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Trade-A-Boat Issue 521

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Established in 1977, it serves thousands of committed readers from all walks of life who have a passion for boating. Complementing its marine market place strengths are quality news articles, product reviews and the latest boat tests.

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on watch

For those who do not know, the company that owns Trade-a-Boat and a range of other magazine titles, also owns Hema, the leader in spatial content aka mapping. Born of the need to help remote tourers reach their destinations with confidence, the brand quickly became the darling of anyone working or travelling remote but it does more. It also looks to inspire and educate its audience and one avenue through which it does so is Go-To Guides. These books delve into the basics of owning, maintaining and travelling with products such as caravans and camper and now includes boats. Adam Jane, Trade-a-Boat’s Deputy, oversees Hema’s editorial production and one of his recent works just crossed my desk Hema’s Go-To Guide for Boats. Aimed at anyone considering boating, it features content on safe…

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seadogs of yore

George Johnston was the kind of guy who didn’t take crap from anyone – especially not the tyrannical governor of New South Wales, William Bligh. In 1808, Johnston held the rank of Major in the New South Wales Corps, with an impressive military career to back it up. It’s reasonable to deduce he wasn’t prone to cashing in sick days. The most memorable episode of Johnston’s life took place on January 26 that year, when he led troops in what’s known as The Rum Rebellion, which amounted to a military overthrow of Bligh’s leadership. It’s been widely suggested that Bligh wasn’t a well-liked leader, but his rank and fierce temper prompted gentlemen of the colony to at least put on a show of respect towards him – not Johnston though. When Bligh summoned Johnston…

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vip vessel shines anew

Sydney City Marine have completed a refit of the Royal Australian Navy’s Admiral’s Barge; a 12-metre ceremonial vessel that was built by Norman R. Wright & Sons and commissioned in 1993. Fleet Commander RADM Jonathan Mead has expressed his satisfaction with the standard of work, noting that he’s never seen the craft in such excellent condition. The work was coordinated by Sydney City Marine’s High Tide branch, which offers a full range of shipwright services to vessels of all sizes. Wes Gorman, shipwright manager at High Tide, explained, “it was a huge project involving both superstructural work and engineering. Major mechanical parts and engine components that had been outmoded had to be re-fabricated or repaired. We also installed a new AC system. “While it’s not an historical vessel, it is a classic and all…

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aussie exports going strong

Aurora Logistics have forecast strong numbers for Australian boat manufacturers exporting to the US and Europe this summer. The Brisbane-based yacht transportation specialists have noted that the global reputation for Australian boats combined with the competitive Australian dollar has produces a healthy demand for international buyers. “In the past six months, we transported approximately 90 Australian-made boats, both privately owned motor yachts, sailing yachts and racing vessels ranging from 25ft to 100ft,” says Aurora Global Logistics Director Jason Roberts. Aurora have observed the effects of a fluctuating Australian dollar on international yachts sales over recent years and have a good understanding of market responses. “At the moment, the Australian dollar is highly competitive and Australian brands are doing very well overseas. Many of them export up to 60% of their production,” Roberts explains. “For us,…

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shrinking halo

B&G have announced the release of two new compact pulse compression radome units for small boats. The HALO20 and HALO20+ radars are said to feature the same quality of detection and short-range performance as existing HALO models, in a 20-inch diameter package that weighs only five kilograms. HALO20 will retail for $2,399 and the HALO20+, which offers a few upgraded features, will sell for $2,999. Both models are scheduled to start shipping in December, visit www.bandg.com for all the information.…

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new echo; twice as nice

Australian builder Echo Yachts have added two new 27-metre catamarans to their customisable ‘Design Collection’ – a Motoryacht configuration and another called Shadow. External styling and overall layout comes courtesy of Misha Merzliakov Yacht Design, a Brisbane-based firm who specialise in progressive, high-volume boats with contemporary good looks. Standout features of the new designs include a generous beach club and aft entertaining area. The layouts have a focus on entertaining, while also allowing for a generously spacious master suite Where the Motoryacht design is geared towards stand-alone cruising, the Shadow is geared toward a mother-ship support role, and comes complete with helipad, dive room and decompression chamber. Build time is forecast at 18 months for a fully-customised 27-metre Echo cat and larger variations are currently being developed.…