Tech Guru Guide: Start Your Own Business

Tech Guru Guide: Start Your Own Business 2016

We've filled this Guru Guide with everything you'll need to get your feet wet in the business world. We cover everything from business basics, cash management and online impact to social media, motivating staff and profiles of successful business people. Create your new company today!

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The world of business is progressively looking more attractive as we gradually claw our way out of recession and enter what will hopefully be more fruitful times for smalltime entrepreneurs. Governments on both sides of the Atlantic are becoming more supportive of private enterprise, and the public at large – most importantly – is finally getting up the confidence to open its wallet and enjoy things again. What does this mean for you? Well, there’s the obvious – that it’s finally the right time to turn that idea into a proper business – and the not so obvious too. Venture capitalists and angel investors may be more willing to take a punt. Worldwide platforms like Kickstarter are going great guns, allowing those with money to invest to choose from potential platforms…

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the guru guide doctrine

Guru Guides are designed to help experienced technology users dive deeper into a subject. Whether you’re learning a new programming language or planning to start a new business, each book aspires to be… ● A reference you can keep on your desk or next to your computer and consult time and time again when you need to know how to do something or solve a problem ● A teacher – helping you develop your skills and take with you through your life, applying them at home or even in the workplace ● A challenge – we know that you know the basics so instead of patronising you we’ll suggest new things to try and help you take your knowledge to the next level ● Available anywhere – you can take your Guru Guide everywhere…

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business basics

Starting a business has become something anybody can do. In today’s changeable economy, being a small business owner is no longer the preserve of the risk-taker. All you need to start your own enterprise is a great idea and the nous to see it through. And maybe some cash. And good contacts. And a business plan. Oh, and a marketing strategy… STARTING BLOCKS Some of us are guilty of having serial epiphanies and mentally retiring for the next 20 years before we’ve actually done anything about it. But before you throw everything at your wonderful idea, it’s crucial to do some research. Sometimes you can get so excited about the dream that you lose all objectivity. The best way to stay productive is to be really clear about what you want to achieve,…

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business blunders (and how to avoid them)

These days, it’s relatively easy for digital practitioners to start up a business of their own. Just fill out a few government documents, buy some computers and software licenses, create a studio website, and you’re off to the races. Lean back, smoke a cigar and cash those cheques. If only it were that simple. Over time, we guarantee you’ll make mistakes, even if you’re super-organised. You’ll be able to catch and fix some of them quickly, but others will turn into avalanches of stress, anxiety and lost revenue. Bank on it. Whether it’s an employee-related issue, the payroll company not filing the right paperwork with tax agencies, or a client holding back key information required to make your project successful, you’ll have to become adept at damage control. We’ve been running shops…

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quick capital

Let’s be positive. Forget the credit crunch and the age of austerity – we’re going to help you make some money. Don’t worry if you’re no Alan Sugar; thanks to the internet and your PC, all you need is a good idea. If you don’t even have one of those, you can transform your spare time into cash – legally. This isn’t a guide to selling old vinyl on eBay or flogging knackered paperbacks on Amazon. We’ve done our homework, trawled the web and put together a list of new, exciting and innovative ways in which technology can help you make money. We’ll explore topics such as human intelligence tasks – jobs that computers and software can’t do, but are essential to the functioning of an electronic business. All you need do…

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peer-to-peer lending 

Peer-to-peer lending, or social banking, uses the principle of crowdsourcing. Let’s say you want to borrow a couple of grand to start an online T-shirt business. Sign up to Zopa ( and you can get a loan at a very attractive rate of interest, plus a flat fee. The money comes from a network of lenders, not a bank, and it pays to be a lender, too. At Zopa, for example, the average return at the time of writing is 5.0 per cent, which is actually a lot better than most short-term savings accounts. What if a borrower can’t pay back the money? So far, Zopa has done pretty well on that front, with a paltry 0.28 per cent default rate. But your investment doesn’t go to one person – it’s seeded…