Southwest Art October 2020

The work of the West's most accomplished artists come to your home in the pages of Southwest Art. Dedicated to the coverage and preservation of this unique genre of American art, each issue profiles the artists of the Southwest and looks at their work and what to expect in the upcoming times. Written for collectors, dealers and art enthusiasts of all levels, Southwest Art acts as your very own gallery, with brightly colored photography of hand-picked pieces filling the pages!

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a western tradition

FOR ALMOST half a century, the Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition & Sale has been one of the premier annual events in the western art world. Presented by the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, OK, it features paintings, drawings, and sculpture by nearly 100 respected artists from the West and beyond. Its traditional opening weekend in early June—featuring lectures, demonstrations, a fixed-price sale, and lots of camaraderie—has been a mainstay of the western art scene for collectors and art-lovers alike. This year, of course, many things changed: The works went on view in August, rather than June. The festive gathering was shifted from the show’s kickoff weekend to its closing weekend, then moved to an online experience; the sale was conducted purely by proxy bidding in…

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andrea simonsen

IF YOU’VE EVER sliced through a fresh artichoke, you’ve inevitably observed the vegetable’s intricate inner layers and alluring web of colors, gradually shifting in hue from lime green in its outer leaves to pink, tender ripples at its heart. In these elegant details, Utah artist Andrea Simonsen saw a still life waiting to be painted. “Color combined with texture are the two things I look for in a subject—and complexity,” she says. “I like to challenge myself.” Simonsen’s ARTICHOKE, featuring the vegetable against a solid blue background, exemplifies her realistic style and painstaking approach. She describes her process as “very detailed and very meticulous.” Some people have told her they wouldn’t have the patience for such a process, “but it’s very therapeutic for me,” Simonsen notes, crediting her methods to artist…

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spencer meagher

SPENCER MEAGHER is on a winning streak. In August, the Mount Vernon, IL, artist took home four awards at Steelville Plein Air in the Ozarks. And in June, he garnered an Outstanding Acrylic award in the BoldBrush competition for his studio painting LOVE AMERICAN STYLE, a still life starring Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls posing shoulder to shoulder, the American flag draped behind them. Meagher not only paints in different genres, he’s also proficient in multiple mediums, including oils, acrylics, and watercolors. “Each one brings something different to the table,” he says. Meagher first became interested in art as a child. In elementary school, he filled the pages of his notebooks with recreations of magazine covers. Soon he progressed to birds, carefully rendering on paper the colorful examples from the Peterson…

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karen barton

MUCH THE SAME way old Dutch still lifes of fish, fowl, and other game reflect the culinary fare of the era, Karen Barton’s vibrant portrayals of contemporary foods help tell a story about the way we live today. The Washington artist’s edible subjects range from popular snacks and candies to everyday cooking ingredients found in the pantries and refrigerators of homes across America—all captured in bright, vivacious colors for our viewing pleasure now, and for posterity. “I do think of it as a history,” Barton says of her food-inspired art. “It’s documenting the era we live in.” Barton, a retired school teacher, has drawn and painted for most of her life. While working toward her degree in education, she minored in art, and she continued drawing and painting throughout her teaching…

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PICTURE, FOR A moment, a free-spirited young girl riding her horse bareback in the mountains and along beaches, untethered and utterly in tune with the power of her four-legged companion. For Santa Fe, NM, artist Ethelinda, the scene paints a vivid picture of her own childhood growing up in Hawaii. Her memories of riding without a saddle, of watching her horse wade in the ocean tides, make her smile even now, decades later. “It was so freeing and fabulous,” she says. It’s with that same love for freedom that Ethelinda approaches her large-scale oil paintings of the horse today, depicting the creature’s power and grace on canvases that immediately greet viewers with both their immensity and beauty. As many as two dozen new paintings of this nature go on view this…

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laguna beach plein air

EACH FALL, the Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational brings together top plein-air artists from around the country for a lively week of paint-outs in the Southern California town. Like many art events these days, however, this year’s invitational—taking place from Saturday, October 3, through Sunday, October 11—is going entirely virtual, with the potential of reaching a much larger audience than usual. For the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, which organizes the invitational, that’s a plus. “Art heals the soul,” says executive director Rosemary Swimm. “And right now, we are in need of so much good to come our way.” So, with the safety of both artists and patrons in mind, the 22nd annual event features a full roster of activities taking place via online streaming. Artworks created during the event…