dance like Eden Devine – but, of course, his songs were most important. He finished singing his biggest worldwide hit, Kiss My Echo, then he did the move everyone knew him for. The back-flip so perfect it could have earned him a place on the Olympic gymnastics team. All that and he still didn’t have a single hair out of place. Dyed pink, it was twirled up like an ice-cream cone. Nor was he out of breath. His singing…