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Guitar Magazine May 2020

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troubled times

Sadly, everyone reading this will have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis in one way or another. The unprecedented and rapidly evolving nature of the situation probably makes the search for that perfect transparent overdrive pedal seem rather less pressing than it did a few weeks ago, but we will get through this eventually – and music should never be underestimated as a force for good and source of comfort. Stuck indoors? Now is an opportune time to master the tricky guitar part or classic song you’ve always wanted to learn. With most musicians currently unable to perform in public, we can help them replace lost income streams by buying their records and merchandise, and even paying for guitar lessons over Skype. Similarly, while many guitar shops have closed their doors to…

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Join the conversation Email us at editors@guitar.com LEFT BEHIND I started playing guitar in the late-1950s, when it wasn’t easy to find a particular model of choice. I am left-handed and, in order to be able to pick up any guitar, I learnt to play a right-handed guitar left-handed. All the tutorial books showed the fretboard and chords in a right-handed fashion, so I learnt to adapt these shapes to play them effectively upside down. I think the late Dick Dale played like this, too, and I soon learnt to exploit the advantages. Fast forward more than 60 years, however, and manufacturers still do not build left-handed versions of all their models. So many times when reading your reviews of beautiful guitars, I look in the spec column only to see “Left-handers: No”. Over…

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dana gavanski

Dana Gavanski’s love affair with music began with her voice. Born to a Serbian family, she grew up immersed in the culture of kafana music, and began using it to channel her need for self-expression. This provided a gateway into guitar playing, through which she shuns pyrotechnics in favour of songserving organic tones. For evidence, look no further than her debut LP Yesterday Is Gone. It’s a soft and introspective look at learning to express your emotions, which builds upon the delicate folk roots of her 2017 EP Spring Demos. More focused and determined than her previous work, the album sees Gavanski blending fingerpicked guitar with poppy synth to build a wonderful wall of sound. When did you first pick up a guitar? “At 18, I took some lessons but wasn’t really connecting…

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elephant stone hollow

Their first full length LP since 2016, Elephant Stone’s Hollow is the band’s sixth album, recorded at frontman and band-leader Rishi Dhir’s home studio Sacred Sounds. For this ambitious dystopian sci-fi concept album, Dhir looked deep into an abyssal void for inspiration – by which we mean Twitter. Hollow, he says, was influenced by the discontentedness he detects among social-media users. “I set forth writing a song suite telling of a world of unhappy souls who have lost their connection with each other,” says Dhir. Inspired by The Who’s Tommy and the second side of The Beatles’ Abbey Road, the record is split into two sides, entitled The Beginning and The Ending, and is all wrapped up in the band’s renowned blend of garage and psych. Elephant Stone debuted a decade ago,…

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this month’s essential tracks for guitar lovers

HAIM The Steps The third release from Haim’s forthcoming third album Women In Music Pt III is their most guitar-driven so far, and opens with a Kinks-inspired riff that’s counterpointed by some soaring lead lines. PORRIDGE RADIO Circling Indie’s next great hope released their debut LP in March, and this single blends woozy avant-garde musicianship with introspective, worrisome lyrics. Expect arpeggiated synths and gang vocals above fuzzed-out guitars. PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS Rubbernecker As the new bastions of psych-doom, Pigsx7 have been gaining traction thanks to the acclaim that followed their 2017 debut. The second release from their upcoming third record is a suitably trudging behemoth. THE NATIONAL Never Tear Us Apart Recorded as part of the Songs For Australia benefit album, organised to strengthen rehabilitation efforts following the country’s devastating bush fires, this INXS cover opens with…