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Swanky Retreats Spring 2019

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letter from the editor in chief

Hi there, This time of year is full of so much energy and I love it. Everything from the fading of winter and a shifting focus to more sunshine and longer days…these are a few of my favorite things. I dubbed this issue our Wild Wanderers focused issue and took it upon myself to really get out there and get you some fabulous spring activities. I caught enough snow at Paws Up Resort in Montana to go Mushing with a fabulous team of dogs. I learned how to go skijøring behind the most loveable horse named Duchess. I was treated like a queen as I took on the snowmobile and went tubing down a hill beside my estate home at the resort. You’ll need to delve into my story to get…

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the swank team

ALEXANDRA MAE EDITOR-AT-LARGE When you look up "wanderlust" in the dictionary odds are that a picture of me is in the definition. AMY SEDEÑO EDITOR-AT-LARGE As a self-proclaimed @hotelista I do quite a bit of traveling, and from holding a tarantula in an ancient site in Guatemala to drinking high tea in Dubai, and petting grey whales in Baja, you bet I’ve got stories to tell. ANDREW INNERARITY DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY I prefer to let the images do the talking. ANN MARIE SCHEIDLER EDITOR-AT-LARGE "Thailand was the trip of a lifetime for this Chicago girl...a sensory overload in the best of ways. The people, the food, the landscape: all unforgettable." AVA ROSALES FEATURES EDITOR So, what’s the best part of traveling? Meeting new people and immersing myself in the culture! BRIANA LOZANO EDITOR-AT-LARGE My favorite place to travel to is one I have never been to before!…

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swellegant stays

Awasi Iguazu Iguazu, Argentina Iguazu Falls divide Argentina and Brazil, and they are the largest waterfalls in the world. Legend has it that a deity fell in love with a mortal woman, and when she spurned his advances he cut the river in two, condemning her to an eternal fall in her canoe. Awasi Iguazu is an extraordinary rainforest haven a short drive away from the falls. Brightly colored toucan fly through the tree canopy, and monkeys clatter about on the roofs and wooden decks. Even an occasional ocelot wanders by. The main lodge is light and airy, with indoor and outdoor seating areas where you can while away an afternoon reading, or ask an expert guide to help you identify a species of bird you’ve just seen. Each of the private wooden villas…

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a letter from africa: marrakech, morocco

Dear friends, This city is the most extraordinary assault on my senses. It’s not so hot here in the spring, but the sun is bright on my face and makes me blink. There’s a cacophony of traffic noise, people shouting excitedly to one another, and, periodically, the sound of the muezzin calling from the minaret of the mosque mixed into the soundscape, too. My eyes are constantly darting about me in case I miss something, be it a carved medieval doorway or a donkey plodding along before a cart. The flavours of Marrakech are the sweet, sweet honey of the pastries, the fresh mint tea served in tiny painted glasses, and the slow cooked mutton of a traditional tagine. And the smell? One minute it is the pungent spice market, the next…

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a letter from the caribbean: barahona, dominican republic

My dear friends, I drove about three hours, from Santo Domingo, to get to paradise. I know that sounds like an eternity to get to a destination, but along the way I saw the sites, the natural sites, of the Dominican people. Driving out of the city to the east, as congested traffic gave way to smaller towns with vendors selling fresh produce along the edge of the road, framing a picture perfect scene of real life on the island. I was so happy to be able to experience this. The organic nature of a place I was finally seeing for the first time. Having visited the extremely popular portions of the island many times before, I drove, mouth agape, staring at the real, raw beauty of this island and her people.…

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a letter from europe: the three valleys, france

Bonjour mes amis, In Europe, ski season is in full flow. I’ve come to Courchevel in the French Alps to breathe in the fresh mountain air, feast my eyes on the snow covered landscapes, and to explore Les Trois Vallées (The Three Valleys), the largest linked ski area in the world. The excitement built as I drove the winding Alpine roads from Geneva, just across the border in Switzerland. The Alps are stunning all year round, but it is in the winter and early spring that the resorts are at their busiest, buzzing with energy and the sound of conversations in a dozen different languages. The locals come here to ski at the weekends, of course, but during the week there’s no counting all the nationalities on the slopes. I immediately felt…