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Town and Country PH September 2015

For more than 160 years, Town&Country has been the magazine that embodies a life well-lived. The features inside the Philippine edition encompass the interests of its affluent market, covering topics such as culture, arts, social grace, fashion, beauty and health, home design, travel, and philanthropy. Town &Country Philippines knows that its readers have earned the luxury and privilege of choice.View our pages and find out the best of the best in luxurious living.

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free design to suit your lifestyle needs t

Anyone who has ever attempted to do something as seemingly uncomplicated as selecting coordinated fixtures for a home or choosing interior finishes that work well together knows that the sheer number of choices is overwhelming. This is why seeking the expertise of interior designers is imperative to create the perfect look that you want and ensure that you have a house that you can take pride in. Beauty and luxury are now within the confines of home for husband and wife Dr. Christian and Daye delos Reyes. Both successful in their respective careers, they were looking for the perfect house that does not only have a convenient location in the city, but also impeccably designed according to their preference. "We wanted a home designed for harmonious talks about our day, where we…

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a fresh take

Take a look at some of Manila’s most popular restaurants, and it quickly becomes clear that Japanese cuisine is highly compatible with the Filipino palate. From high-end sushi bars to trendy ramen joints, there’s no shortage of places to get your fix. What’s also clear, though, is that there’s still plenty of room for innovation, and that’s exactly what Ooma brings to the table. The new Japanese rice bar at the Mega Fashion Hall is the latest homegrown concept of the Moment Group—the restaurateurs behind favorites such as 8Cuts, ‘Cue, Linguini Fini, and Mecha Uma—in collaboration with a local culinary star, chef Bruce Ricketts. Named as a play on the Japanese word umai, meaning “good” and “delicious,” Ooma holds nothing back with its good, delicious, and inventive modern-day Japanese fare. The…

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in good company

DOYENNE OF DANCE Inspired by Isadora Duncan, the pioneer of modern dance, Escada’s Pre-Fall 2015 collection showcases an Art Deco graphic feel and recalls Duncan’s era with the use of light fabrics. Ink blue, glossy nudes, and pewter metallics contrast with deep spruce green and tivoli reds; and a looped bow detail is seen throughout the collection, reminiscent of the simple ties that close a dancer’s dress. G/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City and at Level 3, Main Wing, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City. GOOD INVESTMENT Healthy skin, when not credited to genetics, is a product of years of discipline and smart choices. Choosing a dermatologist and skin care brand and sticking with them can be a gamble, since expert care does not come cheap. Investing in a trusted skin care brand like Obagi…

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mothers of invention

About five years ago, while dining at the restaurant Daniel in New York City, I asked Raj Vaidya, the head sommelier, to pick a red wine for my main course—pressed duck, as I recall. I don’t abdicate this sacramental responsibility lightly, but Vaidya knows my taste, and he almost invariably comes up with something special. On this occasion he brought a Burgundy from a producer that was new to me, an ’06 Nuits-Saint-Georges “Les Chaignots,” from Georges Mugneret. I protested that it was awfully young, and, frankly, ’06 wasn’t a great Burgundy vintage. “Try it,” he said, watching as I tasted it. Sadly, the exact words of my response are lost to history, but I must have issued some sort of full-throated exclamation of approval. “I’ll give it to you…

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modern swans

Today’s Modern Swans are distinguished beyond the attractive and affluent class—the special few who once were part of American writer Truman Capote’s handpicked circle of moneyed and well-mannered doyennes—that once captivated the 1950s New York scene. Modern Swans are more than that. They are the youthful ladies who tout successful careers with the bearing and behavior of the cultured rich. They are the beautiful women of influence and achievement who know the difference between what is stylish and what is merely expensive. They are the ardently productive wives who pursue personal achievement or career success and redefine the term “trophy wife,” ultimately becoming the reason for the rise of today’s new breed, the power couple. They are the smart and privileged mothers who may delegate some domestic work—but never childcare—even…

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cruise finder

Anchors U P For the uninitiated, cruising can conjure a one-size-fits-all hell of togetherness at sea. The reality is anything but. Want butler service and topflight caviar on your own private wraparound deck as you sail to Muscat? No problem. Care to ride a Zodiac to the shore of a remote Indonesian island where a renowned Ph.D. will introduce you to species so rare they were thought to be extinct? Done. The real challenge: navigating the options. Here, to help you find your sweet spot at sea, the lowdown on 12 cruise lines (and 36 ships). JACK SWENSON (SUNSET); SVEN-OLOF LINDBLAD (SHIP); WILLIAMS+HIRAKAWA/CORBIS OUTLINE (LEGS); ROGER PAPERNO (PEARLS)…