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The Advocate August - September 2018

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editor's letter

PUTTING TOGETHER a magazine focused on LGBT-plus politicians during the middle of Pride offers a great time to reflect on how a constant infusion of new faces and ideas is needed to move progressive ideas forward (or resist it from going too far backwards), but supporting our old allies remains critical as well. Those middle-aged politicians riding in convertibles in our Pride parades waving like crazy are allies we still need. Every year, the next generation of LGBT politicos is on the sidelines—watching, waiting, and thinking, What if? or Someday… One of my favorite snaps this summer was of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (left) running through the Pride parade in Boston wrapped in a rainbow feather boa. Though her Native heritage may be farther removed than mine (my relatives are on…

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the month’s best letter to the editor

The Advocate has taken a serious turn alright, but a turn for the worse. It has become entirely too lesbian, trans, and black, clearly at the expense of your mostly male gay audience.Your dopey editorial director wants the magazine to be a feminist work. If so, start another 'zine for the bitches, but please get The Advocate back on track. I and lots of my LBGTQ friends miss columns by authors like Christopher Rice, Michelangelo Signorile, Andrew Holleran, etc. I also miss good solid political reporting on the nefarious actions of the Trump administration, especially that homophobic douchebag Pence. I sincerely hope this note reaches you and that you do some serious rethinking on the path the magazine is headed. Thank you in advance. Tom [Last Name Withheld] Las Vegas, Nevada DOPEY EDITORIAL…

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video killed the radio star?

I celebrated L.A. Pride on the radio as part of KPFK’s all-day Pride programming. First, in conversation with the star of the Revry podcast, Shook With Ashlee Marie Preston, and our deputy editor Jacob Anderson-Mishall (pictured). Then with other queer media mavens, including Advocate.com’s executive editor Neal Broverman. LGBT-focused radio shows have always come and gone, and even stalwarts like San Francisco’s Out in the Bay (produced by Marilyn Pittman and Eric Jansen), which ended its nearly decade-long run in 2015, have given way to new ventures. Portland, Oregon’s KBOO was home to the long-running LGBT radio show Out Loud (which aired from 2002 to 2015), and our deputy editor’s own show about gender variance, Gender Blender. KBOO continues to air LGBT programming, though, including Preference (“a queer experiment in radio”) and…

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10 things to get you through

1. Rock Out to Impending Doom Everyone Knows the Disaster Is Coming, the new album by New York-based band Occurrence, is a throbbing journey through self-hatred, sexual exploration, and political outrage. (OccurrenceMusic.com) 2. Star Power, Worthy Cause The Trevor Project’s New York Gala honored Lena Waithe and Greg Berlanti, while raising over $2 million (including a record-breaking $1 million donation from AT&T). Activist Sam Brinton, in a gorgeous flamenco-style red frock, stole the red carpet. 3. Notorious R.B.G. We always knew Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would make a great action figure! The creative team at FCTRY (fctry.com) and Seattle-based pop artist Mike Leavit does her justice. One dollar from every purchase sold via Kickstarter goes to the National Women’s Law Center. 4. Go Postal on Trump Birthed from…

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the perfect day

IT’S THAT MOMENT every self-identified Southern sissy dreams of: the day you marry the man of your dreams. After learning to date as a newly HIVpositive young man, and then burning a trail through the dating scene in multiple cities, I finally met my handsome beau at 30 years old. After two dogs, two houses, and a move to another city, I figured it was time to make an honest woman of myself and propose. Since marriage is a relatively new right for a Texas boy like myself, I didn’t know what to expect in the process of planning a wedding. As the first gay person in my family to get married, there were certainly no expectations on me. Thus began the wobbly journey down the path to figure out what…

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family ties

The American Horror Story star and his husband adopted 6-year-old Declanwho they had fostered since he was 2 weeks old—in 2014. The Queer Eyestar was 25 when he discovered he had a 9-year-old son. Brown got custody, and adopted a second son not long after. This happily married power couple welcomed their first child together in 2015. Gilbert has two other children with her ex, Alison Adler. The bi star of West world gave birth to a son in 2013. She keeps a close watch on her kiddo and steers him clear of media. TV producer Ryan Murphy and husband David Miller’s journey to fatherhood via surrogacy partly inspired Murphy’s former NBC sitcom The New Normal. Grammy-winning artist Melissa Etheridge is the proud mom of four: two kids with ex Julie Cypher, and twins from…