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Tatler Homes Singapore

April 2021
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Tatler Homes Singapore not only showcases the top homes in Singapore and the region, but also reviews the best international interior design trends, appliances and accessories.

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grounded staying

In its heyday, Japanese guru Marie Kondo’s decluttering method, KonMari, grabbed the attention of homeowners everywhere. Her minimalism-inspired approach was hailed as a “life hack” anyone could achieve, if only they had the willpower. But it had its limitations—a clutter-free space runs the risk of looking lifeless and sterile. Not everyone can live like the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who was famously content to stay in an almost furniture-free house. That radical extreme is clearly neither ideal or practical. The real goal then is to be decisive about which elements to remove or minimise, while paying heed to the personalised features that make a house a home. A simple colour palette is one way to start. The monochromatic interiors we feature in this issue are beautifully layered spaces with a…

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DARREN GABRIEL LEOW Darren is a fashion and commercial photographer based in Singapore. His work celebrates a marriage of contrasts, in which saturated colours complement his signature post-production image treatments. He understands the power of effective visual communication and believes that a great photo should engage and transport the viewer to a realm of fantasy—a belief he applies to all facets of his photography, from fashion and lifestyle to editorial and commercial. For this issue, he photographed the glamorous abode of entrepreneur Elyn Wong (page 152). LUO JINGMEI Jingmei is a freelance writer and editor who loves exploring inspiring spaces. After earning her Master of Architecture degree at the National University of Singapore, Jingmei was mentored at Ipli Architects, before a love of the written word inspired her foray into the publishing world.…

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editor’s picks

WORK SMART Designed by Andreas Krob in collaboration with engineer Joachim Brüske, the Cynara chair combines a sense of lightness with an ergonomic form. Produced by office furniture manufacturer Okamura, this task chair references the graceful arc of the yumi, a traditional archery bow used by ancient warriors in Japan. The curved frame is a flexible structure designed to support your spine for optimal comfort. The chair also offers an adjustable seat height and the brand’s proprietary ankle-tilt recline, which moves the back and seat simultaneously when needed. Available from Okamura; okamura.com.sg GOING ASTRAL Taking inspiration from the heavens, the 089 Eliomoon floor lamp from Cassina features glass-blown spheres meant to resemble celestial bodies. The lamps are supported by a sleek metal base, painted in black for a minimalist look. Available at W.…

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sweet slumber

CLASSIC NATURAL BUNDLE SET from Sojao The Natural series from local firm Sojao features unbleached and undyed hypoallergenic organic cotton sheets, so you can luxuriate in bed without losing sleep over your allergies. sojao.com ROCKS BEDDING from Baea Inspired by nature, this sustainable brand from Hong Kong is known for inviting sheets that exude serenity and comfort. The exquisite organic cotton sateen texture delivers tactile pleasure, while the embroidery motifs are a charming accent. baea.com ORGANIC COTTON STRIPES SHEET SET from Sunday Bedding This striped offering from Sunday Bedding will keep you under the sheets all day long. Lightweight and airy enough for humid weather, the crisp fabric will soften over time to become a dreamy essential. sundaybedding.com LOTUS FLOWER EMBROIDERED DUVET COVER SET from Frette Add a touch of grandeur to your bedroom with this Frette set. Adorned with floral…

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artistic tableau

PAPER CHASE Italian ceramicist Paola Paronetto specialises in delicate, slender vases crafted with a mix of paper pulp and clay. Featuring textured facets and modern forms loosely inspired by the parts of a flower, these handmade objects reference their botanical influences with bright colours, and are designed to be displayed in groups to form an expressive composition inspired by the beauty of nature. Available from paola-paronetto.com RAW BEAUTY Entitled Small Things, this series by Dawn Ng features handmade items that are sculpted by the local artist using a mixture of mulched paper, cotton fibres, glue, acrylic pigments and gypsum. As part of Ng’s ongoing experiments with colour, form and materiality, these objects sport organic shapes and raw edges, each featuring a kaleidoscopic colour scheme. A second edition of this collection is slated to…

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home base

Winston Churchill once said: “We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us”. This saying rings true in the case of Fang Low, the 33-year-old co-founder of Figment, who built a company that conserves, redesigns then leases shophouses for residential purposes. Growing up in a Chinese-baroque shophouse in Tanjong Pagar showed Low what it was like to live in a neighbourhood “full of kampong spirit”— a different upbringing from the high-rise living that defines much of Singapore today. After graduate studies in Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania -Wharton, Low worked at Goldman Sachs until a calling to combine commerce and creativity beckoned him to start his first company. The result is Figment, a homegrown brand that joined city’s co-living movement in 2019. His ambition, however, is not about breadth…