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September - October 2020

The Advocate has been the definitive news source for America’s LGBT community since 1967. Every issue, The Advocate keeps you involved and informed on everything that’s important to you in LGBT news, politics, culture and entertainment. You’ll enjoy our intriguing interviews with important gay and lesbian newsmakers, plus you'll enrich your life with our regular coverage of gay travel, finance, fitness, and style. Now available with the cool convenience of digital delivery. Now expanded with exclusive video and slide show in every issue.

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editor's letter

GROWING UP IN Texas, Will & Grace was one of the few windows I had into the LGBTQ+ community. I was a closeted church kid, and even though I had a few liberal-minded friends in high school, speaking about anything queer felt dangerous unless it was spun around the adventures of Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen. Things have changed drastically since then. In the last few years alone, we’ve gained immense visibility on television due in large part to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, both of which created a new hunger and need for LGBTQ+ content. This issue of The Advocate is dedicated to LGBTQ+ creators and filmmakers whose ongoing pursuit for visibility on TV is carving a path for the next generation of movers and shakers. Our cover star, supermodel…

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10 queer things to keep you from boredom

1 Two Moms And A Nanny Famous TV nanny Jo Frost is back on Lifetime’s Supernanny, helping parents across the country cope with quarantine, homeschooling, and more. One of the latest episodes features lesbian couple, Christina and Katie Bailey, as Frost helps them deal with two bouncing babies — and of course, internal healing amid the pandemic. Now, that’s good TV. 2 A New Kink App If Grindr is too tame for your tastes, then check out Sniffies, the map-based hookup app you access via a web browser. It’s the type of no-holds-barred place where you can find that special someone who shares your kinks and fetishes. Simply log on, and a map pops up showing you what’s on the menu in your area. It’s always happy hour. (Sniffies.com) 3 Rising Star Isabel Sandoval made…

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mourning in america

MY FAMILY AND I have been sheltering in place since March 13, awaiting New York City’s reopening phase so we can get back to some semblance of normal. Phase 1: retail pickup or drop-off, construction, manufacturing, and wholesale trade. Check. Phase 2: commercial offices, retail businesses, and food services opening or expanding. Check. Phase 3: personal care services such as tattoo parlors and spas. Check. Phase 4: outdoor arts and entertainment, media production, pro sports, and higher education. Check. But there is a phase nobody is talking about. It will affect all of us, and we need a plan for it: a national plan for mourning. How will we mourn the 150,000 deaths in the United States due to COVID-19? What is the appropriate length of time to keep our nation’s flags at…

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privilege in a pandemic

YOU WOULD THINK that after almost a decade of writing about my experiences with HIV, I would run out of things to say. And in some ways, I have. My sex life isn’t as salacious and being married with a child doesn’t really prompt conversations about HIV quite like my single years did. But just when I think I’m fresh out of experiences relating to HIV, a pandemic comes along. In short, the HIV-positive experience in a COVID-19 world is pretty confusing. Some experts on the more conservative spectrum of HIV science consider an undetectable person to be at a greater risk of COVID fatality. Others consider an otherwise healthy person with HIV to be at no greater risk because of their status. And there has even been anecdotal evidence to…

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drag out the vote

In the 2016 election, approximately 100 million people did not vote. Currently, one out of five LGBTQ+ adults are not registered to vote. In the 2018 midterms, youth voter turnout had a historic high of only 35 percent. These facts, now boldly displayed on the Drag Out The Vote website (DragOutTheVote2020.org), were shocking and disheartening to the organization’s founder, Jackie Huba, when she first learned of them. But rather than sending the successful marketing executive into a deep depression, the disturbing statistics actually lit a fire in Huba to set forth and try to change them. But how? Well, with drag of course. “It started with Jaremi Carey — obviously Phi Phi O’Hara from Drag Race,” recalls Huba of first meeting the performer back in 2012, while she was doing book research. “I…

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music behind bars

BL SHIRELLE SPOKE with me on the phone in the middle of June, right before the release of her new album, Assata Troi, which came out on Juneteenth. A few weeks after George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer, it was impossible to start our conversation anywhere else. “It’s a tumultuous time,” she told me, describing the scene in Philadelphia — a mix of peaceful protesting and ATMs on fire, brutal accidents caught on tape, the deaths of young activists. But the violence, for Shirelle, is just a symptom of the illness. “Structural racism is so deeply ingrained in the country — it’s literally how the country became what it is. There’s never been an America without it.” Since 2018, Shirelle (left) has been the deputy director of Die…