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promising progress

i have written about this here before, but it’s still hard to believe the fact that the Supreme Court’s decision granting the LGBTQ+ community’s right to marry in all 50 states was just six years ago (this June). For context, Instagram launched five years before the legalization of same-sex marriage! And while there’s a lot to do to address the many parts of society that still lag behind regarding equal rights and representation, we want to dedicate this issue to the many brands, vendors and media outlets paving the way in the wedding industry. There are so many trailblazers, allies and beacons of hope that work tirelessly to create an inclusive industry and experience for all people, no matter who they love and want to marry. They deserve to be…

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meet our contributors

JESSICA PETTWAY PHOTOGRAPHER A GRAND AFFAIR P. 3 9 + REGISTRY AWARDS P. 6 5 Q WHERE CAN COUPLES WHO ARE STUCK AT HOME AMID THE PANDEMIC FIND WEDDING INSPIRATION? Social media is a great place for design and planning inspiration. I love searching for inspiration in DIY videos as well as in old books and magazines. A lot of vintage art and design books can still be found online, at your local library or in the library’s digital picture collection. For me, the pandemic has allowed me to take time for myself and come up with creative ideas and solutions. With more time on my hands at my studio, I have the freedom to experiment with different ideas and just have fun. @jesspettway EASTON SCHIRRA PHOTOGRAPHER COVER + LOUD & PROUD P. 3 2 Q…

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ask the knot squad

Q: I’VE BEEN SEEING A LOT OF FLORAL ARCHES AT WEDDING CEREMONIES BUT WANT SOMETHING THAT FEELS FRESH AND UNIQUE. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR A ONE-OF-A-KIND ALTAR? It is important to create a focal point for wedding ceremonies and artfully frame the couple at the altar. Although floral arches will remain a thing of the present, there is a beautiful, out-of-the-box alternative that is taking the floral community by storm. Literally, the phenomenon called “the floral storm” is a creative installation that mimics a tornado with a vibrant ombré of colors, seen above. The focal point doesn’t have to be flowers either. Consider an alternative location, like a sweeping staircase, to anchor the vow exchange. Talk about drama. However, before making any design decisions, reflect on your personal style.…

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when life gives you lemons

FRUIT, BUT MAKEIT FASHION When forced to reimagine their nuptials, Ilyse and Kyle made a sour situation sweet with citrusy attire. Ilyse slipped on festive sneakers that complemented the wedding party frocks. PETIT FOURS To minimize contact and ensure their desserts were safe, Brittany and Derrick served guests individual lemon-topped treats. See more from this wedding on pg. 90 ZOOM CARE PACKAGE Jessika and Nick had to cut their guest list from 120 to 50 because of the pandemic. They mailed out cookies with stationery conveying updated streaming info. JUST FOR FUN Lemons don’t need calamity to sweeten an event. This duo celebrated the vibrant fruit just because; a cascade of lemons on the stairs matched the escort cards. A CITRUSY HISTORY While credit for the proverbial phrase generally goes to a 1948 Dale Carnegie…

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a sign of love

although the DC War Memorial represents many milestones shared between Todd Bissey and me (first date, first kiss, first “I love you” and the spot of our proposal), it wasn’t initially going to work as a wedding venue. However, as we reimagined our nuptials and shrank the guest list due to the pandemic, this spot on the Mall became perfect for our August 27th wedding. It wasn’t only important to Todd and me that the nuptials be safe and follow COVID-19 guidelines. They also needed to accommodate our deaf guests and celebrate the signing community that means so much to me. I have five generations of deafness in my family; it is a big part of who I am and where I come from. My identity is deeply connected to the…

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loud & proud

i think it’s safe to say America fell hard for Jonathan Bennett while watching him as Aaron Samuels in the cult teen classic, Mean Girls. It took his fiancé, Jaymes Vaughan, a few more years, but mere minutes to catch up with the rest of us. When I connected with the engaged couple over Zoom, it was like sitting down with old friends. Basking in the glow of Palm Springs, Jonathan and Jaymes giddily shared their love story and engagement. But their journey hasn’t been all sunshine—the same-sex couple was blindsided by discrimination early on in their wedding planning. And in that moment, the two decided their wedding was not just about them, but about something much bigger. LAUREN KAY: Epic proposal, amazing wedding plans underway, take us back to the…