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The Knot Weddings Magazine Fall 2021

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let’s go green

i remember learning about recycling in the first grade and immediately requesting (okay, maybe demanding) we become a household that prioritized recycling. As an adult, I’ve worked to make other small swaps in my day-to-day life, like ditching plastic water bottles for a Yeti, bringing my own tote bags to the grocery store and opting for more vegetarian meals. Admittedly, it’s not groundbreaking stuff, but little changes that feel doable and hopefully add up over time. It’s this concept that I encourage us all to consider—yes, even as we plan weddings. Weddings are beautiful, but like a lot of things in our life, they can be unintentionally wasteful. Let’s change that! I hope you find usable eco-friendly ideas, tips and tricks throughout this issue to do just that. @kristenmax kristen@theknot.com…

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meet our contributors

ALEXANDRA O’NEILL FASHION DESIGNER COVER + JENNA’S WORLD P. 28 Q: WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR TO-BE-WEDS FEELING OVERWHELMED BY THE DRESS SHOPPING PROCESS? The search for a wedding dress can be a daunting experience. There are so many options out there that it can easily become overwhelming. It is important to figure out what your priorities are; this will help you hone in on your style. Defining your vision is key, whether you’re looking for something sustainable, lace, traditional or more modern. Look at different outlets like Pinterest, Instagram and wedding magazines (like The Knot!) for ideas. @markarian_nyc EVE AVILA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER SAVANNA SUNSET P. 96 Q: WHAT’S YOUR BEST PIECE OF ADVICE FOR COUPLES? Book a photography package that includes an engagement session to break the ice with your photographer and get used to having…

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ask the knot squad

PRO TAKE SUMMER NEWMAN Owner of Summer Newman Events Summer is an event planner based in Beverly Hills, California who plans high-touch, distinct weddings in SoCal and nationwide. Q: I WANT AN OVER-THE-TOP WEDDING THAT IS THE EPITOME OF A CELEBRATION, BUT SUSTAINABILITY IS ALSO IMPORTANT TO ME. HOW CAN MY PARTNER AND I PLAN AN EVENT THAT BALANCES ECO-CONSCIOUSNESS AND ELEVATED DESIGN? First of all, know you’re not alone. Most of my clients are looking for that exact balance. They want designs that thoughtfully evoke love, freedom, fun and celebration. They also want to party alongside loved ones, since the pandemic has forced everyone to truly appreciate the time we have on earth. I’ll just say it: Here come the roaring 2020s! But it’s still possible to prioritize sustainability at an all-out wedding. I’d…

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green getaways

FURRY FAREWELL Although Tuyen and Simon had a limited guest list at their Rocky Mountains elopement, eight huskies made the cut, as they were key to the couple’s snowy exit. PEDALS AND PETALS In a gassaving move, these newlyweds biked away from their beach reception on cruisers decked out with signs and blooms. BURST OF BUBBLES This duo departed amid a shower of bubbles, perfect for to-beweds who want minimal cleanup. To cut down on waste, they used a bubble machine instead of plastic bottles of bubbles. ECO CONFETTI In lieu of foilbased confetti, this couple went with a biodegradable material: lavender. Dried rose petals, jasmine buds or herbs would work well too. TAMBOURINE FANFARE To cut down on waste, Ashley DIYed these music makers, which attendees then took home as favors.…

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from wedding planner to sustainably minded bride

For wedding planners, there’s often extra pressure when it comes to dreaming up their own day. Californiabased event pro Alessandra Tacconelli (23) met the task head-on. Not only did she plan a creative event to celebrate her marriage to professional baseball player John Brontsema (25), but she also prioritized sustainability in her floral decor. She shares expert tips for making your wedding design as green as possible. If making your entire event sustainable feels too overwhelming, consider finding one area to focus on, like Alessandra did. Even small changes will make a meaningful difference. Planning my wedding was both rewarding and eye-opening. I’ve done many couples’ weddings, but designing my own showed me another side of the process and I can now relate to my clients on a new level. John and I…

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jenna’s world

Life is starting to pick back up again, and Jenna Dewan is here for it. The actress, dancer, author and former model is emerging from quarantine with excitement—and for good reason. She welcomed her second child in March of 2020, just as the world began to shut down. The timing meant she had a full year to hunker down at home with her new baby and her new fiancé, Broadway star Steve Kazee. After a postpartum pause, she’s ready to get back on screen and back down the aisle again too. I chatted with the Come Dance With Me judge about finding love again, her connection with Mother Earth and her plans for throwing a sustainable wedding. LAUREN KAY: It’s safe to say 2020 was a chaotic year to say the…