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Taste of Home November 2014

Every issue is jam-packed with 100+ delicious, home-style recipes & tips—all made with easy, everyday ingredients—and all shown in FULL COLOR!

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friendsgiving fun!

The last Thanksgiving I spent with my family—Mom, Dad, my sisters and brother—was in 1984. I’ve lived at least 1,200 miles away since then, and other occasions, like Christmas or special family bashes, always stole the travel budget from Turkey Day. So what I’ve celebrated since is a happy Friendsgiving. People at the Friendsgiving table are like me, away from family and looking to make the day special. The faces and places have changed, and so has the food. Our turkey has been brined and roasted, grilled on a Weber, smoked and eaten cold. There was even a tofu-based nonmeat called Tofurky on the table—once or twice! We often bring dishes from home, too, like my California Citrus & Avocado Salad, page 49. And my Grandma’s Cranberry Stuff—as in “please pass…

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turkey day triumphs

THANKSGIVING 101 GIVE THAT TURKEY A TAN If your turkey is cooked but not browned, stop basting and increase the heat to 450°. It should get golden in a few minutes. FINISH UNDERDONE THIGHS Remove legs and thighs from the turkey and place them back in the roasting pan. Continue cooking until thickest part of the thigh reaches 170°-175°. REFRESH A DRY BIRD Slice the meat and place in a single layer in a baking dish. Pour enough warm turkey or chicken stock to cover slices; cover and bake at 350° for 10-15 minutes. SOLVE GRAVY GLITCHES It’s Runny Slowly stir cold turkey or chicken stock into a bit of cornstarch. Gradually whisk into simmering gravy. It’s Lumpy Pour gravy into a blender and give it a whirl for 30-40 seconds. It’s Gloppy Whisk in turkey or chicken stock a…

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amazing graces

COOK TO COOK “When we spend Thanksgiving with our close friends’ family, I truly enjoy their tradition: holding hands during a prayer and then going around the table with everyone saying what they’re thankful for.” —SALLY JOHNSON HOLMES PLAINFIELD, IL Prayer: “For the food before us, the family beside us and the love between us, we thank you, Lord.” —IRIS SMITH WALESKA, GA “As foster parents, we usually have new kids every year, and to hear what they’re grateful for is incredibly heartwarming!” —KAREN SCHULTZ ANN ARBOR, MI “Every year, each person at the table uses a permanent marker to write one thing he or she is thankful for on a white tablecloth. After Thanksgiving, we wash it on the gentle cycle and put it away until the next year, when we bring it out and do…

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on a roll

INSTANT GRATIFICATION THANKS GIFTING DISH DUTY Lure assistant cleaneruppers to the kitchen with a stack of fun towels. Let each volunteer keep a favorite (after the work is done, of course). HIDDEN OBJECT Spot the acorn in this issue and you could win a Taste of Home cookbook. Find it? Go to tasteofhome.com/hiddenobject to tell us where. Or mail a postcard with the page number, your name, address, email address and phone number to Taste of Home, 1610 N 2nd St, Suite 102, Milwaukee WI 53212-3906. In our last issue, the caramel apple was on page 26.…

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let’s cook together!

Get in on the fun with online courses put together just for you by the Taste of Home team. When you’re hungry for help, simply go to TOHCookingSchool.com. Choose from step-by-step video demos, slideshows, shopping lists and even kitchen tool recommendations. Find out how to get dinner on the table at warp speed in Weeknight Dinners in 30 Minutes or Less. Learn the secrets to Comfort Food Classics. Get the low-and-slow know-how in Slow Cooker Favorites. Create good-for you dishes big on flavor in Everyday Healthy Cooking, and navigate the kitchen like a pro with the course on Tips, Tools & Techniques from the Test Kitchen. Meet Dana! Online instructor Dana Elliott fell in love with food when she was 3, helping her mom in the kitchen. She’s been teaching cooks, from…

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a loaf to love

test kitchen TIPS START A BREAD-BAKING HABIT This versatile overnight dough is perfect for newbies or experimenters. Mix-ins are most welcome (see page 20). Hands-on time is limited to a few punches and folds plus eight gentle kneads. (And, hey, kneading is a stress reliever!) Check out a nifty way to mimic the heat and steam of a true artisan oven at home (page 22). Fact: You just need a disposable pan and foil. 5 INGREDIENTS Crusty Homemade Bread Slice up a loaf you made yourself and watch the family come flocking. Love it plain, stud it with cheese or fold in orange peel and cranberries. —MEGUMI GARCIA TASTE OF HOME PREP COOK PREP: 20 MIN. + RISING BAKE: 50 MIN. + COOLING MAKES: 1 LOAF (16 SLICES) 1 1/2 tsp. active dry yeast 1 3/4 cups water (70° to 75°) 3 1/2 cups…