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For more than 160 years, Town&Country has been the magazine that embodies a life well-lived. The features inside the Philippine edition encompass the interests of its affluent market, covering topics such as culture, arts, social grace, fashion, beauty and health, home design, travel, and philanthropy. Town &Country Philippines knows that its readers have earned the luxury and privilege of choice.View our pages and find out the best of the best in luxurious living.

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wonder woman

Mom turned 75 this year. She’s been quite the social butterfly celebrating for the last two months: with the Carewell Community, her classmates in Spanish class, the St. Luke’s ladies in red, the parish scholarship committee, her Handmaids of the Lord prayer group, high school, college, and grad school classmates, our household staff and her teams at work, and various sets of cousins and other family members. While we were growing up, Mom was not sociable at all. She rarely went out, except with family members. Dad was her best friend and she didn’t have many others. Mostly, it was because she couldn’t hear. A bout of German measles when she was five years old left her completely deaf in one ear, and about 90 percent deaf in the other, yet…

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CHRIS KILAYKO RAMOS Ramos, a teacher of humanities at the Beacon School and a part-time artist, writes about an unforgettable recent trip in “EXPLORING THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS.” “I wrote this while on a hammock overlooking the sea—it would be an understatement to say that I had a blast working on the article,” she says. This year, she hopes to “learn free diving, join a group exhibit, dance again, and hopefully get certified to teach yoga.” JAMES ATLAS Having spent his career in publishing, the editor, biographer, and author of The Shadow in the Garden: A Biographer’s Tale (Pantheon) says he always knew it was hard to make money, but now, after looking at the plight of the .001 percent for his essay “THE OPTICS OF EXCESS,” he realizes “it’s the spending, apparently, that…

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culture, leisure, and other pursuits

1 EAST and WEST Through “Alfonso Ossorio: A Survey 1940–1989” now on view at the Ayala Museum, we are presented with an intimate look at the life and art of Alfonso Ossorio, an artist of various cultures, traditions, and races. He was born in Manila in 1916 to an American father with Spanish roots, Don Miguel Ossorio, and a Filipino mother with Chinese blood, Maria Paz Yangco. Don Miguel was a baron who founded sugar estates in Victorias, Negros Occidental, while Maria Paz descended from a wealthy shipping clan. Ossorio was raised in Manila until he left for England at the age of eight, then for the U.S. at the age of 14. A product of boarding school, he went on to study fine arts at Harvard University, then at the…

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kermit’s leap

Thirty years ago a small independent publisher called North Point Press, best known for championing literary cult writers like James Salter, Beryl Markham, and Evan S. Connell, issued Adventures on the Wine Route, the memoir of a wine importer named Kermit Lynch. North Point went out of business a few years later, but Lynch’s book—now published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux—has continued to enthrall readers and wine lovers. Its appeal is in part a testament to the vivacity of the writing—it’s a great travel book, a chronicle of Lynch’s peregrinations through rural France packed with vivid anecdotes and tart observations. It also conveys a sense of discovery as Lynch educates his own palate and finds buried treasures in the chilly cellars of Burgundy, the Rhône, and the Loire. But there is…

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performance piece

FEEL FREE, BY ZADIE SMITH (PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE) Written during the Obama administration years, this collection of essays puts various subjects at the center of Smith’s writing, from Justin Bieber to climate change. It’s worth noting that she ruminates only sporadically on current affairs (such as Brexit, in the essay “Fences: The Brexit Diary”) in this book. Perhaps that’s exactly what Smith intended to communicate—for readers and writers alike to “feel free” to read, write about, and pay attention to things that aren’t in the realm of politics and therefore considered inconsequential by the larger society. Available at National Book Store. FEMALE PERSUASION, BY MEG WOLITZER (PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE) Greer Radetsky is a college freshman when she first encounters 63-year-old Faith Frank, an eloquent feminist icon who sweeps Greer off her feet with…

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early signs

The late American artist Andy Warhol was as famous for leading the pop art movement and as he was for partying with fellow artists, Hollywood A-listers, and socialites at his New York studio, otherwise known as The Factory. But before all of that, Warhol made his living as a successful commercial illustrator—and he compiled his favorite drawings of various subjects in seven handmade books in the 1950s, prior to his celebrity. Taschen reproduces these seven books for the first time in Andy Warhol: Seven Illustrated Books (1952-1959), a colorful and collectible set that replicates the artist’s original portfolios as faithfully as possible. Available at National Book Store.…