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Our focus is women and girls. We hope our magazine will motivate, inspire and empower mums. grandmas, aunties and their girls. We launched in January 2018 and we are proud to be a magazine that offers an ‘uninterrupted’ flow of articles with NO adverts!

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editor's note

Sofya Style Team: Top: Anya Pendlebury (Owner & Editor) Below: Elena Price (Administrator) Even when we ourselves decide to change something in our life, we are not always successful. Because change is hard. It takes us out of our comfort zone and that means we are likely to resist it. And it's even more difficult when the need for change doesn't come from you, when it's not your choice. In this case it's really important to understand WHY. Once we can see the consequences, we are more likely to change our behaviour willingly. And that's what we all are going through now. We've changed how we work, we teach our children at home, we exercise more, we shop and cook differently, we are more aware of hands hygiene, we communicate and socialise like we've never done before…

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meet our star …

You need to start believing in yourself again. Before the divorce you had something to point to for your low self-esteem and lack of confidence but now that it is over you're forced to face how you feel about yourself, life and the world around you. As women we've always been taught to put others first. That's what a good mother, wife, daughter does. Throw that out the door. It's time to put you first! "I went through a painful divorce around almost 10 years ago now. A daunting prospect with two young children and having to start again with a mortgage in my early 40’s, whilst still working and juggling everything. My self confidence and self esteem was at an all time low but the love and support of my…

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why should be dressing up to work from home?

Whether you are staying at home and working in front of a computer or meeting a client, you need to get your gear on. We know that first impressions – in terms of how we present ourselves to other people – are incredibly important, and formed quickly. Psychologically, what you see when you look in the mirror matters, too. If you see someone dressed for success, in a considered outfit, this will inspire productivity. Conversely, if you see pyjamas or sweatpants, and someone who isn’t ready to face the world, this might instil the notion that you aren’t ready to start work. It helps you start the day right Simply washing your face and brushing your teeth might help you feel fresh and clean, but taking a few extra minutes to get…

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history of sofya style magazine

We launched our lifestyle magazine for women in January 2018. We are proud to bring you this latest edition and we would like to welcome all of our new readers. We are an award winning monthly online magazine. Our focus is women and girls. We hope our magazine will motivate, inspire and empower mums, grandmas, aunties and their girls. We are proud to be a magazine that offers an ‘uninterrupted’ flow of articles with NO adverts! Every edition has lots of useful information and helpful tips. We want to support local businesses, so we are collaborating with a number of them to bring you exclusive offers and discounts in our 'Local Treasures' section To get access to all those fabulous offers and discounts SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Our chosen charity for 2020 is The Luca Foundation and…

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the desire for approval….

Originally I was treated for complete exhaustion, it turned out I did have a chronic illness that if you push too far, eventually you’ll be in trouble. They trialled many meds to control my symptoms. They tried physio, OT, psychological and medical support, even with all this support I lost the use of my left hand side. The medical team told me I'd had a stroke. My arm, hand, legs and foot all did not work. My spirit had also left me. I was fed, I was toileted, I was washed, I was cleaned, I was very well looked after. The nurses, Ian, dad, my friends, my in-laws and my neighbours tried to rally round. I felt dark inside, I couldn’t see a way out, I couldn’t see a way through. The…

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are you a mindful parent?

Mindfulness has become something of a buzzword recently, everybody talks about it, but what exactly is it? Mindful parenting is the concept of being present, in the moment, with your children. Your attention may well be the greatest gift you can ever give your children and mindful parenting is a way to help you do that. Children, especially small children, live naturally in the moment. They have very little thought for the past and usually none at all for the future. They are, in fact, fully mindful, although not necessarily aware of that. Whatever they experience - pain, discomfort, happiness, hunger – is their life “in the moment”. But as parents, we have moved away from that world. We are often guilty of focusing on the future, either short or long term. We…