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Tatler Dining Singapore June 2019

Dining well is a luxury Singapore Tatler has long appreciated, and T.Dining by Singapore Tatler, a bi-annual publication, affirms its commitment to covering the city’s dynamic food scene. It also offers an insider’s look at the global culinary landscape, food and wine trends and the best gourmet experiences. Not only does it celebrate the evolutionary nature of the business, but also the creative energy that feed the voracious and seemingly tireless professionals who make dining well an indulgence we so passionately afford ourselves. The aim is to offer readers a discerning perspective of the world of food and drink, an appreciation of quality dining experiences, not labels or exclusivity.

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hot in the city

It’s hot all year round in Singapore, but the months of June to August are often the driest time of the year. It’s not a marked change from our garden state’s perennially balmy climate, but fact is that we will likely be spending a lot more time outdoors—possibly sprawled on a deck chair by the pool, or around a barbecue in our most comfortable Ralph Lauren polos and chinos detailing the merits of locally brewed craft beers (more on this growing drink phenomenon on page 50). Sure, you might crave the comfort of an alcoholic beverage indoors instead. But if the latest trend in premium spirits are anything to go by, you’d likely end up imagining an ocean view as you take your time with a bespoke tiki cocktail or…

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Health is Wealth Singapore Airlines and the Como Group have teamed up to serve Como Shambala’s signature wellness cuisine at 30,000 feet up in the air. Set to debut in the second half the year across all classes and via its Book The Cook service, look forward to signatures such as Indonesian curry and toast with nuts and seeds—all crafted with seasonal and sustainably sourced ingredients. singaporeair.com, comohotels.com Mix and Match Johnnie Walker House tapped into its precious reserves of ghost and rare whiskies to craft this gorgeous and limited-edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Ellen. Master blender Jim Beveridge said that this expression is an “exploration of flavours”, thanks to an interesting melange of ghost Caledonian and Carsebridge whiskies, which gives it its creamy vanilla layers; rare malts from…

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modern japanese fare for every occasion

Modern Japanese restaurant Omoté started out as an intimate 12-seater sushi bar at Thomson Plaza in the late 2015. Serving delicious fare at wallet-friendly prices, word spread about this gem of an eatery, attracting throngs of foodies who raved about the fresh produce and flavour profiles that created the now famous Signature Omoté Chirashi Don. “From our first outlet, we moved into a bigger space in 2017 with double seating capacity, but we still faced the same problem of longer queues as well as waiting time,” shared Tricia Tan, Omoté’s marketing manager. The need for an even bigger place coupled with the intention to showcase a new age dining experience led to the decision to rebrand the concept last year. Completed in December 2018, the restaurant now boasts a larger 7,000-sqft space…

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main squeeze

When life first gave the world lemons, no one thought to make lemonade. Rather, the people of Assam in India, where lemons are thought to have originated, gazed at them appreciatively, much like they did tomatoes, which were also cultivated for ornamental purposes. The history of the lemon is a hazy one. There are few conclusions as to where the lemon originated, but it is thought that modern citrus trees are the descendants of natural species found in the abovementioned region, as well as northern Myanmar and western Yunnan. As the world’s climates changed, the plants spread out through to Southeast Asia and later, Australia, about four million years ago. Lemons, along with other citrus fruit, eventually made their way to the Mediterranean (and by ‘eventually’, we mean 2,500 years after they…

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heritage to high cuisine

Damian D’Silva is a name synonymous with Singapore heritage food. Having spent the last 20 years plumbing his childhood memories to recreate dishes that have long disappeared from local tables, the lanky 63-year-old has come to be regarded as a treasured keeper of time-honored recipes. Folklore, the restaurant he has helmed since 2017, is his most successful venture yet. Not only has it garnered plenty of buzz for its stellar food, it has also thrust him into the spotlight, earning him a place on the judging panel of MasterChef Singapore. Yet, when asked about his achievements, D’Silva would say that he hasn’t achieved much at all. That’s because despite the praise and cabal of loyal fans, D’Silva hasn’t garnered the industry recognition he knows he deserves. In the last year, he…

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a celebration of wines unlike any other

Whether you are a wine professional or an avid consumer, it’s easy to appreciate the astounding diversity the world’s best wines represent. But finding them in one place is a rare opportunity, which makes The Wine Pinnacle Awards Presented By Genting Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa’s first-ever grand wine event, an occasion you cannot miss. The three-day event will run from October 10 to 12 at the Resorts World Convention Centre, with a gala dinner and awards ceremony to recognise the best wines from around the world, as nominated and voted by some of the most revered and trusted palates across the globe, taking place on the first night. It will be held concurrently with a wine festival, which will stretch across all three days. Voting is done electronically through a secure online…