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Travel + Leisure India & South Asia July 2020

Travel + Leisure South Asia, a stylish and authoritative guide for today’s global traveler, offers stunning photography, incisive commentary, vivid narratives and practical travel information with a strong emphasis on Asia. From the best spa’s to the tastiest street food, from the most luxurious resorts to the hottest rooftop bars, from the latest restaurants to the region’s top designers, from the quietest beaches to the busiest shopping streets – Travel + Leisure South Asia delivers, month after month.

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letter from the editor

‘LAUGHTER IS BRIGHTEST WHERE FOOD IS BEST’: the old wisdom of the Irish chimes with my personal sense of hygge. Food can indeed make circumstances better. I’m a kitchen disaster, but every time the husband cooks up a bowl of spaghetti, it’s magic! The persistent lockdowns in India have shown us that all ‘travel’ within our homes inevitably must have the kitchen on the itinerary multiple times in the day. This is why Travel+Leisure India & South Asia’s annual Food Issue is a labour of love for a team of food fanatics. Our cover star and the man of the hour, Michelin-starred Chef Vikas Khanna, is a culinary genius who has become a household name globally. And with his charity work, he has proven that no matter where you are, your…

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divine destinations

Explore a Different Side of India’s Spirituality India is a land of fascinating traditions and cultures. Explore the country's unconventional places of worship and discover their intriguing rituals. travelandleisureindia.in/ unique-temples-india Soak up the Unique Spiritual Experiences of Meghalaya Visit sacred forests and other offbeat destinations in the pristine northeastern state of Meghalaya for a transcendental experience. travelandleisureindia.in/ meghalaya-spiritual-experience Find Peace at these Spiritual Sites in Punjab As the world emerges from self-isolation and lockdown, explore the divinity of Punjab and find tranquillity. travelandleisureindia.in/ spiritual-punjab SPOTTED Photographer Monisha Ajgaonkar is helping long-distance couples reunite virtually. travelandleisureindia.in/ monisha-ajgaonkar DISCOVER A day in the life of a headhunter in the town of Mon, Nagaland. travelandleisureindia.in/ modern-day-headhunters #TNLAUDIOSTORIES EVOCATIVE PODCASTS THAT TRANSPORT YOU TO A DREAMY DESTINATION EVERY WEEK. TUNE IN TO OUR INSTAGRAM, TRAVELANDLEISUREINDIA, EVERY SATURDAY, 9 PM. Download Travel + Leisure India & South…

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cooking up a storm

Shivesh Bhatia A SELF-TAUGHT baker who became an Instagram influencer (@shivesh17) with over 300k followers, author of a cookbook, and content creator for brands like Cadbury’s and Epigamia—Shivesh Bhatia’s success story writes itself. The baking prodigy, however, gives all the credit to his naani (grandmother) and her love for baking. His baking journey began at the age of 16 after she passed away. “It was my way of keeping her memories fresh. I was pursuing political science when I realised baking was a stress buster. So, I decided to give food blogging a shot.” Ask him about his advice for running a food blog, and he emphasises on consistency, interactivity, and confidence. At the moment, Bhatia is waiting for things to go back to normal so he can launch his second…

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buon appetito

THE BEST OF INGREDIENTS, innovative cooking techniques, award-winning service, and an everlasting love for tradition make the feasts at Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni unmatchable Italian experiences. Add to this, the hotel’s charming location in the breathtaking village of Bellagio overlooking Lake Como, and you have yourself a dream vacation. Though the hotel closed its doors owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now gearing up to get back on its feet and continue preserving the nation’s extraordinary heritage. Come July 4, Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni will reopen, and the restaurants and bars will once again whip up state-of-the-art dishes and drinks. On the menu will be dishes that complement the European summer, conceptualised by Michelin-starred Chef Ettore Bocchia and his team. Expect some of the best local produce—exclusive burrata from a…

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a country of contrasts

WITH THE MULTITUDE of languages that echo through its streets, Luxembourg is a modern, vibrant city. It is also a place where history is very much a sensory experience. The remains of its old fortress, from which the country was once defended, are found everywhere. Its impenetrable defences gave it the moniker ‘Gibraltar of the North’. You can catch a view of its mighty walls from the leafy Grund district, while strolling along the Alzette, past the former Neumünster Abbey. From this vantage point, you can also look up at the impressive Bock cliffs, one of the most stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. HERITAGE HIGH The structural witnesses of Luxembourg’s glorious past blend harmoniously with its contemporary cityscape. For example, you need to take a closer look to discover…

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a melting pot of cultures

Is Luxembourg attracting many Indian tourists? Despite the fact that there are no direct flights, all major international airlines cover the Grand Duchy with transit flights. Before the pandemic, we saw quite a promising trend in our statistics and a significant increase in our numbers. New Delhi became the number one Luxembourg consulate worldwide in terms of Schengen visa applications. Last year, the short-term visas for tourism and visiting family and friends represented approximately 40 per cent of our visas, and the Indian community ranked 14th among the foreign nationals living and working in Luxembourg compared to 27th in 2015. Considering these figures, Luxembourg indeed attracts many Indian tourists, and we know that they are particularly impressed by the multicultural and cosmopolitan facets of the country. What does Luxembourg offer that no…