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Guitar Magazine January 2019

The Guitar Magazine provides in-depth and essential reading for the serious guitarist, with dozens of guitar tests, playing techniques, an exclusive bass section and in-depth features on guitar heroes past, present and future. Each issue is packed full of reviews of the latest guitars, amps, effects and basses. The Guitar Magazine also delivers the informed verdict on home recording equipment and regularly offers tips on buying second hand and vintage gear. When you occasionally put down that guitar, it is also packed full of interviews with the great and good of guitardom!

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forward thinking

As we reach the end of 2018, the thoughts of all guitar journalists turn to the upcoming Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California and the inevitable question: what will 2019 mean for the guitar? In terms of products, expect recent industry trends – such as wireless functionality, app control and the use of torrefied and reclaimed timbers – to feature prominently. And just as regulations on the import and export of wood have impacted on the materials from which our instruments are made, 2019’s political climate will undoubtedly have an influence on pricing, too, as the industry prepares for further fallout from Brexit and potential trade wars. From fledgling players to luthiers, to rock stars and social media influencers, the guitar industry is a more diverse and geographically disparate group of…

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1960s harmony h75

We regularly share vintage instruments with you from our friends at Gardiner Houlgate Guitar Auctions in Corsham, but while the celebrity guitars such as George Harrison’s Maton Mastersound MS500 grab the headlines, there’s no end of affordable old pieces on offer, and plenty of bargains to be had. This 1960s Harmony H75 – estimated to fetch £500-700 when it goes on sale on 12 December 2018 – is one such example. Manufactured in Chicago in the early 1960s, this thinline hollowbody is very similar to one favoured by Black Keys star Dan Auerbach and bristles with a trio of sought-after DeArmond Gold Foil pickups. Harmony’s classificiation system worked as follows: the H75 featured a brown sunburst finish and a ‘harp’ tailpiece, while the H76 came with a Bigsby. The H77 had…

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premium electric guitars

2018 GEAR OF THE YEAR WINNER LOWDEN GL-10 KOA • PRICE £3,395 • REVIEWED August 2018 • VISIT www.lowdenguitars.com Stellar materials and build quality? Check. Effortless playability? Check. Extraordinary sustain and inspiring tones? Check. Basking in the halo of such effusive praise, you’d be forgiven for thinking that George Lowden was an old master at the electric-guitar-building game. In reality, the GL-10 isn’t just the first solidbody that George has designed in four decades, it’s also Lowden’s first-ever production electric. Despite ferocious competition in this category, the Lowden GL-10 is our Premium Electric Guitar of 2018 because of the way in which the company has somehow imbued the organic spirit of its acoustic models into this original, inspiring electric-guitar design that has an almost sculptural beauty as a three-dimensional object. WE SAID “This may be Lowden’s…

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premium acoustic guitars

2018 GEAR OF THE YEAR WINNER TAYLOR BUILDER’S EDITION K14CE V-CLASS • PRICE £5,759 • REVIEWED March 2018 • VISIT taylorguitars.com We’ve been lucky enough to play a lot of beautiful acoustic guitars this year, but when it came to weighing up this category, there was only one winner. Projection, clarity, tremendous and haunting sustain, vibrant and complex harmonics… all of these characteristics are the hallmarks of the world’s finest acoustic instruments, but V-Class also brings a level of tuning and intonation accuracy that unlocks a world of possibilities for recording. We can’t wait to see where Taylor will take the V-Class next… WE SAID “An original and imaginative redesign of the structure of the acoustic guitar that has resulted in the finest six-string Taylor we’ve ever played.” RECOMMENDED LOWDEN S-35C 12 FRET CO/AD • PRICE £5,515 • REVIEWED May…

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premium amplifiers

2018 GEAR OF THE YEAR WINNER LAZY J J10LC • PRICE £2,516 • REVIEWED April 2018 • VISIT lazyjprojects.com A rundown of Jesse Hoff’s clients reads like a laundry list of pro players renowned for their taste and tone. The J10LC is an emphatic demonstration of why… A push-pull amplifier combining the preamp of his much-loved J20 with a 10-watt output stage, the J10 – here in its 5E3-sized ‘large cab’ configuration – comes with a 12-inch Celestion Blue alnico speaker and VAC power scaling, and our review model came fully loaded with optional extras, including footswitchable spring reverb and tremolo modules. We used it for home practice, recording and even gigging, and found it bristling with a plethora of harmonically rich tweed-inspired tones, from haunting cleans to Neil Young-style meltdown. The best amp we’ve…

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premium effects pedals

2018 GEAR OF THE YEAR WINNER EARTHQUAKER DEVICES WESTWOOD • PRICE £185 • REVIEWED May 2018 • VISIT www.earthquakerdevices.com It takes a lot to really stand out in the world of overdrive pedals, but the Earthquaker Devices Westwood did so in such a way that we simply had to dish out a rare 10/10 when we reviewed it. The Westwood takes the venerable Ibanez Tube Screamer as its starting point, but quickly puts most other green-pedal imitators in the shade. What the Westwood offers is a wonderfully flattering and subtle natural overdrive sound that compresses like a really good Tube Screamer should thanks to its superbly effective tonestack, but without colouring the EQ in any discernible way. There are plenty of ‘transparent overdrives’ out there, but the Westwood is designed to be ‘translucent’ – and…