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Summer Activity Book

Summer Activity Book

In this special summer fun activity book, you'll find 96 pages of fun activities for kids that will keep them busy all summer -- from crafts and DIYs, to fun games and activities, and even kid-approved recipes, you'll always find something new in our Summer Activity Book!

United States
Heinrich Bauer Publishing, L. P.

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1 min
sweet treat nail art

Cute Cupcakes WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • pink, beige and white polish• purple, yellow, blue, orange, red and white nail art pens 1 Paint your nails pink. 2 Paint the top half of each nail beige. 3 Paint a wiggly white line on the tips. 4 Add sprinkles and a cherry with nail art pens. 5 Draw lines with the white nail art pen. ice cream cones WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • beige, white, brown, green, orange, purple and pink polish• toothpicks 1 Paint your nails beige with white tips—just like a French manicure. 2 Paint a brown “V” using a toothpick. 3 Add crisscrossed brown lines using a toothpick. 4 Paint thick wiggly lines across the tips of each nail in different colors. 5 Add a tiny white line using a brush or toothpick.…

1 min
fun in the sun nail art

Big Blue Waves WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • light blue, glittery dark blue and clear polish• toothpick 1 Paint your nails light blue. 2 Draw a small, glittery “C” using a toothpick; fill in the bottom. 3 Top with clear polish. Cool Shades WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • white, pink, yellow, orange and black polish• toothpick 1 Paint your nails white. 2 Choose a color, like pink, and paint two side-byside dots on each nail. 3 Outline the dots with a black “B” shape using a toothpick. 4 Add black lines for the earpieces using a toothpick.…

1 min
more fun in the sun nail art

Pretty Palm Trees WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • white, silver, green and brown polish• toothpicks 1 On each hand, paint two nails white, two green and one silver. 2 On the white nails, paint a small brown line using a toothpick. 3 Add a curved green line under it using a toothpick. 4 Add a second curved green line that crosses the first. 5 If you have room, repeat steps 2-4 to add more palm trees. Sunny Days WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • blue and yellow polish• toothpick 1 Paint your nails blue. 2 Paint a yellow half-oval on each nail. 3 Draw short yellow lines around each half-oval using a toothpick. 4 Continue adding lines until each sun is complete.…

1 min
happy hippie nail art

Peace, Love & Happiness WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • yellow and glittery teal polish• toothpick 1 Paint your nails glittery teal. 2 Paint a yellow line down the center of each nail using a toothpick. 3 Paint a short diagonal line from the center of your nail to the top corner. 4 Paint a short diagonal line from the center of your nail to the top corner. Flower Power WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • black, white and yellow polish• toothpick 1 Paint your nails black. 2 Paint a white “X”; use a toothpick if your brush is too big. 3 Add a white vertical line through the middle. 4 Add a yellow dot in the center; paint more flowers if you have room.…

1 min
make a recycled bird feeder out of a milk carton!

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • half-gallon paper milk container• ruler• pen• scissors• yellow, blue and white duct tape• 8½ x 6-inch piece of cardstock• 2 7-inch wood dowels• fishing line• birdseed DIRECTIONS: 1. Measure 1½-inches from the bottom of your container and draw a line all the way around. 2. Using the line as your guide, make a 1-inch deep cut at each of the carton’s four corners. 3. Press your thumb an inch above each of the four cuts to push the carton’s edges inward. 4. Wrap the carton with yellow duct tape, leaving the cuts uncovered. Add blue and white duct tape windows. 5. Poke two holes through the base of your bird feeder and insert dowels. 6. Cover the cardstock with blue duct tape on both sides to make it waterproof; fold in half. 7. Fold small…

2 min
summer flower jewelry

NECKLACE what you’ll need: • 4 green pipe cleaners• 4 red pipe cleaners• 4 pink pipe cleaners• 4 orange pipe cleaners Directions 1 Connect the ends of 2 green pipe cleaners together and twist to secure. 2 Wrap a stack of 4 red pipe cleaners around your necklace, twisting in place to secure. Then, curl each loose end into a tight spiral to make your flower. Repeat to add more flowers in different colors. 3 Cut the remaining 2 green pipe cleaners in half. Wrap a piece of green pipe cleaner around the base of each flower and shape the loose ends into leaves. 4 To wear, twist the loose green ends together around your neck to secure in place. Be careful to avoid poking yourself with any of the pipe cleaners’ pointed ends while you’re wearing…