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The Advocate October - November 2018

The Advocate has been the definitive news source for America’s LGBT community since 1967. Every issue, The Advocate keeps you involved and informed on everything that’s important to you in LGBT news, politics, culture and entertainment. You’ll enjoy our intriguing interviews with important gay and lesbian newsmakers, plus you'll enrich your life with our regular coverage of gay travel, finance, fitness, and style. Now available with the cool convenience of digital delivery. Now expanded with exclusive video and slide show in every issue.

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el transformer

Nicknamed El Transformer, this 25-year-old Latino entertainer on our cover is not only living his truth as a transgender man, but is breaking down major musical barriers for Latinx trans and queer people. BeingLatino.me commended Gio Bravo for courageously and “directly combating a musical genre that is rife with machismo.” Having grown up in a “very musically oriented” home, Bravo says the art form is in his blood. And it was the sounds of his father’s beloved, traditional, regional Mexican music, banda, that Bravo gravitated to. Banda is a style of Mexican ensemble music that uses mostly percussion and brass wind instruments. A male-dominated genre since its inception in 19th century central Mexico, banda songs include rancheras, corridos, boleros, and baladas. A handful of female artists have successfully broken through, but never…

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editor’s letter

I’D LIKE TO say I remember exactly where I was the day I found out Matthew Shepard was killed. Sadly, a lot of LGBTQ people have been killed since then. I do have crystal clear memories of the gruesome murders of Shepard—as well as Brandon Teena, Sakia Gunn, Angie Zapata, and even James Byrd (who wasn’t gay), in part cemented by the words I wrote about them at the time. When cute blond 21-year-old Matthew Shepard was found beaten and dying on a fence in Wyoming, it hit close to home. I was on my one and only sabbatical from journalism, a trial run living back home in rural Idaho. My copilot and I were unmoored from our LGBTQ life in San Francisco, so when Matthew was murdered 564 miles…

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we love feedback

From this 60-plus-year-old, cisgender, married-to-my-husband, gay white male, I applaud your response to the letter to the editor that was printed in the August/September 2018 issue of The Advocate about gay male coverage. I celebrate reading articles and learning about all members and allies of our diverse—and, sometimes, internally divisive (unfortunately)—community. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I, too, fell into the “all gay men, all the time” category in terms of which media I read. Fortunately, life had a few lessons for me in acceptance, and I now count all the letters of our LGBTQI and ally alphabet and all the colors of the rainbow among my friends! Still, though, I continue to learn about our evolving community by reading each issue of The Advocate, as well as other…

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so many good choices

With photographer Luke Fontana behind the lens, every shoot we do is fun. But this month, the energy was off the charts thanks to YouTube star Tyler Oakley (who brought his own filmmaker, Nathan Flanagan-Frankl) and a bevy of brilliant, funny, quirky young adults. Here are just a few behind the scenes snapshots, including the cover stars and our amazing crew. And yes, basically everyone was hugging Oakley at some point. DYLON MATTHEW (3); LUKE FONTANA (ALL OTHERS)…

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thanks mom and dad

PFLAG, the nation’s first and largest organization for family and allies of LGBTQ people, celebrated its 45th anniversary this spring. According to the organization’s national newsletter, PFLAGpole, “While we’ve seen different dates floating around for the actual anniversary of our first meeting, the Manford archives at the New York Public Library say March 11th is the official date!” However, the founding act occurred earlier, when New York school teacher Jeanne Manford proudly walked next to her gay son, activist Morty Manford, at the 1972 Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade (above), carrying a sign that read, “Parents of Gays: Unite in Support for Our Children.” The following March, the Manford family met with a handful of other supportive parents at the Metropolitan Community Church on Seventh Avenue in New York City. According to…

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the queerest generation

The youngest generation is proving to be the most tolerant and the most fluid, as same-sex couples and numerous sexual identities are given a platform in newer media and information is becoming increasingly accessible. Only 66 percent of young people today identify as exclusively heterosexual—the lowest of any generation up until this point, according to a study from global research firm Ipsos Mori. Baby boomers have the highest percentage, with 88 percent identifying as solely heterosexual, whereas that number drops to 85 percent with Gen X, and 71 percent among Millennials, the study says. With the rise of social media, younger generations find more opportunities to explore their sexualities and gender identities, considering that stories of people who identify in various ways are more accessible than ever before. “In particular, this generation of…