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Town and Country PH February 2017

For more than 160 years, Town&Country has been the magazine that embodies a life well-lived. The features inside the Philippine edition encompass the interests of its affluent market, covering topics such as culture, arts, social grace, fashion, beauty and health, home design, travel, and philanthropy. Town &Country Philippines knows that its readers have earned the luxury and privilege of choice.View our pages and find out the best of the best in luxurious living.

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editor’s letter

It’s our first issue of the new year, and, after unsettling events all over the world last year, we hope 2017 will be a joy-filled and wonderful one for everyone. Year after year, Art Fair Philippines celebrates the best of the nation’s art world, and we revel in exploring its exhibits. Paintings, sculpture, video, light and sound installations— it’s incredible to see the amazing scope and depth of the creativity and talent of the Filipino. Happy Town&Country has been a part of it from its very first year. For this year, we have a special Art Fair edition with one of its featured artists, Jeona Zoleta, on our cover. Filipino real estate mogul Robbie Antonio is at the forefront of Revolution Precrafted Properties. The company uses high concept designs from some of the…

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MM YU This month, MM photographs some of the country’s most celebrated artists today, among them Agnes Arellano and Elmer Borlongan, in “CAST OF COOL.” A distinguished visual artist herself, MM holds a degree in Fine Art with a major in Painting from the University of the Philippines, where she was a mentee of the late Roberto Chabet. She is a recipient of a number of coveted distinctions, including the CCP Thirteen Artists Award and Ateneo Art Award, and residency grants in Paris, Bandung, and Manila. Her work appears in the recently launched art tome No Chaos No Party: 28 Artists in Metro Manila, published by Eva McGovern-Basa and Valeria Cavestany. ROBIN BROADBENT “We wanted to present the jewelry in an unexpected place,” says still life photographer Broadbent, who shot a dazzling assortment…

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culture top ten

1 BLOWN AWAY In the imminent rush of this current lifestyle, where “instant” equates to efficiency and mass production translates to success, the niceties of thoroughly managed and meticulously planned craftsmanship and artistry are lost in a cesspool of copycat designs that flood commercial markets with uniform mediocrity. It is in seemingly sleepy towns all over the world where traditions have been kept alive and exquisite. In the Philippines, weavers of Ilocos, the embroiderers of Taal, Batangas, and the wood craftsmen in Paete and Pampanga, to name a few, are some of the craftsmen who have preserved their generational crafts. In Europe where time-honored craftsmen are honored and respected, some of them unnamed, their work is preserved in monuments, edifices, and homes, and passed on to the present generation, until a time comes…

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love of the land

It is said that wine is made only in the most beautiful places on Earth. If that is true, and we see no evidence to the contrary, then Rippon Vineyard must be in a class of its own. Touted as the most photographed vineyard in the world, Rippon is situated on the shores of Lake Wanaka in Central Otago, near the southern tip of New Zealand’s South Island. Central Otago’s location on the 45-degree south latitude line makes it the southernmost viticultural region in the world. Rippon had its beginnings as early as 1912 when Nick Mill’s great-grandfather, Percy Sargood, bought a large property in Wanaka, although it was only in 1974, when Percy’s grandson Rolfe Mills and his wife, Lois, had a hunch about the possibility of making wine from…

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perfect pairing

There are those that would argue that excellent wines can be enjoyed anywhere at anytime, even when sipped from a paper cup. Even if I am no expert, I must beg to disagree with the latter assertion, as I am a firm believer that the proper stemware is essential to enjoying everything that a wine has to offer. With a history of glassmaking that stretches back to the 19th century, Schott Zwiesel is one of the finest makers of crystal glassware in the world and one of my personal favorite collections, particularly its mouth-blown editions found in the Zwiesel 1872 range. Not surprisingly, because of its fine features and durability, it is often the choice of the world’s most discerning sommeliers as well. Elegant and timeless, Zwiesel’s handcrafted glass collections offer…

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imagine that

HOW DID YOU START WRITING? I think I was a normal reader. I read novels, Stephen King particularly, as a teenager. To keep me out of trouble my mom put me in after-school classes and summer classes, so I graduated high school early. But I worked in mid-rise construction for a few years before I found my way to college. And then I was an engineering major, and a very good student. So a friend told me, “The easiest A in college is creative writing.” So I took that to boost my grade point average. But, as fate would have it, I had a dynamic, energetic, amazing teacher, and he made me realize that I had always valued and loved narrative. Taking the class, I realized that all of the flaws…