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Trade-A-Boat Issue 526

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Established in 1977, it serves thousands of committed readers from all walks of life who have a passion for boating. Complementing its marine market place strengths are quality news articles, product reviews and the latest boat tests.

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We are in a confusing sea. By this, I do not mean we shouldn’t know what to do at a personal level — quite the opposite. Do as requested and required by the health and legal authorities. But the industry we work and live in is in for some surprises. Some things are obvious; the drop in the dollar will help our exporters, but the massive drop in the share markets has probably taken a lot of buying power away from the market. With public events shut down, the shows, a major part of a lot of brands’ sales strategies, are in real trouble. Stock is being delayed internationally and as manufacturing is impacted, so are the number of vessels and products we can export and in turn the stories…

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seadogs of yore

The harsh inland of Central Australia isn’t an easy place at the best of times, much less when you’re hauling a whale boat along for the expedition. This is exactly what Charles Sturt realised in 1844, when he and a team set out from Adelaide hoping to be the first to cast off on Australia’s inland sea. As crazy as that may sound today, rivers on Australia’s east coast that flowed inland, seemingly away from the ocean, gave early settlers every reason to believe that such a sea existed. By 1830 it was already known that the westward flowing rivers in Australia’s east joined the Murray and eventually emptied into the ocean from the southern coast. Nevertheless, Sturt was determined to either find his fabled inland sea or at the very least…

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accolades for new axopar

Australian Axopar supplier Eyachts was in attendance at this year’s Boot Dusseldorf for the reveal of the Axopar 37 Revolution, and their initial reports suggest that the Aussie market is in for a treat. The former Axopar 37 has been hailed as one of the best handling boats in its class, so it’s reassuring that from a distance the newly revealed 37 Revolution doesn’t immediately reveal any large-scale structural changes. Upon closer inspection, the new version has been subject to 380 changes that have each been deemed to improve some aspect of the boat’s characteristics. This is said to include speed, efficiency and performance; onboard space and social functionality; and allowances for greater customisation. The new version will be offered in a versatile selection of models, allowing buyers to choose from Sun Top,…

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deep sea discovery in wa

A team of Australian and international scientists aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s RV Falkor have found deep sea corals in the Bremer Canyon Marine Park, near Fremantle. The discovery reveals a rich and diverse ecosystem in the cold waters deep in the Bremer Canyon, which are inaccessible to all but dedicated deep-sea vessels. In this instance, the team used a remotely operated vehicle named SuBastian, made available by the philanthropic Schmidt Ocean Institute. This new understanding will help park managers and the wider public to protect these waters and their diverse life. The expedition also explored Leeuwin and Perth Canyons, which each contained extensive coral fossil deposits. “This has global implications given these waters originate from around Antarctica which feed all of the major oceans and regulate our climate system” said Professor Malcolm McCulloch from…

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brisbane goes big

The Queensland Government are looking for ways to attract superyachts to Brisbane and have announced a 12-month trial of a dedicated mooring buoy beneath the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. The trial is set to commence by the middle of the year and is tipped to be “a billion-dollar coup for the city’s economy”. According to Minister for State Development Cameron Dick, “we want to maximise the jobs and business that superyachts bring with them. “Superyachts are expected to contribute more than $1.1 billion to gross state product and support nearly 8,000 jobs by 2021 in South East Queensland alone. We want to attract more superyachts to Queensland and Brisbane, and we want them to stay longer and spend more while they are here.” This news is welcomed by Brisbane’s Rivergate Marina, which hosted two…

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aussie build for png ports

Australian boat builder Norman R Wright & Sons has secured a contract to build two custom-designed pilot boats for PNG Ports Corporation. The multi-million dollar contract covers the first in what is expected to be a large update of the PNG Ports Corporation fleet, in line with growth of port, cargo and natural gas infrastructure in Port Moresby and the 21 other ports they service. The contract was signed by Mr Tony Riek, Managing Director of Norman R. Wright & Sons, and Mr Kepas Wali, Chairman of PNG Ports Corp, on 25 February in PNG Ports board room. This came after a lengthy tender process, which required specifications of ExxonMobil technical standards be met. In all there were 10 proposals from companies in Australia, China and Singapore. “We’re delighted that the Chairman of…