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Trade-A-Boat Issue 527

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Established in 1977, it serves thousands of committed readers from all walks of life who have a passion for boating. Complementing its marine market place strengths are quality news articles, product reviews and the latest boat tests.

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POSITIVE NOTES Thanks to all who wrote in with feedback, it was all fairly positive. There is still a passion for the classifieds in the back third of the magazine and the local travel series from Chris Whitelaw is well regarded, though some of you complained he hadn’t been to your region yet. Patience please, Chris can only do so much and for the next half dozen or so issues, he is focusing on Victoria. Once the restrictions lift, we will plan out the next series. Still, the star is Andrew ‘Engine Man’ Norton and his regular Talking Torque features and for those that said so much, enjoy his special feature on the future of marine emissions. If you have an opinion on the work or a point to add, send…

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seadogs of yore

Go far enough back in history and you find periods when myth is so wrapped up with reality that the two are impossible to separate. This is absolutely true of the end of China’s Han Dynasty, and the story of Gan Ning. Gan Ning had an early brush with bureaucracy as an accounting assistant. Thankfully for our story, the life of a civil servant wasn’t for him. He quickly left for more exciting pursuits, leading a crew of notorious river pirates. Legend has it that he and his gang tied up their boats with lengths of silk when they came ashore. They would cut and abandon the precious ropes when they cast off, in an outrageous display of wealth. The collapse of the Han Dynasty is far too complex to cover here.…

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boat works bargains

Gold Coast marine destination The Boat Works have announced new initiatives in response to COVID-19 restrictions. Travel bans have made recreational and commercial yachting difficult, in some cases near impossible. As such, it makes sense for Australian boat owners to find means of storage to protect their vessels during this unforeseen off-season, in much the same way as residents of the Northern Hemisphere ‘winterise’ for long periods. Services at The Boat Works are running as close to usual as possible, in adherence with guidelines given by health authorities. This includes lifts, businesses and maintenance, and refit operations. On top of all these, boat storage is becoming a primary focus. To help owners in these difficult times, The Boat Works are offering significant discounts of up to 50 per cent for storage options including…

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climate researchers heading to antarctica

A researcher from UniSA, invertebrates expert Associate Professor Mark Stevens, will be joining a team of researchers in the Antarctic to study environmental change in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. The program is called Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future (SAEF), and is expected to deliver world-leading research over the next seven years, that will lead to new strategies to protect the region. “Antarctica and sub-Antarctic have been thought of as being some of the most isolated places on Earth, but there is actually a rich biodiversity there,” Assoc Prof Stevens explains. “However, we don’t know enough about the current status and trends in biodiversity and biogeography of the region to fully understand how it may be impacted by climate change. “Changes affecting these tiny lifeforms can give important insight into impacts on the whole Antarctic…

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galeon continues to soar

Galeon Yachts have been some of the most talked about vessels at recent boat shows, and now they've captured the industry’s attention once again with their new 400 FLY and 410 HTC models. The innovative new Galeon designs were first spotted at the Nautic Paris Boat Show in December 2019, before hitting the open waters during 2020. The Galeon 400 FLY is the most compact model to feature the brand's innovative “beach mode” – retractable balconies that greatly increase deck space at anchor. As such, this forward-thinking 40-footer gives the feeling of a much larger yacht. Other features of the 400 FLY that make it feel bigger on the inside are the large saloon windows and one-piece windscreen. Convertible sun pads and other elements of modular design offer buyers great value for money. Galeon's…

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alexander’s new groove

Ocean Alexander’s highly-anticipated 26R has arrived in Australia after its unveiling at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in October of last year. The new addition to the Revolution series was designed by Evan K. Marshall as a family motoryacht to bridge the gap between the brand’s 70E and 90R models. It measures in at 25.5m in length with a 6.3m beam, and is offered as either an enclosed skylounge or open flybridge layout. Notable features include a forward VIP cabin with walk-around bed and walk-in robe, various lounge and entertaining spaces, as well as a jacuzzi in the skylounge. Ocean Alexander president, Johnny Chueh, said, “The 26R is designed to cater to buyers who are looking for a yacht that offers a relaxed family-oriented layout. This approach has created a spectacular feeling of…