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Travel + Leisure India & South Asia September 2020

Travel + Leisure South Asia, a stylish and authoritative guide for today’s global traveler, offers stunning photography, incisive commentary, vivid narratives and practical travel information with a strong emphasis on Asia. From the best spa’s to the tastiest street food, from the most luxurious resorts to the hottest rooftop bars, from the latest restaurants to the region’s top designers, from the quietest beaches to the busiest shopping streets – Travel + Leisure South Asia delivers, month after month.

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letter from the editor

COVID-19 HAS DISRUPTED PLANS. It has disrupted lives. Nobody in the world has remained untouched by it. Amid this pandemic and the consequent pause on travel, which is now slowly fading away, a realisation has dawned on most of us. While the fast life suited our ambitions, it didn’t get along with nature’s ways. And the lockdown was a rude, but necessary, shock to make us rethink, recalibrate, and rejig our lives, including the ways in which we travel. It’s now more important than ever to be mindful of all your travel decisions. Conscious travel is the need of the hour—support local communities, choose eco-friendly destinations, and seek sustainable stays. Our 14th Anniversary Special is dedicated to green travel and the imperativeness to understand the words of author Daniel Goleman, “Green…

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mindful travel

An Eco-Travel Blogger Decodes the Future of Conscious Travel Ananya Ghosh, founder of Feet Run Wild, recounts her journey and offers tips on responsible living, undertourism, and solo trips. travelandleisureindia.in/ ananya-ghosh-feet-run-wild Ishita Khanna Defines the Ethos of Sensible Travelling The founder of Spiti Ecosphere, a social enterprise committed to developing the region and its resources, reveals a mindset that could change the way you holiday. travelandleisureindia.in/ ishita-khanna-spiti-ecosphere Conscious Travel Projects that You Can Take Up in the Himalayas These eco-friendly projects let you go beyond discovering the Himalayas, and make your trips more immersive and helpful to the destination. travelandleisureindia.in/ conscious-travel-projectshimalayas SPOTTED Meet Roberto D’Andrea, a former Melbourne tram conductor who helped save Kolkata’s tram legacy. travelandleisureindia.in/ melbourne-based-tramconductor-tramjatra-project DISCOVER Four new eco-inspired projects are set to make Sharjah even more alluring to tourists. travelandleisureindia.in/ four-new-eco-inspiredprojects-sharjah #TNLAUDIOSTORIES ‘TRAVEL FOR TOMORROW’ IS A…

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live & travel responsibly

FOOTWEAR WALK THE TALK What better way to reduce your carbon footprint than to walk in sustainable shoes that are made by brands doing their bit for the environment and society. 1. ALLBIRDS A New Zealand-based brand, Allbirds uses natural, renewable materials to make the “world’s most comfortable shoe,” with shoelaces made from recycled water bottles and SweetFoam™ cushioned soles made from sugarcane. The shoes’ upper is made out of certified superfine Merino wool or TENCEL™ Lyocel, a tree fiber that helps reduce its carbon footprint. allbirds.com 2. TOMS For every pair of shoes bought, TOMS donates a pair to underprivileged kids. It also provides clean drinking water, eye care services, and safe birth kits around the globe. Its popular slip-ons are made from vegan and sustainable materials like natural hemp, organic cotton,…

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l’occitane en provence

L’Occitane en Provence not only makes sure their products are made with sustainable resources, they also sell them in refill packs that cut down on plastic waste. This year, they announced a major initiative in their commitment to the environment by signing a multi-year supply agreement with Loop Industries to replace all plastic packaging with a 100 per cent sustainable PET alternative. in.loccitane.com CLOCKWISE FROM TOP ;EFT: COURTESY OF LUSH; COURTESY OF ALBA BOTANICA; COURTESY OF DR. BRONNER’S; COURTESY OF AVEDA; COURTESY OF PAHADI LOCAL.BOTTOM: COLDSNOWSTORM/GETTYIMAGES; COURTESY OF L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE…

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luxury with a conscience

IT WAS 2009 WHEN ‘Responsible Luxury’ became the bedrock for ITC Hotels. The guiding premise of the concept is crafting luxury experiences in harmony with the environment and society. The hospitality giant has since climbed its way up to the top to become one of the first and largest chains in the world to have received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification for all of its luxury properties in the country. Today, with its decade-long eco-conscious ethos and dedication to contribute to the ‘green economy’, ITC Hotels has created a fusion of wellness and contextual design. The LEED Platinum rating is the highest possible distinction granted by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), and the brand’s countless planet-positive initiatives do justice to the title. Abiding by the primary…

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future by the sea

AN ULTRA-LUXURY TOURISM project set to enhance the beauty of the Red Sea, AMAALA will rise like a dream on the northwestern coast of Saudi Arabia. The three-part concept will include The Island, which will offer extraordinary art residencies; the Triple Bay, home to exclusive wellness retreats and a world-class sports facility; and the Coastal Development, which will transform the glorious coastline into a hub of art and culture. Designed to elevate luxury travel as well as make it more meaningful, AMAALA aims to offer immersive experiences with the goal of a zero-carbon footprint. Named after the Arabic word for ‘hope’, AMAALA is part of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. It’ll be spread across 4,155 square kilometres of unspoilt terrain within the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Natural Reserve. However, only five per…