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Town and Country PH August 2015

For more than 160 years, Town&Country has been the magazine that embodies a life well-lived. The features inside the Philippine edition encompass the interests of its affluent market, covering topics such as culture, arts, social grace, fashion, beauty and health, home design, travel, and philanthropy. Town &Country Philippines knows that its readers have earned the luxury and privilege of choice.View our pages and find out the best of the best in luxurious living.

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new horizons

EDSA SHANGRI-LA MANILA BID adieu to its general manager of two years, Patrick Schaub, and welcomed incoming general manager Amit Oberoi, who returned to Manila after heading Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa for three years. Held at the Garden Ballroom of Edsa Shangri-La, the banquet was decked with wooden sculptures by Arturo Luz and boasted fine dishes from its Swiss, Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese food carts. Alain Borgers, Shangri-La Philippine Properties area general manager, led the ceremonial handover of hotel keys.…

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whisky in the valley

IN 1886, AFTER WORKING NEARLY 20 years at the Mortlach Distillery in Dufftown, Scotland, William Grant had had enough. Striding like a man possessed into his boss’s office, he proceeded to pour the entire contents of a whisky bottle onto the floor before confidently walking out—that’s if we are to believe a short film about the founder of the Glenfiddich distillery. Creative dramatizations aside, what actually took place in Grant’s life was equally compelling. Walking away from a steady income—a salary of a hundred pounds a month—while having to provide for a wife and nine children might have been terribly risky, but Grant, who was 47 at the time, did exactly that to fulfill his dream of producing the “best dram in the valley”—the whisky that eventually would become the world’s…

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hair to stay

LASER: REVAGE BEST FOR: Falling hair. WHAT IS IT? A low-level laser therapy that stops hair fall and stimulates growth of new strands. HOW DOES IT WORK? It uses a Rotational Photo Therapy machine that rotates around the head, emitting equal amounts of visible red light on every area of the scalp. It induces microcirculation of blood, which results in cellular metabolism that repairs hair follicles. The laser reaches deep into the roots and brings life back to even inactive hair follicles to grow new hair. HOW DOES IT FEEL? Unlike facial lasers, this one doesn’t emit heat. But expect a tingling sensation once the 20-minute treatment starts. HOW OFTEN SHOULD IT BE DONE? Best results are seen after two to four months of twice to thrice a week sessions. Svenson, GT Tower, Ayala Avenue…

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flavors of liquid gold

GRILLED CHICKEN MADE WITH MAYOL Even the simplest of meats can be cooked into an unforgettable meal when you match it with an elegantly exquisite olive oil. Take for instance, the Spanish-produced Grand Cru Mayol with its hints of white flower, tea, rose, and almonds. The olive oil gives the chicken breast dressed with lemon juice and rosemary a soft yet flavorful finish. Mayol, P2995 PASTA VONGOLE COOKED WITH MOULIN LA CRAVENCO Seafood can taste good on its own and even better when mixed in with fresh pasta. But when you add a floral olive oil like the Moulin La Cravenco, is composed of apple, pear, and roasted almond notes, its creamy, round aroma can give a plate of pasta vongole another layer of intricate flavors. Moulin La Cravenco, P2995 SALAD NIÇOISE MIXED WITH RAVIDÀ AZIENDA…

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It is hardly debatable that our society has a fascination with youth—especially when it comes to women. From the time we are toddlers, females are more harshly judged on appearance and looks than our male counterparts. In young adulthood we are primed with the comforting proposition that while we cannot stop time, our best recourse is acceptance, and with that, we are advised to age gracefully. What we lose in physical beauty we are to gain in wisdom and perspective. And really, who doesn’t want to be wiser anyway? Every wrinkle that comes, they say, is a hard-earned rite of passage; the unwanted folds and flab, badges of courage; and our colonies of gray, a testament to a life fully lived. But as a woman in her mid-40s, I must say…

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class system

THE UNITED KINGDOM’S AUTOMOTIVE MARQUES ARE BUT a reflection of British class and style. Ladies swoon over driving the cute Mini Cooper, while men dream of possessing a Jaguar XJ. The gorgeous, carefully designed, and sophisticated automobiles are the products of the genius of British engineers. It comes without surprise that the United Kingdom is home to many of the world’s most revered automotive brands such as Jaguar, Mini, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, Lotus, MG, and Morgan. The British Embassy Manila recently celebrated this heritage with a car show that presented some of its best. The Great British Auto Show held at Estancia, Capitol Commons, called on all owners of British cars to display their vehicles, from vintage collectors items to modern ones, bringing together Manila’s car fanatics and enthusiasts.…