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Issue 13

Travel Play Live Magazine is for the adventurous women seeking more from the world around her. We showcase intelligent, informative, empowering content that inspires women to live life with an adventurous spirit and embrace her inner wild. Seize adventure today and discover your stronger, braver, happier side. We are body positive - We are active - We are for wellness – mind, body & spirit - We are for championing every woman from the start line to the ‘back of the pack’. We are Travel Play Live.

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letter from the editor

Reshaping Adventure event Melbourne October 2018 Life seems a bit like that these days. We can get so focused on what we are doing we forget to look up, out, or within, and really notice what is happening.Recently, I took myself offline to visit Bridgetown, a historic regional town in the south of Western Australia. For the last 25 years, the small community has ‘banded’ together to put on an annual blues music festival. The relaxed, three-day event attracts campers and musicians of all ages. It is so enjoyable and accessible that people return year after year.I love it because it’s small, local, and I feel like I’m part of the family. And I’m infatuated with live music. When I stand in front of a band the energy punches…

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recycle our wrap

TPL: We use a soft plastic wrap to protect the TPL magazines from damage when we mail them to our subscribers. Can this plastic packaging be recycled? Jess: Yes, it can be recycled through the RED Group (REDcycle) program. REDcycle is a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic, designed so manufacturers, retailers and consumers can share the responsibility in creating a sustainable future. Would more people REDcycle... if they knew how to? Incredibly, RED Group have collected enough pieces of post-consumer packaging to circle Australia over three and a half times! That’s over 380 million pieces of plastic that’ll never end up in landfill, on our beaches or in our waterways. REDcycle send this plastic to their partnering company who produce a huge range…

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women at the helm

I remember July 10, 1985. Waking to the news that the first Rainbow Warrior had been sunk while docked in Auckland, New Zealand, by a bomb that French secret agents had attached to its hull. It was surreal. Shocking.To me, the ship had always exemplified our most noble values, our highest ideals. Until that moment, I had been naïve and thought everyone in the world felt the same way about the Rainbow Warrior as I did. Dutch photographer Fernando Pereira was killed in the bombing. I cried for him and I cried for the ship. I had never cried for a ship before. I had never loved a ship before. The name Rainbow Warrior came from a book containing a collection of Native American prophecies that foretold of a…

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meet michelle lawford

Michelle Lawford is a wildlife photographer, writer, adventurer and advocate for the planet. Her goal is to inspire, excite, promote awareness and action. All profits from sales of her photography are donated towards research and conservation programs that protect wildlife, habitats and support local communities living in harmony with wildlife. www.wild-photography.com.au ■…

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escaping the daily grind

In December 2015, I was gifted a bright yellow 1983 Toyota Hiace named Saffy. This had been in Mums partners’ possession for about 20 years and it was now time to be handed down to me. I couldn’t believe it. I’d lived in Saffy out the back of mum’s house for a few months so I’d already formed a special bond with her. I was so excited for our adventures ahead.When I met my now fiancé Andy, he also took a liking to Saffy. We had ourselves the perfect love triangle. From then on, nearly every weekend, we’d go exploring. These trips away helped us to form the strong relationship that we have today. Most of the time there was no phone service, no distractions, no one else around…

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meet jess davidson

Jess Davidson is a down to earth, fun loving nature enthusiast with a love of the simpler things in life. Ambitious entrepreneur, full time van dweller with a hospitality background who enjoys being outdoors whilst learning new skills on the road. www.roundandround.com.au ■…