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November - December 2019

Powered by the most experienced motoring journalists in the business, Torque fuels the nation's obsession with cars. The title's turbocharged contents provide a complete read for the car shopper, car owner and driving enthusiast alike. Torque's authoritative reviews, useful comparison tests, relevant features and real-world motoring tips are stylishly presented and expertly written. Every issue of Torque is engineered to deliver a terrific reading experience "behind the wheel".

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won’t go away

When I took the helm of this hallowed publication, I knew I had big shoes to fill. I also knew I would be overseeing Torque’s transition from print to digital. That day has come. In your hands is the final print issue. We have lovingly packed it with as many stories as we could. Henceforth, Torque’s content will only be available on our website (www.torque.com.sg) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/torque.singapore). This lets us concentrate on delivering stories in richer formats. We can embed videos with our car reviews. You’ll have more photos to check out in our galleries. And since we’ll publish online, the content is available quicker. We’ll also still be doing our Breakfast With Torque and Torque After Hours events that readers love. Some readers think this is a good move. Some think otherwise.…

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boosting torque

CHRISTOPHER TAN Electric cars won’t be making any inroads in Singapore until their road tax structure is rationalised (pg 12). WONG KAI YI He grand toured in the 840i Gran Coupe in Portugal (pg 48) and had a conversation with the new Mazda 3’s programme manager (pg 8). LYNNTAN Multi-tasking can be helpful. But it is not for everybody. And it is definitely not for anyone who’s behind the wheel (pg 16). SHREEJIT CHANGAROTH He has quite a bit to say about tyres, and explains why we can’t mix different brands of engine oil even if they have identical viscosities (pg 72). TONYTAN Life as a Torque-ster isn’t just about test-driving shiny new cars. Like Dr Kong, Tony also took care of an advertorial in this issue. DR KONG YONGYAO If medical specialists were cars, what would they each be? Interestingly,…

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kota beppu

ONE thing that stands out during test drives of the Mazda 3 is how natural its handling feels through the rim of its unembellished steering wheel. Whether you’re in the hatchback or the sedan, driving the new Mazda 3 feels organic, uncomplicated and dare we say it, premium. It’s all part of the plan, according to Kota Beppu. The stout and smiling program manager of the new Mazda 3 has placed a strong emphasis on making the car feel as natural to drive as the act of walking, an approach that is a subset of the company’s “Jinba-Ittai” philosophy. Coined during development of the first-generation MX-5 sports car, the term refers to the “oneness” between a horse and its rider; an unshakeable bond that elevates the driving experience and an approach that also…

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multi-talented machines

Motorsports, support car and everyday functionality. Three different demands. Three diverse areas. ŠKODA has attained distinction in all of them and continues to excel with its current range of models. For the second consecutive year, ŠKODA models were employed as support cars for the Charity Bike ‘n’ Blade event. In total, six cars were utilised – a Karoq, a Kodiaq, a Superb, two Octavias and an Octavia RS 245. During the event, the ŠKODA cars traversed 61km of hilly and challenging roads in Cameron Highlands. They also had to deal with over 1000m of elevation changes. The ŠKODA models took all of these in stride, carrying out numerous roles and responsibilities to ensure that the 50 cyclists were kept safe and well replenished. The ŠKODA Kodiaq was the sweeper and its commanding driving…

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power play

THESE days, I am often asked how long it will take for electric vehicles (EVs) to catch on in Singapore. It is a fair question. Seeing how interest in EVs is growing day by day – thanks to China’s overall strategy to clean up its air, as well as one Elon Musk – people wonder when Singapore will plug in. My first response to the question is with another question: How long did it take for hybrids to proliferate in Singapore? Hybrids have been around for more than 20 years, but the penetration of petrol-electric or diesel-electric models – whether with plug-in charging capability or not – has been dismal. As at end-August 2019, there were only 40,517 such vehicles on the road, according to Land Transport Authority statistics. That may seem like a big…

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3 headed to the fore

Ask your fellow drivers what they expect from a Japanese compact hatchback or saloon, and you’ll get the typical answers. “Reliable. Spacious. Comfortable. Efficient.” In other words, competent but slightly boring. But take one look at the new Mazda 3 and the aforementioned adjectives are not the first things that come to mind. As your eyes fall onto the new Mazda 3’s lines, the first words you’ll utter are “wow” and “gorgeous”. Mazda has taken the design of the previous 3 and turned it into something bewitching. The Mazda 3 Sedan invites a second look with its angular face and toned body. The rear end is devoid of any superfluous details. Immediately, it is clear that this model is an upmarket one. If the Mazda 3 Sedan invites second glances, then the Mazda 3 Hatchback causes…