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Soap World No. 317

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ed’s letter

The delicate truce between Steffy and Hope proves shortlived thanks to Taylor’s outrageous behaviour, and poor Liam finds himself torn between his two babymamas on upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful . And there’s tons of drama ahead for the young trio as Brooke joins the battle to side with her daughter against longtime foes Taylor and Steffy. On Days of Our Lives a bitter custody war erupts between Chloe , Brady , Eric , Sarah and Maggie – read our update on this unfolding storyline with little Holly caught in the crossfire. Closer to home, a hostage crisis threatens the lives of several Ramsay Street residents with Terese gunned down and fighting for her life! Catch up on the brand new dramas and returning favourites coming our…

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stars at large

Jenny from the Block party “Are you here for little ol’ me?,” JENNIFER LOPEZ appears to be asking the throng gathered for a photo call at the unveiling of her romcom Second Act . She looks darling enough to sit atop that Christmas tree! Raising a glass to Milo... MILO VENTIMIGLIA must love a bit of boatin’, campin’, fishin’ fun, judging by his gesture about the one that got away. Doesn’t he look fab sans moustache? And the winner is Hugh! He may look like he’s holding his arm aloft in some sort of Olympic-style sporting triumph but we’re pretty sure our HUGH JACKMAN is just gearing up for his singing tour Hailee’s hounded HAILEE STEINFELD, winsome star of Bumblebee , can now add “being interviewed by a border terrier puppet” to her CV. It’s the Beeb’s…

3 min.
war & peace

They have many faults, but there’s one thing Steffy and Hope can agree upon. They’re both fiercely loyal to their families, especially their constantly warring mothers Taylor and Brooke, and caught amid the latest turmoil, neither woman is about to yield and accept the other’s opinion has merit. After an increasingly shaky Taylor (Hunter Tylo) barrages a conflicted Liam (Scott Clifton) with pleas to accept that, despite shooting Bill (Don Diamont) and getting away with it earlier in the year, she poses no threat or danger to his and Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) baby daughter Kelly, Steffy adamantly entreats her ex-husband to believe that Taylor acted in a moment of temporary insanity. She definitely isn’t about to harm Kelly or anyone else for that matter. Struggling to sway his opinion of…

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the benefits and potential dangers of drinking water

Water. We bathe in it, we drink it, we water our plants and wash our clothes with it. Water is an essential part of life and we can’t survive without it for more than a few days. Are you getting your 2 litres a day? THE BENEFITS: • Improved digestion: A common of constipation is dehydration. When your body is dehydrated it will absorb water from your stools, making them hard and difficult to pass. • Maintains healthy blood pressure: Picture a cake batter - when you don’t add enough water, it’s very thick and hard to stir. When you’re dehydrated, your blood becomes thick and your heart has to pump harder to move it around, resulting in increased blood pressure. • Flushes out kidneys: Drinking at least 2 litres of water a day…

5 min.
sneak peeks!

HOME AND AWAY LEAH’S NEW (OLD) LOVER Ten years ago, eccentric DETECTIVE ROBERT ROBERTSON (Socratis Otto) blew into Summer Bay to tell tall tales and look at the world a little differently while investigating the murders of CHARLIE BUCKTON’s father GRANT BLEDCOE and later PENN GRAHAM. In the process, he casually dated LEAH (Ada Nicodemou), who resisted him because of her feelings for ELIJAH, but that didn’t stop Robert from asking her to move to the city with him when he scarpered in 2011. She refused, but now 10 years later, Robert returns. In scenes shot recently on Sydney’s Palm Beach, he appears to be sharing quite a connection with ROBBO (Jake Ryan)... but will Robert be making eyes at Leah all over again? EMMERDALE VILLAGE VILLAIN WREAKS HAVOC! The biggest and baddest bitch to…

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wait , there’s more!

Harrow WHERE CAN I WATCH IT? ABC-TV WHO’S IN IT? IOAN GRUFFUDD (Daniel Harrow), REMY HII (Simon Van Reyk), ANNA LISE PHILLIPS (Stephanie Tolson), ROBYN MALCOLM (Maxine Pavich), DARREN GILSHENAN (Lyle Fairley) and ELLA NEWTON (Fern Harrow) are all returning for the second season. TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT: Surviving his near-fatal shooting from season one, unorthodox forensic pathologist Harrow sets about piecing together just who wanted him dead – and why. A workaholic, he refuses to rest, solving new cases each week... only to encounter dangerous dead ends as he bends the rules in his quest for his attempted killer. He’s soon doubting his “infallible” wits, made worse when his daughter comes under grave threat! Mystery Road WHERE CAN I SEE IT? ABC-TV WHO’S IN IT? AARON PEDERSEN (Jay Swan) leads a strong cast in…