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Scoop Issue 30 - Black Britain

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Scoop is a magazine for 7 to 13 year olds that publishes all forms of story, told by world renowned authors and illustrators including Raymond Briggs, Catherine Johnson, Tom Whipple, Jacqueline Wilson, Chris Priestley, Nicholas Bowling, Laura Dockrill, Emerald Fennell, Celia Rees, Joan Aiken, Tom Stoppard, MG Leonard, Michael Foreman, Piers Torday, Cathy Brett, Neil Gaiman, AF Harrold and John Agard. Each issue includes short stories, non-fiction, poetry, comics, interviews, reviews, activities and quizzes. We explore everything from punk to painting, from science to poetry, from super-natural phenomena to playwriting!

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United Kingdom
Curious Publishing Ltd
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dear scoop readers,

I’m so thrilled to be the guest editor of your Black History Month issue. Its pages are bursting with wonderment and brilliance from Black people living in Britain today. I hope you love reading it as much as I loved being part of it. Black History Month is when we remember important moments and people from the past. For me, it is also a time to celebrate the now, and the exciting things that are happening today. I know it doesn’t feel like a time for celebration, though. 2020 has been a tough and tiring year – especially for Black people – but it’s been hopeful too. Change is being made, and there are some reasons to be cheerful. It is important to recognise and hold onto those moments when they happen. This issue…

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guest editor sharna jackson

High Rise Mystery won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2020. She lives on a boat in Rotterdam. Why do you think Black History Month is important? It’s the moment to remember significant people and events from the past. In schools, we are unfortunately not taught much about Black history during the rest of the year – something that I think should change – so October is our moment to learn, understand and also celebrate Black experiences. Who inspired you when you were little? I was very odd when I was a child (I haven’t changed), so I wasn’t inspired by people, really. I was very interested in television and how it was made – particularly adverts and music videos, which were perfect little films to me. I would watch a lot of it, and…

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quick fire round:

Invisibility or the ability to fly? Invisibility. If you had a spirit animal what would it be? A Jack Russell terrier. I have one, called Margot, and I think we’re very alike. Car journey: audio book or music? Music – songs from when I was young in the 1990s. Then lots of conversations with the other passengers. What is your favourite food? Crisps. What is your favourite word? Crisps – but I really like handwriting the name J. Hillis Miller. There is something about all the tall letters so close to each other. Adventure story or funny story? A funny adventure story would be perfect. Walk by the sea or in the woods? I live on a ship, so I am surrounded by water all the time. Therefore, I choose the woods! I love trees. Describe yourself when you were ten in three words. Clarinet-obsessed…

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what is black history month?

Black History Month is an annual event during the month of October. It began as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of people of African descent and it has grown to include discussion of issues around race. The history of Black people in Britain is long and dates back at least to Roman times but sadly that history is not always recognised and respected. Black History Month gives everyone the opportunity to address all the amazing contributions to science, art, culture and politics that has been made over the centuries by Black people as well as to look to the future and think about how we ensure that those contributions are celebrated every day and the people who make them applauded and respected all the…

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cruze the cat

Cruze was a striped tabby cat and he was pretty much your average spoiled house cat: a little over-fed, nicely groomed and very well rested. He had it easy and he knew it, as did all the other cats in the neighbourhood. And boy did they make a big deal out of it. They were jealous of Cruze and used every opportunity to tease him and make him feel unwelcome and insecure. But most of the time he didn’t let it bother him because he loved his family and they loved him. One lazy afternoon in summer, Cruze was sitting on the fence chilling out between two gardens, when Alan the cultured cat decided to interrupt his snooze. He immediately began insulting Cruze. ‘Don’t you know that no one likes tabbies any…

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grandad’s chair

My grandad doesn’t do the gardening any more like he used to. He doesn’t go to the pub and come home when the sky is black, with only the moon to guide him. Grandad doesn’t get up early on a Saturday morning like Ms Ellis does from across the road with her multicoloured trolley on her way to the market before the parents wake up and crowd the streets with their screaming kids. He doesn’t offer my friends sweets when they come over, and he doesn’t sit with us at the table even when Mum cooks his favourite Jamaican dish, curry goat and rice and peas. Sometimes when people come round to visit, they whisper in Mum’s ear, ‘What’s wrong with Patrick, is he OK?’ and Mum will tell them to be quiet…