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March 2019

Powered by the most experienced motoring journalists in the business, Torque fuels the nation's obsession with cars. The title's turbocharged contents provide a complete read for the car shopper, car owner and driving enthusiast alike. Torque's authoritative reviews, useful comparison tests, relevant features and real-world motoring tips are stylishly presented and expertly written. Every issue of Torque is engineered to deliver a terrific reading experience "behind the wheel".

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zap, crackle and pop

EVs (electric vehicles) are really making their presence felt in our motoring scene.I used to wonder how feasible these battery-powered cars would be, given the lack of charging points.An engineer I interviewed had an answer. He asked: “When the first automobiles were introduced, do you think there were already enough petrol kiosks?”His point is that as EVs become more widely adopted, companies that build and maintain charging stations will emerge to profit from this new trend.So, the number of charging points will probably continue to increase. Coupled with advances in battery and charging technologies, EVs are going to become a real viable option.But will these electric wonders have what it takes to win over petrolheads who love the sounds and smells produced by internal combustion engines?Please enjoy the Torque…

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boosting torque

CHRISTOPHER TAN He says electric cars all feel the same even if they look different (pg 10). WONG KAI YI He interviewed Lexus’ chief engineer (pg 8), and drove the Hyundai i30 N (pg 32) and Jaguar I-Pace (pg 40). LYNNTAN She says the worst labels are the ones we apply to our fellow human beings (pg 14). DR KONG YONGYAO Our good doctor laments the increasing homogeneity of automobiles (pg 20). EDRIC PAN He gives his verdict on the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class (pg 22). SHREEJIT CHANGAROTH He tested the Audi e-tron (pg 52) and dished out car grooming tips (pg 74). SARJEET SINGH He discussed his weighty issue (pg 16) and drove the new BMW…

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yasuhiro sakakibara

IT’S clear that the new Lexus ES is a labour of love for Yasuhiro Sakakibara, Lexus’s chief engineer.Speaking to Torque at the Singapore launch of Lexus’ volume-seller, Sakakibarasan cuts a low-key, almost deferential figure in a plain suit. But talk to him about his latest creation and his eyes light up.A lot of effort and engineering was put into the driving dynamics and looks of the new Lexus ES, he tells us. Working on feedback that the older model looked somewhat plain, the new ES now looks far sportier, while its sumptuous cabin lives up to Lexus’s standards of understated luxury.The car, much like the man who created it, presents itself discreetly to you instead of waltzing in like a cabaret troupe, an oasis of quiet opulence in…

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plug ’ in, but don t switch off

THE Jaguar I-Pace is certainly a good start to the year. With 400hp and nearly 700Nm of torque provided by two motors, the electric all-wheel-drive is an absolute hoot.And with its immense torque available the moment you squeeze the throttle, you do not have to have an open highway to enjoy the Jag.The most mundane of tasks becomes a thrill, and previously difficult ones become a cinch.But as wonderful as the I-Pace is, it lacks identity. Besides its impressive output, there is little to distinguish it from other electric cars.It moves off like any other EV, with no gear changes and with an endless and unbroken surge of torque. (PHOTOS 123RF.COM) It has a strong regenerative force which slows the car down when you lift off, allowing you…

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stonic boom

Cheaper cars almost always feature a less involving driving experience, and don’t come with much kit.But the bold new Kia Stonic turns that frown upside down with its combination of low price and high value.Modern, sleek looks and exciting driving dynamics keeps the Kia Stonic a world apart from the same-same crossovers plying the roads.Some cars come with several paint options in any shade of grey or black. Not only does the Kia Stonic come with those choices, but you can also select from a range of vibrant colours.Design isn’t the only thing going for the Stonic, with loads of kit inside to keep keen drivers occupied and their passengers sated.A sporty dashboard greets you upon your keyless entry to the cockpit, which features large, clear instruments and a…

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what’s in a label?

LABELS are important when it comes to food and supplements because they contain vital information about what we are consuming.Care labels are useful, too, because nobody wants that beautiful silk garment ruined by inappropriate laundering. Keeping dossiers and box files properly labelled helps us stay organised.For many other instances, however, labels can be a bane. Brand labels, for example, can influence the perceived value of material goods such as cars and handbags.This is the reason why the Kia Stinger, a very deserving winner of the Straits Times Car of the Year 2018 award, may be passed over for a similarly-priced but lower performance continental model. It is also why a handbag with the insignia of a sought-after luxury label monogrammed all over it can command an inflated price…