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Town and Country PH February 2016

For more than 160 years, Town&Country has been the magazine that embodies a life well-lived. The features inside the Philippine edition encompass the interests of its affluent market, covering topics such as culture, arts, social grace, fashion, beauty and health, home design, travel, and philanthropy. Town &Country Philippines knows that its readers have earned the luxury and privilege of choice.View our pages and find out the best of the best in luxurious living.

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break time

A few months ago I took the longest holiday break—two and a half weeks—I’ve taken since my college graduation. Which I must admit is a long time ago. I felt very guilty about doing it, mainly because it meant missing some big photo shoots, and not being around for our monthly deadline week, those stressful days of the month when we’re all scrambling to make sure we finish everything that needs to go into our next issue. “Go!” my boss Lisa said, when she heard about my hesitance to join Mom and her brothers on a family cruise, and my friends with whom I go back over 40 years on a big girls’ trip. “You’re not indispensable, you know. No one is. If you’ve trained your team well, they can close an…

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real care, please

1 GO FOR LONG, LUXURIOUS BATHS. A tiring day calls for an hour in the tub filled with hot water and an invigorating foam body wash. It’s not just a treat for your exhausted body; it’s a relief from stiff neck and shoulder pain too. Finding it difficult to fall asleep? A 10-minute hot bath eases stress and insomnia. 2 GO LET YOUR HAIR BREATHE. Let your hair down and let it be—no styling tools and volumizing sprays. These tools cause dry scalp and damaged strands, so take the time to love your hair and it’ll love you back with natural moisture and shine. Tip: A quick trim is another way to get rid of split ends and shape your hair to perfection. 3 GO KEEP YOUR SKIN SOFT AND SUPPLE. Indulge in fruits and…

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MAILE MELOY Patience isn’t a natural subject for Meloy, who nonetheless tackles it in this month’s Manners & Misdemeanors column, “Speed Trap.” “I’m absurdly bad at waiting for anything,” she says. “It’s not a good trait, and writing about patience became a sort of pep talk to myself.” The author of eight books, including the recently published kids novel The After-Room, has also contributed to the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, and O. MAGIC LIWANAG Magic photographed our subjects for “Cast of Cool,” which he says taught him that passion in what you do will always show in your work. “They don’t just do what they do for the heck of it, but because they believe in it and love it. I find it very relatable,” he says.…

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whisper campaign

Here’s an enigma wrapped in a conundrum tucked into an intrecciato leather bag: When a thing’s greatest virtue is discretion, how do you publicize it? In the 1970s, Bottega Veneta capsulized that principle with an anti-slogan: “When your own initials are enough…” The company lost track of that mission in the ’90s, however, so in 2001, when designer Tomas Maier took over as creative director, his first step was to swear off advertising for a year. Instead he concentrated on the basics: getting to know the leather artisans at the atelier and steering the latest acquisition of the Gucci Group (now Kering) back to the Venetian shop’s foundations. Still, it wasn’t long before Maier emerged from his self-imposed silence with a manifesto of his own design, the Cabat bag, a logoless…

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culture top ten

1 PARK with THE ART Art Fair Philippines 2016 returns to The Link car park this month with an exciting and expanded line-up of participating artists and galleries. Now on its fourth edition, the four-day event is living up to its billing as a barometer of the country’s contemporary art scene—and as that continues to flourish, so does the fair. This year, Art Fair Philippines adds another level to its exhibition space, devoting an entire floor to an arts education component complete with a lecture theater for forums on art history, the direction and current practices in contemporary art, and the general art market. Continuing from past editions, two floors are reserved for individual gallery displays. Lending a growing international flavor to the fair is the participation of several galleries from across…

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new and notable

FEMME FATALE The word is out and there’s no denying it: Swiss watchmaker Roger Dubuis and women are engaged in a passionate love affair and are ready to take it to a whole new level. The brand is preparing to raise the curtain on a gorgeous array of velvet timepieces offering irrefutable confirmation of its ability to meet women’s expectations by expressing various facets of feminine nature. Roger Dubuis is available at Lucerne in Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong. For more information, call 634.3161. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Dornbracht presents CL.1, a new series of fittings for the bathroom. The remarkable feature of this series is its fanciful design language—a design that combines hard and soft contours. The tapered, upward-reaching spout and the precise gap width between the base and the body of the fitting…