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Our focus is women and girls. We hope our magazine will motivate, inspire and empower mums. grandmas, aunties and their girls. We launched in January 2018 and we are proud to be a magazine that offers an ‘uninterrupted’ flow of articles with NO adverts!

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editor's note

TAKE THE HIGH ROAD… If someone takes the high road, they choose the course of action which is the most moral or acceptable and which is least likely to harm or upset other people. Taking the high road is often a struggle. Sometimes we lose it when it comes to people’s repeated actions of inconsideration, sarcasm and mean spiritedness. However, when we find ourselves go to the 'low road', we might suffer for that behaviour. Do you really want to carry that negative baggage? Sofya Style Team: Top: Anya Pendlebury (Owner & Editor) Below: Elena Price (Administrator) Revenge is a waste of energy-Why? Because you’ll drive everyone away even those who love you. You just end up humiliating yourself. You honestly have better things to worry about-You, if you think about it, have so much else…

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meet our star…

Of all the things I’ve done in my life, I would say that volunteering has been the most rewarding, and life-changing. When we were in our teens, my friend, Carolyn, and I entertained old age pensioners in a community centre in Coventry by singing old songs and doing some kind of dance number – a few shuffling steps really. We were both known for being in the local drama group, and had quite a following with the older set. We had also put together a skiffle group – a throwback to another age! I played the washboard and Carolyn played a tea-chest and string. We sang Buddy Holly songs while being accompanied by Tony, who played comb and paper, and Jeff, who played the tea spoons. We were definitely a group…

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our contributors

Helen Froggett-Thomson is fascinated by beliefs and behaviour and driven by a desire to empower everyone to ‘live their best life’. An award winning life coach and business mentor with training in systemic psychotherapy. Irina Sweeney Irina’s Pages – a space to share her journaling journey. You will see here journaling tips and prompts to help you write, process & connect with yourself. Marie Rowe Motivational Speaker Life Lessons from a 30 year career in Hollywood. Marie shares her journey and the lessons she has learned along the way. Angela Marie Saffrey a stylist and a body confidence coach Her mission is to work with ladies to break down those image demons and create their ideal look to suit their budget, personality and lifestyle. Anita Swetman a Professional Beauty and Holistic Therapist. Her aim is to understand her clients'…

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"I've gained a little weight. How can I dress my figure without flaunting my weight?" Wear stripes. Use stripes wisely. Traditionally, avoid horizontal stripes, such stripes give the illusion of bulk. If you are pear-shaped, avoid striped blouses; if your hips are large, opt for striped tops. Stand up straight. A drooping head and slouched shoulders impoverish any woman's appearance. Practice good posture. The age-old technique of balancing a book on your head can work wonders. When you stand, your knees, hips and shoulders should be aligned in a straight, vertical line. Posture not only improves your appearance but also exudes the attractive characteristics of contentment and confidence. Wear black. This is a very slimming colour, so opt for black and other dark-coloured clothing instead of white. Highlight Your Favourite Assets No matter how much your body has…

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New skills in lockdown-One Stitch at a Time … There was a time when most people knew how to sew. It was a necessary skill, to ‘mend and make do’, with the added benefit of being able to express creativity. It is rarely passed down the generations these days and when GCSEs were introduced in 1987, the Home Economic course was scrapped, Sewing is part of Key Stages 1 & 3 Design and Technology; unfortunately, it is not always taught, as many schools select what they can teach in their allocated time. Would you replace an item of clothing if you lost a button? With today’s fast fashion, and us allowing more things to take up our time, clothes can be seen as disposable items. I believe we can change this habit. As…

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ways to exercise when you have no time

Time is one of the most limiting factors that’s affecting people’s workout habits. It’s so hard to find the time in a day to dedicate to a good, solid workout plan, especially over a long duration such as working out five times a week for 45 minutes. That’s a lot of time taken out of your week, and especially if you don’t have the motivation, you will have issues committing to a long-term fitness journey. There's no need to despair, though - there are quite a few things you can do to get that extra little exercise bite in your day. Even on days when you physically do not have the time for a workout, you can still help yourself have a healthy lifestyle and build up some positive life habits. Use…