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The Knot Weddings Magazine Fall 2019

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wedding fashion for all

When the team and I started talking about our Fashion Issue, one thing was top of mind—it had to be inclusive of all people and styles. While a white dress and black tux are beautiful, they’re by no means your only options. After all, on your wedding day, you should feel like the best version of yourself—and what you wear can play a big part in that. So in addition to our coverage of Bridal Fashion Week (read: stunning white dresses), you’ll find stories of real brides who wore something other than white—from a black gown (p. 44) to a purple suit (p. 46). We also interviewed a partner at Bindle & Keep (p. 110) on custom suiting for all body types and gender identities. And finally, we tackle the…

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a note from hunter mcgrady

I was so excited when The Knot asked me to be the guest editor and cover model of the Fashion Issue, not only because I was planning my own wedding, but also because I knew it would be an amazing opportunity to talk about inclusivity. I’m passionate about this particular topic because I believe all sizes, races and genders deserve representation. Growing up as a girl with broad shoulders and wide hips, I never saw models who looked like me in magazines—I had no one to relate to. As a bride-to-be, I also knew it was all too easy to make wedding planning about weight loss. But if there’s one thing I hope this special issue gets across, it’s that your day is a celebration of your own unique and…

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meet our contributors

SARAH SMART PROP + SET DESIGNER NEW +NOW P. 63 MANIC PIXIE DAYDREAM P. 115 You’re passionate about travel, so with that in mind, do you have any fun hacks for acing a destination wedding or honeymoon? I like to keep packing light and simple. I separate everything—bathing suits, pajamas, shoes—into mesh packing cubes (which makes unpacking at a hotel a breeze) and always do a load of laundry while I’m traveling. Along the way, I love to shop and collect souvenirs, often shipping things home so I don’t feel limited by my luggage. Pro tip: Keep a travel folder with language apps or maps on your phone. I also save the locations of recommended restaurants, markets and shops on Google Maps in advance of my trip. I keep those handy in order to…

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did ya know?

84% REPORTED BEING UNSURE ABOUT THEIR WEDDINGATTIRE SEARCH WHEN THEY FIRST STARTED THE PROCESS Take the Wedding Fashion Quiz We’ve made finding that perfect gown, mini or jumpsuit easier than ever! Start the quiz at THEKNOT.COM/WEDDING-DRESS-STYLES, where you’ll “heart” the silhouettes and details you’re loving (and “X” the ones you aren’t) on a variety of fashion images. We’ll also ask a few questions like how much you’d like to spend, your wedding date and how you want to feel on your day. From there, you’ll receive your WEDDING FASHION VISION complete with words to describe your look, recommended styles and designers, plus salons in your area. FOLLOW US Keep up with everything weddings by following along with The Knot on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. You’ll get tons of tips and tricks to help…

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you’re engaged!

1 NAIL DOWN THE BUDGET Envision your wedding and decide how much you want to spend (and who else will be contributing). 2 BOOK A VENUE Search for the perfect place to celebrate, keeping budget and guest count in mind. Then set the date. 3 GATHER YOUR CREW Ask your besties to stand by you at the altar and in the months leading up to your day. 4 HIRE YOUR TEAM Research and book pros—anyone you have to have should be locked in ASAP. 5 DECIDE WHAT TO WEAR Shop for your attire and schedule necessary fittings—don’t forget accessories. Choose what your wedding party will wear too. 6 REGISTER + CREATE A WEBSITE Head to TheKnot.com to start a wish list and site. Share the link so guests are in on the details, like room blocks. 7 BUY YOUR WEDDING PAPER Select invites,…

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plan your wedding on your phone

FIND YOUR WEDDING STYLE We know—you’re probably figuring out where you should even start. We’ve got you covered. Once you download the app, the first thing you’ll do is swipe on images you love in our Style Quiz. It’s a fun way to help zero in on your vibe. Once complete, you’ll have your very own Wedding Vision (more on that on the next page). KEEP ORGANIZED Not sure what to do when? No sweat—we’ve put together a checklist for you, and it’s totally customizable. So if Uncle Jeff is officiating, we’ll take “find an officiant” off your list. Plus, our budgeter will help you track your overall spending and how much you’ve put toward each detail. COMPILE YOUR TEAM After sharing all your info (budget, location, guest count) we’ll help you…