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The Journal of the Texas Trophy HuntersThe Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters

The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters November/December 2018

The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters offers the latest news and information on Texas whitetail and North American game from professional writers uniquely combined with first-hand hunting experiences from its members! Each issue provides product information for archery, firearms and all of the latest hunting gear.

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a wonderful time of year

Fall is here, and so is deer season. On Sept. 22, Texans celebrated National Hunting and Fishing Day, and fall reared its cool head. Deer hunters are out. That is, archery hunters and gun hunters who have access to Managed Lands Permits, which are issued to participating landowners. There was a time when the opening day of deer season was celebrated statewide. The string of cars and trucks going from Houston to Llano and Fredericksburg was continual on Highway 71 through Austin. Feed store signs the day before read, “Feed and Seed,” and on opening day, they read, “Wine and Dine.” High school boys would go out just before the season opened and kill a buck or two and hang them in the barn, just in case a Dallas or Houston…

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we are ttha

Rare LEGO Whitetail Sub-species Sighted While spending Labor Day weekend close to home, I spotted a few, rare LEGO whitetails hanging out at The San Antonio Botanical Garden. They currently occupy a section of the garden that recreates the Texas Hill Country landscape. If you’re in or near San Antonio, check out the Botanical Garden’s latest exhibit, “Nature Connects: Art with LEGO Bricks,” running through Dec. 31, 2018. It’s an award-winning sculpture exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Sean Kenney. Created with nearly half a million LEGO bricks, the nature-inspired displays include these life-sized Texas whitetail deer. Visit www.sabot.org/nature-connects-art-with-legobricks/for more info.—Martin Malacara Share Your Stories Deer season’s here again. Why not share your memorable moments from the new season with us? Sure, posting stuff on social media is quick and easy, but it’s also fleeting. Why…

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spotlight on texas trophy hunters

Why I Hunt As the 2017-18 deer season wrapped up, I sat down thinking about why I hunt. Looking back on the past few years, I’ve made so many pictures and memories with friends and family, and had so many personal thoughts and memories. Sure, we all want that trophy buck. But for me, hunting is so much more. The first part of why I hunt is because it’s all about the wide-open spaces. Since my youth, I had a love for the outdoors and animals that stemmed from my grandmother. She would take me out and teach me about everything from frogs to different types of trees. My love for even the smallest details of nature remains to this day. Something changes when I get into the woods. There’s a serenity that’s…

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memories of mexico

I was wondering what to share from my memories of our past hunting heritage in this issue when I got a call from Horace Gore, our editor. Horace urged, “Why don’t you write about those early days when you hunted in Mexico?” He got me to thinking—that was a neat time back in the ’70s! Back in those days, it was getting pretty hard to find a deer lease for a guy like me—a blue collar worker who lived and died by the time clock at the shop—could afford. I remember a day deer lease in the Hill Country was about $20 a day. A South Texas deer lease could cost up to $3 an acre for a pretty good place. It was a time when deer hunters who killed a…

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fence posts

TPW Commission Adopts Rules Permitting Pneumatic Weapons for Hunting Since Sept. 29, 2018, hunters in Texas may now use air guns and arrow guns that meet criteria established under new rules adopted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission. The regulations create a new category of legal means for hunting in Texas defined as pre-charged pneumatic devices. Unlike pellet guns and traditional air rifles that can be charged manually or with an attached CO2 cartridge, pre-charged pneumatic air guns and arrow guns are those weapons for which an unignited compressed gas propellant is supplied or introduced from a detached source. The TPW Commission decision follows months of scrutiny to avoid creating undue risks of wounding of wildlife from pneumatic weaponry. These devices must meet minimum standards of ballistic efficacy. Minimum ballistic specifications…

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tpwd honors sabine county prosecutor

Texas game wardens sometimes invest countless hours and put themselves in harm’s way chasing bad guys who hedge on state laws designed to protect our game, fish and other natural resources. It’s an extremely demanding job that can be even more frustrating at times, particularly when a solid case crumbles after a brazen game thief strikes up a deal with prosecutors and skates on much lesser charges. Or when a significant wildlife or fisheries case continually gets shuffled to the back of the caseload so others deemed more important can be tended to. Both scenarios play out in county court systems across Texas more often than you may think. Sabine County isn’t among them. That’s Robert “Bobby” Neal, Jr.’s lair. Neal, 48, comes from a long line of hunters and has been…