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Scrapbooks Etc. Page Planner

Scrapbooks Etc. Page Planner

1st edition

Scrapbooks Etc. Page Planner offers more than 130 sketches and finished layouts with inspirational tips and ideas for personalizing your projects. From easy how-to’s to quick-to-finish albums, this app also features:- 119 PDF downloads- Links to blogs/Facebook pages of our most popular designers- Our favorite scrapbooking shopping websites

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4 min
original layout 20 beautiful soul

IDEAS WE LOVE: • Tilt layout elements to rev up the funk factor. • Gain great texture from an oh-so-cool wood-grain paper printed from a digi kit. • Jumble letters to fill in a title. Love a particular paper? Use it as the dominant feature of your page. MATERIALS photo: vertical 4×6" cardstock and paper: three patterned papers other: rub-ons two letter sticker styles lined and bracket stamps circle tag brad pen clip GET SCRAPPIN’ 1 Place a 6×10¾" piece of patterned paper near the right edge of a 12×12" sheet of paper. Celine exercised her creativity by printing her smaller piece from a digital design. Apply a rub-on border along the right edge of the smaller piece. 2 Add the photo on top of the page as shown. Tuck a circle of a third patterned paper behind the shot. Celine enhanced her circle with a marker. Create the title…

4 min
original layout 06 me

IDEAS WE LOVE: • Back notebook paper with cardstock for a funky—but sturdy—background. • Take a self-portrait for a things-I-love layout. • Sketch your own title to save money. Make a DIY journaling block by doodling a playful cloud shape. MATERIALS photo: vertical 4×6" paper: three patterns yellow lined white other: two ribbons stapler black fine-tip pen six buttons GET SCRAPPIN’ 1 Cut or tear a 6½"-to-9" strip from each of the patterned papers. Arrange these pieces and two ribbon lengths on an 8½×11" sheet of yellow lined paper turned sideways as shown. Staple some of the ribbon ends. Mount the photo and add a doodled border. 2 Handwrite your journaling in a doodled cloud and draw two stars on white paper. Cut out these pieces and position them on the page as shown. 3 Handwrite the title below the photo. Bonnie doodled additional stars and an arrow on the…

3 min
original layout 19 love

IDEAS WE LOVE: • Showcase the title at the top of the page for maximum impact. • Feel free to use pink, even on a boy layout. • look to distressed papers for instant aging on a page. Torn edges help grunge up a boy page. MATERIALS photos: horizontal 4×6" four 2" squares cardstock and paper: dark brown cardstock three patterned papers other: pink letter stickers two flowers rhinestone brad GET SCRAPPIN’ 1 Print your journaling on the bottom 2" of a 10¼×5" piece of patterned paper. Tear the bottom edge. Add a ½"-wide strip of patterned paper, the photos, and a 1½"-wide strip of a patterned paper to the piece as shown. 2 Mount the piece on a 12×12" sheet of dark brown cardstock as shown. 3 Use letter stickers to make the title in the upper right half of the page. Dawn finished the page by attaching…

3 min
original layout 18 celebrate

IDEAS WE LOVE: • Convert color photos to black-and-white for supporting shots. • Add words anywhere with super-simple rub-ons. • Print and mat three photos as a group. To add depth, stitch on low-cost buttons in an “X.” MATERIALS photos: vertical 5×8" two 4" squares cardstock and paper: white cardstock gold cardstock four patterned papers other: black ink pad three birthday rub-ons black rub-on letters and words 1 1/4" circle punch black eyelet ribbon red buttons cream floss quick tip Make your own tag by applying a rub-on word to a scrap of cardstock GET SCRAPPIN’ 1 Mount the photos on a 9 1/4×8 1/8" rectangle of white cardstock and then on an inked 9 3/4×8 3/4" rectangle of gold cardstock. Add the gold cardstock to a 12×12" sheet of patterned paper as shown. 2 Apply a birthday rub-on to an inked 1 3/8" gold cardstock square. For the title Erin used black rub-on letters and…

3 min
original layout 23 changes

A label holder is a nifty way to set off a strip of words. IDEAS WE LOVE: • Return to old photos for new pages. • Substitute a symbol—like the heart Yvonne used—for a word in your journaling. • Surround a busy paper with a solid-cardstock border. MATERIAlS photos: two vertical 4×6" cardstock and paper: cream cardstock (scalloped edge optional) brown cardstock ivory cardstock one pattern paper other: corner punches black fine-tip pen heart sticker brown ink pad green foam letters word tape label holder two brads two rhinestones round rub-on word star clip GET SCRAPPIN’ 1 Place the photos and an 8¼×½" strip of cream cardstock on an 8¼×10¾" piece of patterned paper as shown. Mount the patterned paper on an 8½×11" sheet of brown cardstock and punch the corners. 2 Print journaling on ivory cardstock strips. Yvonne highlighted one word with a hand-drawn outline and left space for a heart sticker. Ink the edges and…

3 min
get organized

Become an efficiency expert by scraplifting, or re-creating layouts that are already done. Preparation is key, and with a little planning, you’ll be able to design layouts in minutes. All you need are a few basics! supplies & tools Essentials: cardstock patterned paper cutting tools (craft knife, cutting mat, ruler, pencil [or paper trimmer], and scissors) adhesives (photo tape, adhesive tape runner, adhesive dots, glue stick, liquid glue, etc.) computer and printer and/or fine-tip pens Extras: clear ruler for planning page elements and keeping them straight while attaching them ink and/or paint punches ribbon brads, eyelets, staples, and clips stickers, rub-ons, and die cuts sandpaper or other rough surface chipboard letters and shapes Scrapbook with a friend to double up on extras. Bonus: She’s a sounding board if you get stuck. The secret to getting a layout completed in next to no time is having supplies on hand…