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Swanky Retreats Fall 2020

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letter from the editor in chief

Hello there, I know...2020, am I right? I hope and pray that each of you is safe and healthy and your families and friends are also doing well. My thoughts are with anyone who is going through a tough time. When you feel safe enough to travel again, we hope you take some of the trips we feature in this issue. Some of us will venture as far as Australia, Bali or Bhutan, while others will stay closer to home. Wherever you choose to roam, we have your wanderlust covered in this issue. What we have done, for the North American market, is carve out some fun road trip ideas down to the Florida Keys. You can check out everything from Swellegant Stays to Letters From and features that will inspire…

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the swank team

ALEXANDRA MAE EDITOR-AT-LARGE When you look up "wanderlust" in the dictionary odds are that a picture of me is in the definition. AMY SEDEÑO EDITOR-AT-LARGE As a self-proclaimed @hotelista I do quite a bit of traveling, and from holding a tarantula in an ancient site in Guatemala to drinking high tea in Dubai, and petting grey whales in Baja, you bet I’ve got stories to tell. ANDREW INNERARITY DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY I prefer to let the images do the talking. ANN MARIE SCHEIDLER EDITOR-AT-LARGE "Thailand was the trip of a lifetime for this Chicago girl...a sensory overload in the best of ways. The people, the food, the landscape: all unforgettable." AVA ROSALES FEATURES EDITOR Wherever the destination may be, it’s the villa life for me. BRIANA LOZANO EDITOR-AT-LARGE My favorite place to travel to is one I have never been to before! New cities, new sights, new…

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swellegant stays

Isla Bella Beach Resort Marathon, Florida Breathtaking ocean views start the story of Isla Bella. That is, after a quick ride in a Moke, driven by your valet, and a jaw-dropping stroll through the coconut-lined pathway to your accommodations. Moment after moment, the resort opens itself up to you with new eye-catching treats. The decor is a brilliant mix of classic Keys and contemporary beach house. The ocean is invited into view through wide, floor to ceiling, glass doors and an airy balcony. This resort is only two hours south of Miami and is more than worthy of a dedicated road trip. With a wide, sandy beach beneath your feet, you can stroll between its five pools, one of which is 4,500 square feet. That’s a lot of pool. There's an intimate…

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a letter from asia: bhutan

Greetings! I have arrived in the Land of the Thunder Dragon. High in the Himalayan Mountains, where the peaks are so tall their summits seem to get lost in the heavens, I have come in search of peace and oneness with nature. Many years ago, I read that the Kingdom of Bhutan had adopted a novel policy: the government chose to make Gross National Happiness (GNH) -- not economic growth -- its focus. They recognised that the pursuit of wellbeing, education, strong communities, cultural diversity, and high living standards are much more important to happiness than money. I wanted to see how this is put into practise, how it compliments the Buddhist philosophy which most of Bhutan’s population follows. What struck me first on arriving in Paro is the scale and majesty of…

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a letter from asia: hoshinoya bali

One of the things I love most about travelling is the opportunity to witness the collision of different cultures, seeing something created which is not only new but brilliant. Hoshinoya Bali encompasses that phenomenon completely: the head of this extraordinary resort hotel is in Japan, but its feet are embedded in the earth of Indonesia’s most beguiling island, Bali. The designers have twisted Japanese design with Balinese spirituality and made not only a unique hotel, but a cultural experience quite unlike anything I’ve seen elsewhere in Asia. I’m writing this letter to you sat in what feels like a bird cage. It is hung on the edge of a jungle-covered cliff, looking out along the jade green valley. I’m sipping on turmeric tea, which has been specially brewed and is served…

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a letter from north america: key west, florida

Dear John, Yes, this is one of those letters. I am writing because, although I love being with you, I need a break. The level of familiarity thrust upon us this year, due to you know what, has made me grow weary. There’s a place that I have discovered that offers me more of what I need to feel alive. Here I look out on the horizon, just beyond the marina, and watch the sun set. My terrace gives me all the personal space I need, yet I feel safe and nurtured here, while still being a part of it all. Everything about this hotel is quite unique, and I am not just saying that because it has taken me out of our kitchen, bedroom, backyard, den, dining room, repeat --…