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Travel + Leisure India & South Asia January 2020

Travel + Leisure South Asia, a stylish and authoritative guide for today’s global traveler, offers stunning photography, incisive commentary, vivid narratives and practical travel information with a strong emphasis on Asia. From the best spa’s to the tastiest street food, from the most luxurious resorts to the hottest rooftop bars, from the latest restaurants to the region’s top designers, from the quietest beaches to the busiest shopping streets – Travel + Leisure South Asia delivers, month after month.

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letter from the editor

Jaipur is home to me. But besides the warmth of being in familiar territory, among people I know, it is also one of the most beautiful and historically rich cities in the country, welcoming tourists from all over the globe. In July 2019, the old-walled city of Jaipur was conferred the title of a UNESCO World Heritage City. Our first cover of the new year, focussing on royalty, aptly features Padmanabh Singh, the young Maharaja of Jaipur (popularly called Pacho), and his mother, Princess Diya Kumari, Member of Parliament and the force behind the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation (PDKF), which works towards the betterment of underprivileged women in Rajasthan. Besides being beacons of Indian royalty, both of them have been instrumental in promoting and practising responsible tourism: whether it’s through…

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discover hidden gems

Lesser-Known Sites near Goa That are a Road Trip Away! The popularity of Goa as a vacation spot is such that it steals the limelight from nearby destinations worth your attention. Here’s a list of road trips from Goa that will leave you spellbound. travelandleisureindia.in/road -trips-from-goa Aamir Wani’s Shots of Kashmir Reveal the Unseen Side of the Valley Aamir Wani reveals the simplest and most exquisite side of Kashmir through his photograph collection, ‘Kashmir Through My Lens’. travelandleisureindia.in/ aamir-wanikashmir-through-my-lens-interview Explore the Unknown in Himachal and Ladakh Towering mountains, rivers older than time, and an unmatched natural aura—Miyar Valley in Himachal Pradesh is all this and more. travelandleisureindia.in/miyar -valley-trek SPOTTED Are winter blues taking over? Bollywood actress Neha Sharma’s vacay pictures from Hawaii are as sunny as it can get. travelandleisureindia.in/ nehasharma-hawaii DISCOVER Approximately 350 kilometres from Bengaluru is the…

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don’t hop, immerse yourself

CARAVAN ON THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD IN AUSTRALIA Arguably one of the greatest road-trip destinations in the world, Australia’s Great Ocean Road is not meant to be sped through. A site of national heritage, the 234-kilometre stretch lining the southeastern coast of the island country is breathtaking. A caravan holiday, or ‘campervanning’ as the Australians call it, is the ideal way to take in its wild beauty. Make pit-stops to climb clifftops, surf at pristine beaches, spot wildlife along the way, and camp the nights away at dedicated caravan parks. All you need to do is gather your loved ones, decide a route, rent a nice van (camperchamp.com.au), and get going. visitvictoria.com BIKE THROUGH BURGUNDY’S VINEYARDS IN FRANCE Focussing on Burgundy’s farm-to-table ethos, a guided 10-day biking excursion organised by VBT takes you…

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move beyond the ordinary

GO SKIING AT GUDAURI, GEORGIA It is time to swap the Alps for the Caucasus. For your next ski holiday, head to Gudauri, an emerging resort town with smooth snow slopes and splendid views of the Caucasus. Located in the Kazbegi region of Georgia, 120 kilometres from the capital city of Tbilisi, Gudauri is perched at a height of 2,196 metres. Adrenaline junkies can try paragliding, speed riding (an extreme mix of skiing and paragliding), and heli-skiing, apart from skiing. Gudauri is relatively new in the tourism circuit, so you don’t have to worry about long queues or jostling fellow travellers. Offering up to 1,500 metres of vertical drop, the resort has something for every level of skier—from beginners to experts. Cottages and hotels are also mushrooming in the town. Hotel…

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something for everyone

SAY KONNICHIWA TO KYOTO Kyoto balances the bling and zing of modern city life with ancient temples, sublime gardens, and ageless architecture. With over 10,000 shrines and places like Daikaku-jithe Shingon Buddhist temple built in 876 AD—Kyoto is an ideal place for a fascinating temple trail. Visit the Nijo Castle, which has over 430 cherry blossom trees, or join a hanami (sakura viewing party) to see the spiritual heart of Japan get blanketed in its quintessential pink spring garb. Go on a ramen and sake tour, or try kaiseki dining for a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine, meet friendly deer at the Nara Park, or immerse yourself in an ancient tea ceremony—there are endless experiences here. A short train ride can ferry you to popular children’s attractions like Tokyo Disneyland and…

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travel cruelty-free

SAY ‘NO CHEESE!’ IN ITALY Italy may be celebrated for its ham and cheese, but its rich food culture thrives equally on soups, casseroles, and hearty legume dishes. For centuries, Italians have relied on ingredients like fava beans, dried peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes to hero their foods. While the pasta al pomodoro e basilico, paired with Prosecco, remains an all-time classic, Rome’s handmade gnocchi, Bologna’s steaming bowl of fagioli all’uccelletto stew and crunchy bruschetta al pomodoro are starting to tease global taste buds now. The Vegan Travel Club not only lets you savour these foods, but also includes wine tours and vegan cooking classes in each of its vegan-friendly packages. vegantravelclub.com GO ON A VEGAN SAFARI IN BOTSWANA For any animal lover, experiencing a safari in Africa is a moving experience. But the…