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Signature Luxury Travel & Style Volume 39

Each issue of Signature is a taste of the finer things in life, bringing you beautiful escapes, gourmet adventures, wellness retreats and the latest in five-star hotels, as well as advice from our style and living sections for everyday luxury. From cruising the high seas to African safaris, Signature is packed with inspiration and insider tips to bring you the essence of the world's best destinations and experiences.

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signature / editor’s letter

History has shown us that prosperity follows plague, and that out of adversity comes a determination to live life to the fullest. As throughout COVID, during the 1918 influenza pandemic, there were lengthy lockdowns, restrictions on socialising, mask-wearing and deprivation. Following this came a decade of dramatic change: the Roaring ’20s, a period of economic and cultural prosperity. Life was lived to the fullest and money was spent extravagantly — on travel, cars, haute jewellery, fashion and other luxuries. The flapper personified the era, a woman with newfound freedom, flouting prohibition. The dress, the bob, diamonds and pearls were de rigueur. As was the desire to socialise and hold extravagant parties. Think The Great Gatsby, the 1925 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fittingly, Australian designer Camilla Franks has launched her new range of…

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signature / contributors

NATASHA DRAGUN The editor of Signature Media’s Vacations & Travel magazine (it’s back in August) and ebook Signature@home. Natasha Dragun loves nothing more than an indulgent day at the spa. Her latest treatment was pretty cool. Read all about it on page 122. What’s your ultimate OTT experience? A year cruising between the world’s best dive spots – Micronesia, Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan – on a superyacht with my favourite people and a lot of French champagne. JULIE MILLER Julie Miller is an award-winning travel writer who makes a living doing the things she loves best – travelling, writing, watching wildlife and riding horses. She has been widely published locally and internationally, and is the author of six non-fiction books. What’s your ultimate OTT experience? Remote locations where isolation has cultivated a rich heritage and untouched landscapes. The…

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signature / our world

Wordly snapshot Every year, the planet’s most talented photographers submit their top shots to the World Photography Organisation to be judged as part of the Sony World Photography Awards. From Mexico to Malaysia, entries flooded in from more than 51 countries this year – that’s some 330,000 images overall, with 165,000 of those in the ‘Open’ competition from which these National Awards winners were selected. Sit back, and enjoy the highlights online. worldphoto.org/sony-world-photography-awards/winners-galleries…

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signature / concierge

MEDITERRANEAN MARVEL If Greece wasn’t alluring enough already, the opening of One&Only Kéa Island in 2021 is sure to raise the bar once more. Located on the west side of Kéa Island in the Cyclades – a spectacular region of hidden coves, olive groves and pretty forests – the 65-hectare beachfront retreat will be home to resort-style rooms, suites and villas, as well as a collection of private homes. Accessible by ferry or speedboat from Lavrio Harbour, it also won’t take an age to get there. oneandonlyresorts.com Nature and nurture Encircled by an angophora bushland, the five-bedroom Crane Lodge is just moments away from the silky sands of Pittwater, Avalon and Palm Beach on Sydney’s North Shore. An on-site chef means guests can maximise their leisure time, relaxing by the pool, telling stories…

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revenge on my mind

The year was 2019. On a whim, we could jump on a plane and jet off for a long weekend in Singapore, prepare for a cruise around the Cook Islands, or plan that epic adventure through Canada – a freedom of travel we took for granted. Having been deprived of exploring the world for the last 18 months, and realising – perhaps for the first time – that its wonders may not always be available to us, avid travellers are plotting their revenge: the most indulgent holiday imaginable, the kind that includes every extravagance you’ve ever wanted to enjoy, with privacy and exclusivity top of mind. Think wish-list destinations, opulent villas, entire islands and private jet journeys. It’s all about promising yourself a treat, because who knows what the future…

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the new roaring ’20s

The Roaring ’20s was the glittering, glamorous exemplar of all that. It arrived on the back of the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, heralding a decade that became famous for its Art Deco aesthetic, its freedoms, music, dance, literature and a lust for exquisite jewels, fashion, travel and parties. If the soul of this period was energy and speed, its mantra was ‘live with a vengeance’. Now, as the 21st-century coronavirus looks to book into post-pandemic rehab, social commentators are predicting a new ‘Roaring ’20s’. Already there are synchronicities: the proliferation of new technologies, a fuel revolution, political polarisation, international rivalries and a volatile stock market. Other parallels include strong consumer demand, worker shortages, lower tax rates, reduced business regulation, and tensions between science and religion. But the gossamer thread that pulls…