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Trade RVs

July 2021

Offering our readers a comprehensive selection of new and used Caravans, Motorhomes, campervans, camping trailers, 4x4s and accessories, which are offered for sale throughout Australia by Dealers and Private advertisers.

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star gazing

Describing a van as an offroad model is simple. There have been plenty of builders that slap some graphics of muddy splatters on the side, and glue on some fake checkerplate to give the impression their van is a go-anywhere weapon capable of being dragged to the Cape the hard way. Actually building a van that can handle some abuse in the real world is a different thing altogether. According to Titanium builder, Jason Grech, if your tow vehicle is up to the task, you can take the 19ft 6in ATX anywhere you want. That's pretty creative marketing because no one in their right mind would drag their $120k pride and joy down a winding track where dead branches are going to gouge big welts in the new aluminium sides, or…

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gwydir shire where history meets nature

In Part 1 of our exploration of Gwydir Shire, we showcased some of the region’s hidden gems, such as Warialda and Bingara. In this month’s issue, we explore Gravesend, North Star and Cobbadah. It’s not just their histories that make these towns so interesting. It’s their unique and niche offerings, attractions that you simply cannot find in larger towns or regions. So, make a cup of tea, put your feet up and read about your next big adventure! GRAVESEND Located 25km west of Warialda, the rich history of the town of Gravesend seems disproportionate to the town’s small size. Proclaimed a village in 1911, Gravesend expanded from a lone livestock station when it built a train station in 1900. Shortly after this, the town received a post office and a railway bridge,…

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pocket rocket

Bigger isn’t always better. But try telling that to campers who want all the mod-cons under the sun. Sometimes it takes a clever custom manufacturer to upend the whole ‘bigger is better' paradigm by crafting a product that fits ample features into a compact package without overcrowding it. NockAbout campers, of Slacks Creek in the outskirts of Brisbane, have achieved just that and have been offering it as an alternative to maximalism for 17 years. An offshoot of the business Dal’s Canvas, NockAbout capitalises on Dal’s 47 years of working with canvas and well-established working relationships with Aussie brands to deliver a base unit priced at $17,990. From here, customers can tailor the package with a long list of options (including paint and canvas colour). Given this level of customisation, the NockAbout…

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how to escape on your best big lap

CREATE YOUR OWN PATHWAY Deciding where to travel, and when to leave, is one of the most exciting parts of planning any Big Lap. The stock-standard ‘north for winter, south for summer’ itinerary has been the rule of Aussie travel since road tripping began, and, for mild temperatures and clear skies, it makes sense. But the problem with this popular travel flow is how many of us join it, crowding out campgrounds and roadside rest areas, spiking peak season prices and stealing the serenity we travel so far to experience. On a Big Lap, it’s near impossible to see everything in exactly the ‘right’ season and it’s crazy to even try. And since you’re never going to tick it all off in a single Big Lap, try instead to find your own reasons for…

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luxury in small places

Large van conversions — think Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Renault Master — are popular for a number of reasons. Owners like them because they offer more interior space than a traditional campervan yet aren t particularly large vehicles on the road. Manufacturers like them because the essential body structure is already in place, thus saving on build time and issues like body sealing. There are a number of manufacturers who build large van conversions, some whose speciality is solely that. Adding to the pack is Emu RV, a dealer based in Penrith, New South Wales. Headed by Marty Doherty, who has plenty of experience in the world of RVs, Doherty takes care of the designs while the conversions are undertaken by Victorian based Nova Caravans. I know Nova does…