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Trade-A-Boat Issue 528

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Established in 1977, it serves thousands of committed readers from all walks of life who have a passion for boating. Complementing its marine market place strengths are quality news articles, product reviews and the latest boat tests.

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on watch

Right about the time I am writing this, I should have just stepped off the Sirena 58, Galleon 500, 510 and 640; the new Horizon FD80 and my favourite boat of the recent past, the RP100 I sampled in Taiwan in January. Maritimo would have presented information on the just-announced M55 plus given you all a personal tour of the outstanding X50R that graced last month’s cover, and no doubt Riv would have celebrated their 40th in style with some new releases too. But it was not to be; SCIBS has not yet happened for 2020. Will it happen at all? Well, I’m hearing that if it can, it will and November is firming as the target. When we know more, we’ll be the first to let you know. ALMOST THERE Aside…

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seadogs of yore

It’s hard to imagine that anything untoward ever happened in the shimmering, transparent waters near Esperance, WA. And while perhaps nothing bad has originated there, some malignant flotsam has drifted in occasionally. Anderson, an African-American whaler originally from Massachusetts, USA, came to Australia in 1826 aboard the badly limping whaling vessel Vigilant, dropping anchor in what is now Albany. On his first night ashore, Anderson and his men hit the rum with the inevitable result of fisticuffs with another crew. One of their opposition died and the crowd pointed their fingers at Anderson (due to racism, or because Anderson cracked a bottle over the man’s head, who can say). Quickly, he and his crew escaped and stole a healthier vessel, sailing it 400km east to the Recherche Archipelago, where — forever more…

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riviera 64 sports motor yacht to premiere this june

Riviera have launched the latest addition to their Sports Motor Yacht collection, the 64 SMY, in the lead-up to the vessel’s world premiere this June. The 64 SMY has been purpose designed and engineered for blue-water cruising and long-term liveability, as well as luxurious weekend escapes, accodring to Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst. “Now that she is on the water, these first glimpses truly highlight her graceful design and impressive technology, inherent to our very latest motor yacht,” Longhurst said. “It’s a proud moment for our dedicated team members who have shared this journey from the early planning stages to her launch where now she is really shining.” The 64 SMY is powered by twin MAN V12 turbo diesels delivering 1550hp apiece and shares the V-drive system of earlier Riviera yachts to deliver a top…

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new findings on shark and ray evolution

A new study has shown that shark and ray evolution can occur faster than previously thought without geographic separation or spatial barriers. Dr Jonathan Sondoval-Castillo and Professor Luciano Beheregaray studied how conditions in the Gulf of California and Baja California Peninsula, Mexico, influenced new guitarfish species formation. They found four types, or ‘young species’, of guitarfish that are similar in appearance but are genetically different, having adapted to one of the four separate regions in the studied area. These findings have implications for management of exploited shark and ray species, as they can’t be replaced with migrants from other habitats.…

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princess’ expansion

Princess Yachts Australia has announced it is expanding into New South Wales, with Sean O’Doherty and David Jensen appointed as the exclusive dealers for the brand. Greg Haines, Dealer Principal of Princess Yachts Australia, said of the move, “NSW is a large market for us, we have a number of high-profile owners and we are excited to reignite the brand with Sean and David at the helm. They have the energy and reputation to continue the success in NSW and I am pleased to have them on board.” Combined, Sean and David have 15 years’ experience in the boating industry and are familiar faces in the Sydney boating community. Having sold the majority of Princess Yachts found in Sydney Harbour, both Sean and David have an extensive knowledge of Princess Yachts. “New build…

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new gyro stabilisers from quick italy

Leading Italian gyro stabiliser manufacturer Quick Italy have announced the addition of five new 12VDC Quick Gyro Stabilisers to their existing range. Already known for their compact design, ease of installation and reliability, the new models are the result of many years research. The MC2 Quick Gyro X2 and X3 stabilisers are the smallest in the extended family and deliver an anti-rolling torque of up to 3900Nm to improve stability and reduce skipper and crew fatigue. The X2 suits 20ft trailable centre console fishing boats or day cruisers, while the X3 is better for heavier trailer sportfish boats or small cabin cruisers up to 27ft. The remaining three models in the range are suited to progressively larger boats.…