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August 2021

The Guitar Magazine provides in-depth and essential reading for the serious guitarist, with dozens of guitar tests, playing techniques, an exclusive bass section and in-depth features on guitar heroes past, present and future. Each issue is packed full of reviews of the latest guitars, amps, effects and basses. The Guitar Magazine also delivers the informed verdict on home recording equipment and regularly offers tips on buying second hand and vintage gear. When you occasionally put down that guitar, it is also packed full of interviews with the great and good of guitardom!

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win an ernie ball volt

Finding the right power supply that can capably balance size, power and features is a tricky proposition for any pedalboard builder. But the brand-new Ernie Ball Volt could make that search a lot easier. This isolated high-current DC power supply is compact, simple to use and highly affordable. Tiny by power-supply standards, the Volt will fit snuggly beneath even the most bijou of boards and features four isolated 9V 300mA outlets, as well as a single 18V 300mA out to feed one of your more voltage-hungry pedals. The Volt works worldwide and comes with prongs to suit all sockets, and can even be chained with other Volts as you expand your board. To enter, head to Guitar.com and answer this question. Good luck! When did Ernie Ball start making guitar strings? A) 1952 B) 1962 C)…

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the money shot gibson noel gallagher j-150

Back in December 2019, in an interview in these very pages, Noel Gallagher revealed that he was collaborating with Gibson on a signature version of the J-150 that’s been his go-to acoustic for 20 years. After being teased on social media in March 2021, the Gibson Noel Gallagher J-150 has finally arrived, complete with Adidas sticker and a reproduction of the handwritten lyrics for the Oasis hit Little By Little – the 2002 promo video for which saw Noel’s original guitar make its first of many high-profile appearances. Limited to just 200 pieces and priced at £3,799, the guitar features a Sitka spruce top, figured maple back and sides, and a hand-rubbed Historic Thin finish. Speaking to Gibson, Gallagher revealed that he was shocked by how close the model is to…

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happy anniversary

With sales of original Les Pauls waning, Gibson was no doubt feeling the pressure to keep up with Fender and the SG seems like an attempt to meet the challenge of the Stratocaster head on. New features included a thin and lightweight double-cutaway mahogany body with extensive and radical comfort contouring. Upperfret access had never been easier, with an astonishing (some would say foolhardy) 21st fret body join and a barely perceptible heel. In Custom guise, the SG even had three pickups, and Gibson made a valiant attempt to devise a vibrato system. The Sideways Vibrola was bulky, heavy, awkward to use and reluctant to return strings to pitch. Many vintage examples ended up being avoided or replaced with stop tailpieces or Bigsbys. Credit for the SG body shape is mostly given…

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walrus audio polychrome analog flanger

The latest addition to Oklahoma company Walrus Audio’s portfolio of cutting-edge stompboxes is the Polychrome Analog Flanger. Positively bristling with features inherited from the acclaimed Julia chorus and Lillian phaser, the Polychrome promises the impressive audio quality synonymous with the brand and comes complete with multicoloured lizard graphics. Of course it does. Most guitarists regard flange as something of an occasional flavour, and the functionality offered by most analogue stompbox flangers is correspondingly limited. That said, the Polychrome provides users with the kind of options rarely experienced outside digital or even laptop-based signal chains. The control panel boasts five knobs. Rate and depth are for the LFO driving the flanger, while sweep shifts the frequency range to which filtering is applied, giving you a spectrum of sound from traditional to tight and…

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industry insider nativeaudio

How did you get into guitar? “During high school I came across Guitar Hero and the game inspired me to pick up a real guitar, which I haven’t put down since.” When did you start building or tinkering with effects? “I started building and tinkering with effect pedals during my undergraduate studies for electrical engineering. The schooling kind of went in parallel with my understanding of circuits. The more I learnt from school, the more I’d apply to my own personal designs.” When did you realise you had a viable business? “I had been building pedals and sharing my builds with local Dayton musicians during my undergraduate studies. After seeing the demand, I knew I was onto something.” Did you have any external investment starting out? “No way – moving at the speed of cash and working…

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thorpyfx pulse doppler

The arrival of a new black-boxed device from ThorpyFX is always big news for stompbox connoisseurs. This moody look is the uniform of the company’s unofficial Lovetone MkII range, which is based on some of the most influential boutique pedals ever made. This new addition, the third in the series, is the most ambitious yet. Created in collaboration with original Lovetone designer Dan Coggins, the Pulse Doppler is inspired by the Doppelganger phaser/vibrato of 1995. But while ThorpyFX founder Adrian Thorpe was careful not to stray too far from Coggins’ original circuits with his Field Marshal and Bunker pedals, this one has apparently been redesigned from the ground up. Is that good news or bad? You’ll have to read the rest of this review before you answer that question. First, the basics.…