Southwest Art March/April 2021

The work of the West's most accomplished artists come to your home in the pages of Southwest Art. Dedicated to the coverage and preservation of this unique genre of American art, each issue profiles the artists of the Southwest and looks at their work and what to expect in the upcoming times. Written for collectors, dealers and art enthusiasts of all levels, Southwest Art acts as your very own gallery, with brightly colored photography of hand-picked pieces filling the pages!

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hometown treasure

FOR LOVERS OF WESTERN ART who live in Denver, like me, the annual Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale is a hometown treasure. It’s held every year in January as part of the National Western Stock Show. So when the stock show was canceled due to the pandemic, the fate of this year’s Coors show was up in the air. Fortunately, like many others around the West, the organizers were able to turn the annual gathering into a successful online enterprise. “It was an amazing surprise to see so many patrons come out to support us in such a strange and crazy year,” said curator Rose Fredrick. The show’s success is certainly due, in large part, to the impressive artworks contributed by the 69 participating artists. To recognize their accomplishments, several…

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allen b. brockbank

IF YOU STARE long enough at an Allen B. Brockbank landscape painting, you can practically sense the warm desert sun on your skin and feel the fresh mountain air in your lungs. Experiencing this Utah artist’s plein-air adventures vicariously is a joy for both the viewer and the creator, as Brockbank says that bringing the outside in and helping others feel his passion for place is a primary motivation for creating. Brockbank’s interest in art was cultivated at a young age through his father’s love of nature and his mother’s profession as a watercolorist. Regular backpacking trips with his father through the West and landscape-painting lessons with his mother planted the seeds for his future. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and working in commercial art and computer game…

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joseph iantorno

JOSEPH IANTORNO paints in a classical, contemporary style reminiscent of the Baroque-era Dutch painters, where dramatic contrasts of light and shadow take center stage in deftly designed compositions. Iantorno, who lives in California, recently moved into a studio with north light, which is helping him refine this approach further. “I can see the luminosity of my still-life objects much more clearly,” he says. “I can also discern more detail on my canvas, which is important because every brush stroke matters in a beautiful work of art.” Iantorno is not only skilled at creating fine-art compositions but, as a musician, he is also familiar with song composition. Understanding the shared principles among these similar languages gives the artist a nuanced approach to line, value, and color. Additionally, he holds a degree in…

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sarah kidner

SHEDDING LIGHT on simple, commonplace moments is the reason Sarah Kidner picks up a paintbrush practically every day. She is increasingly aware of how fast-paced our lives have become, and her paintings are invitations to slow down and savor. “I feel the most excited when I can show the beauty in a scene we might have otherwise overlooked,” she says. “I hope to inspire people to see everyday life in a different way.” It might be the unique way light is moving through an outdoor scene that grabs the artist’s attention, or observing interesting shapes, colors, and patterns woven around and through a group gathered together. Kidner is fascinated by people and their unique movements, personalities, and idiosyncrasies. “I love to capture body language,” she says. “Sometimes I paint portraits to…

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scottsdale art auction

BACK IN 2005, three highly regarded gallery owners joined forces to start the Scottsdale Art Auction: Brad Richardson of Legacy Gallery, Michael Frost of J.N. Bartfield Galleries, and Jack A. Morris, Jr. of Morris & Whiteside Galleries. Their goal was to create greater value and market share for historical and contemporary western artwork. As dealers in the genre for decades, they knew that demand was high—and that there were some knowledge gaps. “Visitors to my New York gallery would ask how value was determined for specific western painters and how their prices compared to other artists, or to their own work during different periods,” Frost explains. “Auction settings naturally clear up some of that ambiguity. There’s a level of comfort and security because of pre-published information—provenance, comps to show fair-market value,…

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night of artists

MUSEUM DIRECTORS, art dealers, and event organizers have had to adapt quickly over the past year as pandemic restrictions forced them to get creative in how they sell art. Many of them—including Michael Duchemin, president and CEO of the Briscoe Western Art Museum in San Antonio—think that some of the positive changes that resulted are here to stay. In that spirit, Duchemin and his team shifted their planning for this year’s Night of Artists event to a hybrid model of private and public in-person and virtual events, designed both to cater to local art-lovers and to reach additional western art aficionados around the country and the world. “Coming off the 2020 event and Covid closures, we’ve committed ourselves to embracing the digital platforms available to us and seeing it as…